Weed Man In NewMarket-Suppliers Beware!

From Brian P.
I see a number of complaints from Weed Man Clients. Be glad you are not a supplier of services, particulary to their Newmarket Location. They do not pay their bills and ignore signed agreements. Imagine supplying them with goods and services and then having the “Manager of Newmarket” tell you we are not paying your bill. Too bad we are a $14. million dollar company, what can you do.
I have never used their individual services, so I cannot comment, but I would caution others from supplying them with goods/services. Get paid first. They do not honour signed agreements. I guess that is how they make their money, off the backs of others. Then it appears they treat their customer badly as well.

Avoid Weed Man, Avoid Weed Man Newmarket.

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    j says...

    Expound. Which services and goods?

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