Poor SuperStore Optical Customer Service

By Lisa

I am so dissatisfied with the optical customer service at the Superstore optical. Joe the store manager is very unprofessional and doesn’t give you a date as when your glasses will be ready. I have been waiting over 1 1/2 weeks for my sons glasses and Joe has not idea when then should be in or if he even ordered them. I had to call the production compamy( where they get there glasses from) myself to see if my sons glasses were even ordered.. I would never go back to this optical place and would not reccomend it to any of my friends or family.

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    Mike says...

    I have stopped altogether shopping at Superstore. Outdated products, filthy floors, horrible shopping carts and etc, little help, many of the people who work there are unable to communicate due to their lack of English language skills. As much as it pains me to say this, but I attend Safeway for the most part now. Better products, (airmiles opportunities), clean stores and a most helpful staff on all levels.

    No more Superstore for this guy.

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    Laura says...

    I would caution anyone about ordering glasses from a place like Superstore. Keep in mind that glasses and contact lenses are regulated medical devices that should only be dispensed and adjusted by highly trained professionals. This person is not only selling you a pair of glasses, they are taking measurements from you and adjusting your glasses. Also in the realm of glasses, you are getting what you pay for. So if it’s a great deal, there is a reason. As an employee at an Optometry clinic I cannot stress enough how many times we get calls that the “glasses aren’t right” and it ends up that some low-end optical store has filled the prescription incorrectly. There are some places in which not to cut corners, this is one of them!

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    Jenna says...

    I bought glasses here two years ago, and they had put the wrong prescription in the lenses. I put them on when I got them, and they made my head hurt. The optometrist then checked it and said oops wrong one, come back here in month month they will be ready.
    fools, they are.

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    moe benail says...

    Lisa I understand the isssue with your son’s glasses has been resolved, if there is anything else we can do for you please contact me directly.

    Moe Benaim moe.benaim@loblaw.ca

    Laura I beleive you are misreprensting our products and business, I would be more than happy to provide you with the informationt hat shows we deal only with first quality products and offer services delivered by licensed professional regulated by the corresponding Provicial organizations. It’s true our prices are much lower but this is only because we take smaller markups and negotiate bigger discounts with our Vendors.

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    Kathy says...

    I have been along time customer at Superstore and have had nothing but fantastic service from friendly, professional and well informed opticians. I laugh at the guy who said his contacts were dusty, how long did it take him to pick them up or did he go during Superstores amazing make over and renovations (in which case no wonder they were dusty). I will continue to shop there and recommend it to all my family and friends.

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    Vanessa says...

    I too am a loyal superstore customer. You have to be licensed to dispense Contacts and glasses in Alberta. Before I purchased my glasses I researched the prices at my Optometrists office as well as a couple of other places. I found out that Superstores prices were lower for the same exact progressive lenses and same coating as at my Optometrists office. I have always been very happy with the service and am very disappointed with the way they are being portrayed in this blog.

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    Cindy says...

    We have bought several pairs of glasses from the Delta Superstore location. It is a fantastic location with a great manager, and we have had nothing but great service and product for a very reasonable price!

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    newfiescreech says...

    some of these superstore are so large ..so little employees working..that they can’t do their jobs properly .. when they were on a smaller scale ..you could get nice bit of help there ..now you can’t find anyone .

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    Jenn says...

    I bought a pair of glasses from them and I only had one tiny problem with them at the beginning - NOT at the fault of the store, but because my optician didn’t realize I was sensitive to the type of lenses that they put in my glasses and therefore didn’t write a note on the prescription. When I took the glasses back to Superstore, they fixed them no problem, free of charge. My frames were great and lasted me a long time (I still have them, I just have newer glasses now that I got elsewhere because of the deal being offered) - and I also got them the same day, I just had to wait an hour for them to put the lenses in and stuff. Shocked actually at the quick service, it was great, especially since I live a half hour out of town from where I got them! That’s faster service than I got at the last place I purchased glasses, and faster service than my dad got at Hakim! And 100 times better than Wal-Mart………

    The great thing about Superstore and other Loblaw company stores, is that Loblaws stands by their customers and if the store manager doesn’t fix the issue, head office certainly will. :)

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    Aarica Langille says...

    I work at the calgary trail superstore in edmonton and think we have the nicest staff around…yes there is many of whom are from different places but we whould welcome them in to our country and give them credit for doing such a great job trying to speak english.

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    Natasha says...

