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Did Not Get Flyer Advertised Price!- Terra Losa Shoppers Drug Martā€

By Joy

Drove a little extra distance today to the new Terra Losa Shoppers Drug Mart at West Edmonton today for their Grand Opening Specials. When I got thereĀ I saw a sign at the front entrance with their grand opening specials. WhenĀ I was insideĀ I saw signs with the price that was advertised in their grand opening flyer soĀ I got the items thatĀ I needed.
When I went to pay for my items,Ā I was told that the price was not effective anymore even though there are still signs up everywhere. WhenĀ I told the lady that the signs are still up, she just said ‘no’ those price are not effective anymore and she basically said that you are using the coupons anyways ( which she is trying to tell me that I am getting it cheaper already) WhenĀ I got home I checked the date on the flyer. This is the exact quote from the flyer ” Prices and shoppers optimum bonus points in effect from Saturday March 6th until Friday, March 12th, 2010 while quantities last.” I check the date today on my calendar and it’s only March 8th! So I am going to go back tomorrow with my flyer and my receipt!
Also, whenĀ I left the store. I told the cashier and another staff that if the price are not effective anymore they should take the signs down. They barely acknowledge me and went back to talking about their break. Bad!
Most stores (ex. London Drugs) would honour their price on the signs even if the date has expired as long as the sign is up they will give it to you for that price. I don’t think i will be going back to this NEW store! So much for attracting customer to their new store!


Canadian Tire-Where Is The Customer Service In The Auto Department??ā€

By Ms.Henry

Canadian Tire is supposed to be a community based store. What happened to it? The Windsor West store in OntarioĀ needs to have new customer service skills. They stand around socializing with each other. This is the opening Saturday morning shift, making customers wait while they socialize on company time. They make you feel that you are bothering them ;that is why so many people are going elsewhere. The front desk auto service peopleĀ I am speaking of. Went to buy windsheild wipers for my car likeĀ I did for years and the made me wait while they had fun. They where going to charge me for the wiper of course but they where going to charge me more for the service of putting them on the car than the price of the wipers . I guessĀ I will go elsewhere where customer servces still means something in the Windsor community when u buy their product andĀ I will surely express my exprience to my other working class friend. I won’t deal with your auto department any longer. Sad!


Weed Man In NewMarket-Suppliers Beware!

From Brian P.
I see a number of complaints from Weed Man Clients. Be glad you are not a supplier of services, particulary to their Newmarket Location. They do not pay their bills and ignore signed agreements. Imagine supplying them with goods and services and then having the “Manager of Newmarket” tell you we are not paying your bill. Too bad we are a $14. million dollar company, what can you do.
I have never used their individual services, so I cannot comment, but I would caution others from supplying them with goods/services. Get paid first. They do not honour signed agreements. I guess that is how they make their money, off the backs of others. Then it appears they treat their customer badly as well.

Avoid Weed Man, Avoid Weed Man Newmarket.


El Cheap Movers= El Suckoā€


I recently hired El Cheapo movers in Toronto. The move was from a bachelor apartment in one building, to a one-bedroom in the bulding next door. I booked a month in advance. The company assured me the movers would arrive between 2-4 PM. By 3:45 I had not received a call, so I phoned the office. A receptionist took my name and number. 30 minutes later I received a call back. The move did not start until 4:45, and took until 10PM!!! It was far more expensive than anticipated, and the movers themselves admitted, after being paid, that in order to get good service, you must request to be the first move of the day. They said they were too tired. There was also damage to several objects, and when I sent a complaint to the company the next day, they never responded. Do not hire this company - or if you do, insist on being the first move of their work day.


Excellent Customer Service From London Drugs Computer Department in Ironwood+Kerrisdaleā€

By Jim

How many of you will associate computer in a drug store?

London Drugs is probably one of the best place to buy or service Apple as they are the only few places in Vancouver that deals with everything on Mac and PC.

My Macbook Pro went dead some time in Nov 2009. I went back to the Ladner store where I originally bought it from. One of the staff was very kind and told me that they no longer had a technician and suggested me to visit the nearby (10 min away) Richmond Ironwood store as there was an Apple tech there.

The Apple technician there looked at my machine, checked a few things on the computer and concluded that my Macbook Pro had a bad logic board.

Immediately, I was in shock as the unit was only a few months beyond warranty. I spent about $2000 on it and I suppose it would lasted for at least 3 years?

The technician told me it would cost over $1000 for repair when it was out of warranty, but he asked me to leave the computer for him for more diagnostic. I agreed and left the store hoping he was wrong.

He called me in a couple hours, told me that the graphic chip on the board was defective and a new logic board was required. I was in dead silence. He then went on and told me that Apple had a repair extension program for the nVidia graphic problem and my computer fell under the program.

He then told me that even he was certified by Apple to service Apple computer, but the Ironwood location was not an Apple authorized center. My computer would had to be sent to his home store at Kerrisdale in order for him to perform the repair.

The technican then told me that he would ship my computer the next day and order the parts right away; so that when he could repair it once he is at his home store. I asked him about the time it might take and he answered me honestly it could take a week or longer as the logic board was out of stock.

I told him that I couldn’t wait that long. He then told me there was nothing he could do about it as the logic board was in demand. He suggested me to purchase a another Macbook, he would helped me to transfer my stuff from my computer into the new one, then use the new one in the mean time. Once the repair is completed, I could refund the new one and he would transfer my stuff back to my original one.

“You could do that for me?” I asked. This friendly technician told me that I had to purchase the computer at his home store as he had a few open box Macboks there.

I did what he told me, and he got me up and running on one of the open-box Mac in a day. Although this set me down for additional $1200 on my credit card, knowing that I could get a refund later; I didn’t think twice about this. In fact, I started to like this new Mac.

A week passed and the technician called me and told me my Macbook Pro was repaired. He told me to bring everything and gave him another day to transfer my stuff back. I went to the Kerrisdale store again.

I returned the computer and got my money back without any hassle. The technican transferred my stuff back to my machine in a few hours. He even cleaned my dirty Macbook Pro too. He only charged me $60 for the data transfer before and after. Wow! what a deal!

I really want to give my thanks to this young Asian fellow. I think he went above and beyond his duty to satisfy a guy like me who couldn’t live without my computer. I highly recommend London Drugs for their excellent service.