    Aarica … I go to the Superstore on Calgary Trail on my lunch at work sometimes and the staff there is always very friendly and helpful!

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    Brooke says...

    I love superstore. They had an amazing deal on contacts a few weeks ago. I think they were the only company to pass this mail in rebate on to their customers. And the guy at my Superstore is hilarious and extremely helpful. I felt so comfortable and like he actually cared about me and my purchase. I would recommend anyone to go there…at least for contacts.

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    Shorty says...

    Just to let people know I also had a problem with Superstore Optical, Weston Road in Toronto. Firstly, their hours were posted as 9 a.m.and twice I went at 9 and nobody showed up until after 10 a.m. Very disappointed. Then came the glasses, I asked for a slight coating as I use the computer a lot. When I received the Glasses, they were so dark, they were sun glasses. I had them take them back and re-do them, but without a coating. Now they look like heck but I got fed up and paid for these glasses. I WILL NOT EVER GO BACK TO SUPERSTORE to buy Eyeglasses again, I might as well pay a little extra and get better service.

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    Arlene says...

    I don’t understand the bad complaint about the optical at Superstore. I have purchased contacts there for years. I have followed Scott the contact person around Calgary as he is just the best. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I recomend him to everyone. His staff are great too.

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    moe benail says...


    If your interested in having your problem resolved please contact me by email or phone, we try our best to satisfy all our customers at the Optical Department in Superstore and would certainly like the opportunity to make things right with you.

    Moe Benaim 905-861-2129 or by email at moe.benaim@loblaw.ca

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    Kelly Brown says...

    I had never shopped at a superstore until i moved up north, and now i do anything i can not to.

    I have been yelled at by a store manager at the Mcknight Westwinds location, one time i went to see if they had a stool for my daughter to reach the potty and i asked one of there ” Supposed customer service people” she told me ( Without looking of course) that they carried nothing of the sort, and when i looked past her they were right behind her… Great service huh?

    On more then one occassion i have bought ground beef and put it in the freezer, little less then a week later i pull it out to use it and its green.

    My favorite one of all thought, wss right in the middle of an aisle last year was a bucket filled with oil, YES oil and some other gross stuff in it and my daughter turned the corner before me and went HEAD FIRST into thi disgusting bucket, and when i complained i got a head shrug.

    So it is easy to see how i would never want to go back to this store, I don’t care how good looking your spokesman is unless he is going to be serving everyone it is just not worth it because when i shop at safeway there people understand english and are overly helpful which is better then nobody ever around and when they are could not be bothered to help you!!

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    Jun says...

    I got a bad experience from Joe, who is the manager of Loblaw Optical in Southgate RCSS, Edmonton, AB. He refused to price match by following the AD MATCH policy and didn’t keep his words. He put me on the fire. And I found it’s difficult to get any customer support for getting issues with Loblaw Optical in Edmonton, AB.

    Is there any organization to discipline the store manager business behavior?

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    Fifi Trixibelle says...

    When the White Oaks RCSS here in Edmonton had optical, I made the mistake of buying progressive lenses there. Well, let’s leave it at I wound up buying a second set of glasses elsewhere. The woman in the optical dept basically told me “you’ve got the right prescription” and cut me loose.

    Turns out there are multiple grades of progressive lense quality and RCSS used the cheapest. I never knew this and it cost me money. $300 down the drain at RCSS, used up all my benefits plan money, so the replacements were totally out of my pocket.

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    sue says...

    No complaints. great service, great price. bought over 10 pairs in the last 5 years.

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    Sarah says...

    I recently went to the SuperStore Optical centre on 4th st to get two pairs of glasses adjusted. The girl did the first set fine and I am very pleased with them, but with the other pair, she snapped the frame. When she gave them back to me she just said that they were old and she couldn’t help it. That was all her explanation on breaking a pair of Prada glasses.
    Needless to say I am a little angry with the customer service and lack of training.

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    Faye says...

    We just bought 4 pr of glasses from the Lethbridge Superstore Optical and we won’t go back. After sending my husband’s back twice because the bifocals weren’t lined up he said forget it and ordered progressives instead. We’re still waiting for them. My bifocals aren’t quite right either, with a blurry spot in them. They don’t always have an optician on duty either. They don’t have silicone replacement pads for the nose pads, nor do they have the plastic sleeves for the ends of the arms. The whole experience was a big run around. Never again - no matter how cheap their glasses are!

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    Cryssy says...

    I bought sandwich meat at Superstore in Coquitlam last night. I got home, went to go make a sandwich, I opened the meat and it was so slimy and smelt weird. My husband took it back and the lady refused to exchange it. She said that when you buy food that isn’t processed you are taking that risk. Well considering it was sandwich meat that was package and not past the expiry date, I expected a refund or exchange, So I freaked. I don’t expect to buy something edible and waste my money because its not. I will never shop there again!

    Oh and my friend who used to work at superstore just recently quit because there was rat poo all over a box of vegetables and the supervisor told him to rinse them off and put them out for purchase. GROSS!!!!!

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    Rogers says...

    I had 3 family members recommend Superstore Optical (in Oshawa) to me & when we went in recently, the young lady provided me with some quotes & I was actually going to go ahead with the order but my husband couldn’t really help me decide on what frames to get so I decided to return when I had my contacts on instead. 2 days later I returned, spoke to a gentleman who proceeded to tell me that the quotes the young lady gave me was wrong, that she makes alot of mistakes that’s why everything she does has to be double checked (what????) & that’s why she’s just an assistant…not an actual optician & he doesn’t understand why she’s ever left alone in the store!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????!!!!!!!! Then he proceeded to try & “upsell” me on something I had no interest in having & I was too angry with the whole situation that I just left. Today I called to speak to the manager but funny enough, the guy on the phone (sounds like the same one I spoke to yesterday in person) said he doesn’t know when the manager will be in (really….) but he’ll pass on a message. I honestly don’t think I’ll get a call back at all…looks like Hakim will get my order & money yet again!

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    Rogers says...

    So good news to my last post….the manager at the Oshawa location finally called me bac, & after discussing everything, she apologized & told me to go in to see her, which I did…and it looks like she’s going to be able to address the issue & fix it…so “fingers crossed” that alls well that ends well.

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    riannon says...

    In general Superstore has no respect or dignity for the employees. they are treated like crap, also when u inquire about a price and its wrong they will adjust the price but then just pull the label off thye shelf instead of changing it so the next person pays more and dosnt know it. I have seen staff being yelled at by customers and managment forcing them to serve these people and really what do u expect when u shop at a basically no name optical place when it comes to something as important as eyes go to a professional!!!

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    Lindsay says...

    Superstore Coquitlam Optical is really good. The guy there always gives me a deal. No problems at all. Love them!

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    jagveer says...

    I went to the new optical in vancouver on grandview hwy and rupert and the Service was great.The superstore is newly renovated and looks great. Aman the Optician that works there gave me a great deal on glasses and answered all of my questions with know problem. He even got me a 25$ giftcard for spending more then 250$ :). Everyone at this location is awesome!!.Highly recommended by a new customer for life.

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    Bill says...

    I have a problem when people insinuate that a Doctor’s office is a better place to get glasses. The Optometrist may have had some training as far as fitting and adjusting glasses, but his staff may not have.
    To my knowledge, to operate an Optical store in Canada, you are required to have a lisenced Optician on staff. This person has taken a 2 year course where they learn to fit, measure and adjust eyeglasses.
    Optometrists offices get away without Optician’s because they “supervise” their assistants who fit and sell glasses. When you buy from an Optometrist, have they ever helped you choose the frame that you end up buying? I think that is rarely the case.

    I am not saying all Optometrists offices are bad, I am saying that some hire minimum wage pretty girls off the street to sell glasses. Those people may or may not have the experience and knowledge required. When I am buying something as important as glasses, I would rather go to a licensed person.

    As far as product quality. Almost all Canadian Optical stores buy from the same few suppliers. They do all have the same restrictions that must be followed in the production of those glasses. There are cheap frames, the same way there are cheap shoes. You can buy a $5.00 pair of shoes or a $100 pair of shoes (or more). Both will get the job done, but the more expensive pair may last you longer, be more stylish and feel more comfortable.
    Almost all chain stores that I know of offer inexpensive lenses and top of the line lenses. Again, all will get the job done but you often get what you pay for. A higher price lense, particularly when it comes to progressives, will most likely be a superior lens.

    Pricing in chains is often better because of how they buy. As you know, buying in bulk anywhere usually gets you a deal. So when your doctors office orders one pair of lenses with one particular frame he pays a premium and usually has a high mark up. When a chain store can order hundreds of that frame and hundreds of lenses in a day, they get a lower price. Because of the volume they do, they also generally have a lower mark up so in the end, the same pair of glasses from a chain store can cost you less than the exact pair from your doctor.

    When it comes to customer service, that is up to the customer. I have worked retail for over 20 years. I am not defending bad service as I have always tried to provide great service. There are rough days though. Sometimes as much as you try to hide it, a bad day comes across to a customer. They are only human, so try to give them the benefit of the doubt. However if a person is downright rude to me, or not polite more than once I just do not go back if I can help it.

    There’s my 2 cents.

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    Sarah says...

    I am very unhappy with the way I was dealt with by a lady at the Calgary Trail Superstore optical centre. I have two small children who require glasses, and the only frames I manage to keep on them are ones that are flexible that I bought elsewhere. The optical store is not allowing me to buy the kids’ package (even thought I offered to pay for their frames, but not use them), and not allowing me to be part of any of their promotions (50% lens or coatings etc) if I want them to put the lens in my kids current frames. I was hoping they would be more accomodating as it is difficult financially to have to upkeep glasses for 2 young children. In the long run, having them put the lens in these frames would probably save them money because when my son used the superstore frames, he kept having to get them replaced (at their cost) every few months because they would break. Anyhow. They have lost me and my family as a customers.

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    Gail Hartman says...

    I purchased 2 Pairs of glasses in March. One pair are sunglasses and the prescription progressive pair. I spent over $500.00 and I am on my second pair of frames. The frame (Women’s 214 Angel) is faulty.The frames chip and peal and only last two months. I want a different frame so I do not have to go back to the store every two months for replacement. The store says it can only use the frame I ordered but over the years I have broken frames and other stores have put the lenses in different frames. I am a very dissatisfied customer as you are selling faulty goods. I dealt with the Superstore in Nanaimo B.C.

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    Julie Mailloux says...

    I have recently dealt with the Superstore in Windsor, ON for the first time. I was attracted by the 2 for 1 deal. When my glasses came in, neither pair were good. I was seeing rainbow colours. They sent them back and when I went in, the more expensive pair were perfect, other than minor adjustments, but the cheaper pair still had the rainbow colours. It took a month until I was called in to pick up the second pair. When I went in, the optician told me that he had had to send them back again because they still had the rainbow in them so he had them put in higher quality of lens material as my coverage is limited but they were willing to take the loss which impressed me. We discussed the fact that it could have been caused by the size and shape of the frames I had picked and my prescription of bifocals just not being a good combination. Unfortunately, the prescription wasn’t quite right so I brought in an old pair of frames and he was quite willing to put yet another set of lenses in my frames at no extra cost to me. I am not complaining at all. I see it as they have done everything to make things right for me. I have yet to go in and see if the new lenses are right. Yes, you might think, she was cheated out of the second pair of glasses but I think they lost money trying to make things right for me. I do receive my second pair even if I didn’t get the second frames, I ended up getting 3 different lens made on my behalf.

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    L says...

    I have been purchasing from the Superstore for years. Though I normally prefer designer brands (D&G, Prada, Burberry, etc), the brands that the Superstore offer have variety and quality, and there are amazing staff. I have had my lenses replaced a year after I purchased the glasses for free (they were replaced due to scratching from my purse- not at all any quality issues on the store’s behalf). Their stores have always been kind, polite, and courteous to me, and have always provided me with an objective perspective of each brand (of contacts and glasses) without “pushing” for a purchase. Additionally, where I can normally purchase one pair of designer glasses, I can purchase six here - and still remain in my budget! I will continue to be a life-long client. Thank-you for the continued and excellent client care - North Whitby Superstore !

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    Imran says...

    The arm had broken off on my 7 year old son’s glasses. I went to the Oakville Superstore to have them fixed. The optician said that since they were less than a year old, it would be 50% off regular price of aproximately $20. When I went to pick them up today, he was not there but an optical assistant was. She said the price would be the $20 fee since the glasses were from the free glasses for kids promotion they did last year. when I asked why the optician did not tell me this, she said because he had not opened my file before quotong my price. I indicated that it was immaterial because that was the price that he quoted me but she said she could not override it. She did not call the manager so I left her my cell number for him to get in touch with me.

    I did a quick google search for customer service and came across this site and noticed the Optical Director’s name (Moe Benaim) and phone number and decided to call him. Moe right off the bat told me that they dropped the ball and he said he would deal with it. Within a few minutes, I got a call from the Optician saying that I would be paying the agreed upon fee. While I have no doubt that I would have received the lower price if the optician had been in the store, he did seem to indicate that he was following what he thought was the policy as communicated to him by head office previously.

    Kudos to Moe for realizing that they dropped the ball and sorting this out as fast as he did. The fact that he actually posts his contact details on this site tells me that he is interested in customer service.

    I think Loblaws should look at these situations as learning experiences. Their front-line staff should be more customer focused and be given the opportunity to be more proactive in dealing with these sorts of situations.

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    Brad says...

    I am going to have to side with the Superstore supporters here. I have had 2 pairs of glasses from Superstore and their prices are half that of eyewear only stores. I even went into enquire about contacts and the guy working there took me in the office, fitted me with disposables and then gave me free ones to try out. Very good service and I never had to wait more than 2 days for my glasses.

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    Kenneth Z says...

    I’ve always gone to the RCSS on Sargent Avenue (at St. James) in Winnipeg and had excellent customer service for a decade - getting contacts, glasses and now multifocals about every 2 years for both me and my spouse. Over this time, my RCSS optical staff have changed several times and I still continue to have excellent service. I think this kind of continued “good customer service” experience nowadays is extremely rare.

    I’ve also been to other optical store chains & have had terrible customer service - and prices that matched.

    Any cheap frames from RCSS have lasted me about 2 years. The more expensive ones last me longer. The same applies to any other optical store chain.

    Despite my good experience with a particular RCSS optical store, I have heard from family and co-workers of some other local RCSS stores that were anything but stellar.

    I think in this age it is really hard to hire good staff - and that we are definitely seeing the problem in the optical store chains. If I was to shop around for another optical store chain, I would get referrals from as many trusted family, friends and co-workers to see what my options were.

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    gail says...

    I brought in my two children aged 3 and 5 for their first eye exams. I havea friend who recommended the optometrist in Calgary at the Coventry location. Best experience. The doctor was amazing with my children. She was extremely efficient and managed to get drops in my kids eyes without even making them cry. They can be very fussy. She was very likeable to the point where eevry time we go into superstore my children insist on getting a cookie and saying hi to the doctor. After my children’s exams, I booked both myself and my husband. We were very impressed with this doctor’s knowledge, efficincy and charm. We will be life long patients of dr. Farah.

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    scarlat says...

    optometry is like insurance in that it is so lucrative everyone is trying to get in the business!!

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    Ryan says...

    Poor quality all around. glasses fall apart,disrespectful staff ,horrible customer service. What more could one ask for!!

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    Scott Nash says...

    My name is Scott Nash and i am the manager for B.C and Alberta of Loblaw Optical.
    I wrote my comments about these complainers who have nothing to do other than complaining.
    You guys need to stop complaining about our optical and find something to do.
    We did everyghing we could to make you happy.
    So just stop putting your nasty comments on this site.

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    Serena says...

    Scott Nash, you need to start doing the job you should be doing and not tell us to stop complaining. If you did your job properly, there would be no need to complain.

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    scott nash says...

    Just “F” you
    Go somewher else.
    We don’t need business from people like you anyway.

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    scott nash says...

    By the way!!!
    We hear all different kinds of stuff from people like you.
    Some tell us that they would post stuff against us on Youtube,some say they will write stuff against us on facebook,some want to put it in newspapers,some just want to tell their friends not buy glasses or contact lenses from us.Do i care! NO,I don’t sinply because you people have nothing to do other than complain.

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    Jenn Anderson says...

    I need to tell you one more thing about this Super Store’s optical.
    They always post two for one deal.Let me show you how big of a trick is that.That is such a big scam they do to befool people
    What they ask you to do is buy the first pair at full price and purchase coatings with that which is another $179.Then they ask you to pay $179 on the second pair.The price of their frames is already 6to7times more than other places then their lenses are atleast three times than other places.Coating is also atleast twice the price.So if you add all this up you end up paying almost $900 to $1000 for all the stuff.You can get a decent pair of eyeglasses at other places for $200 to $300.You end up spending almost $900 at superstore and then stuck with two pairs too.

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    Sandra knutson says...

    I recently went to my eye doctors place in Langley,B.C.They showed me a letter that was faxed to several eye doctors offices by one of the employees of Super Store’s optical.Their employee wrote that she used to be a greeter at their Super store in Mission B.C and she was transferred to their optical department few months ago with no training.Their employee’s frustration showed that all you could expect from their optical was unprofessional service.This tells you how professional their staff is.
    Super Store is selling glasses like they sell groceries.They are making the selling of glasses and contacts like fruit and vegetables.They don’t understand that these are prescription things.
    I would never buy my glasses or contacts from super store.
    What an unprofessional way of selling glasses.

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    Betty anderson says...

    I went to Super Store’s optical in Delta B.C.
    I could not understand what their employee was trying to say.
    Apparently that was their manager named Alan.
    I don’t know if he didn’t care or he didn’t understand english.
    May be super store should atleast hire people who understand english so they can take of their customers needs.
    I did not buy my glasses there because i don’t know what i was going to get from them.

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    Moe Benaim says...


    Our Superstore Optical has a price match guarantee, I not sure why you were quoted $900 for your glasses and I would be more than happy to discuss with you. Please feel free to contact me at moe.benaim@loblaw.ca

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    marcos says...

    After having worked at Super Store in Abbotsford, B.C. for 2 years, and having shopped there for over 6 years, I can state that I am now ashamed to declare that I ever worked there. The treatment from cashiers has gotten worse and it is not because of a language barrier but because of the lack of customer service skills.

    Aarica Langilleyes says…there is many of whom are from different places but we whould welcome them in to our country and give them credit for doing such a great job trying to speak english.Thanks Aarica good for you.

    Mike says…I have stopped altogether shopping at Superstore. little help, many of the people who work there are unable to communicate due to their lack of English language skills.
    Shame on you mike we speak 2 3 4 5 languages we are doing the efford what are you doing , cant even understand you born tonge even with an accent .

    People it is not a language barrier but IGNORANCE!

    The Super Store in Abbotsford B.C. is the worst of them all. As of today, I will stop business with Super Store/Presidnet’s Choice.

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    P mclean says...

    Scott Nash should not be so defensive…..I am so glad for all this info.Thanks everyone.

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    Lisa says...

    Today I bought grossery at Saskatoon Superstore on 8 street.After when I came home I opened meat to make some soup.It stinks.Fruits and vegetables absolutely in bad quality.How many times I told myself not to shop there.I just want to know how to complain bisides store managers?Do we have any goverment organisation that can help customers?It should be done before somebody get sick from bad food.I can not imagine what happening inside the store-rats and mice are running there????I am very angry

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    Elizabeth Barbour says...

    My mother works for super store optical in Mission,British Columbia.
    She told me that Super store charges for name brand lenses from customers but when they order lenses from their lab,they are totally different lenses which are very inferior lenses.
    I am not sure if they are hamfull to eyes ????

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    Elizabeth Barbour says...

    Even their contact lenses are either expired or close to expiry.
    Their frames break all the time.She tells me how people complain about their quality.Then they keep changing the brands and styles all the time so if your frames break then you can not even get it again.You have to buy the whole thing frames and lenses again.

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    Joe says...

    Just so everyone knows, Scott Nash did not write any of the stuff that is posted on this site. There is a person that comes on here and writes stuff under other people’s names. This person is a previous employee who is upset about being fired and is attempting to ruin this company by spreading lies. I hope the person that is displaying this maliciousness reads this.

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    Jeff says...

    we hav proof that you are telling lies

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    Jeff says...

    We visited several locations of Super Store.We have proof: a copy of note from your corporate and the copy of your price sheet.Your corporate note says that you are supposed to sell the cheap china made lenses under the brand name of Airwear which is a premium brand of Essilor.
    So we know that your company is full of lies.We have proof for this.
    You guys are cheat and crooks.We have proof both the note from your corporate and the copy of your price sheet.So if you want us to believe your company then that is not going to happen.

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    Jennifer says...

    I have never had a problem with Superstore’s optical departments in Winnipeg. Everyone has been very knowledgeable, and wasy to to talk with. I actually like their selection of frames and the price is great.
    Although, I must agree with other’s on this sight. It would be WONDERFUL to have more staff that understood English better, spoke English fluently, and did not stand and speak in Tagalog in earshot of customers! There’s no call for that at all. That, I consider, rude!

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    Linda says...

    I had WONDERFUL experience with “not so good English” optician at Weston Rd Superstore in Toronto. However, I was yelled at by an old English spoken fluently optician at the same location. Worst thing is she speaks English so well that I understood every word she yelled at me.

    English speaking is not a problem to me, but different level of customer service is, I wish Superstore has a same standard customer service training.

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