Awful Customer Service at Canadian Tire

By Setrak

I had a horrible experience with Canadian Tire on Corbusier in Laval. I had bought an FM transmitter on Aug 25th at 30$ and it was on sale this week at 15$ barely 10 days later. I went to the customer service counter where we had to wait more than 15 minutes because the clerk was busy chit cchatting with another employee while two customers in the line just got annoyed and left. When it was my turn, the lady who was extremely rude told me she couldn’t do a price adjustment because their policy is max 10 days. So I said I will just go ahead and buy a new one that I will retur with the old bill (I know I shouldn’t have said that). Then she and an undercover security guard who was there threatened to accuse me of fraud if I did that and started intimidating saying our whole discussion was filmed an recorded on audio. I asked to speak to the manager who said the same thing and who was almost as rude. Basically, they didn’t give me a price adjustment, and I don’t even know if it’s true that the whole thing about returning the old item with the new bill is really illegal (I doubt it).

One thing I know, is that I am NEVER EVER going to step foot in a Canadian Tire store. I would never expect to be humiliated in such a way in front of so many employees and clients.

I did a complaint with the head office and hope they take good care of it.

(Just to compare, Costco took back an insect exterminating lantern 1 year after purchase because it stopped working).

4 Responses to “Awful Customer Service at Canadian Tire”

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    Jaybird says...

    They are full of it. As long as the return policy is followed (within the time limit, etc) you can return anything at your discretion. They cannot prove which exact item was purchased with which receipt, that’s absurd! They’re trying to intimidate you for no other reason than they can. Don’t expect any satisfaction from head office in this matter, they’re useless. Take your receipt, take the product and go return it. If they start spouting this fraud nonsense start spouting about reporting them to the BBB and government, etc. for unethical business practices…for fun make sure you take everyone’s full name.

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    Rebecca says...

    That’s too bad you weren’t able to get the price adjustment, at the Canadian Tire near here it’s 14 days to get a price adjustment. However if you “bought an FM transmitter on Aug 25th at 30$ and it was on sale this week at 15$ barely 10 days later” it was not “barely” over 10 days. It was closer to almost double that.
    I used to work retail and we also couldn’t take back a product with a different receipt because it is a return fraud. Yes it’s fraud, but you are right, it’s not illegal.
    Good luck with the head office.

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    FRAUD says...

    Fraud is illegal…. no matter how you look at it and return fraud is fraud. Yes some retailers will extend their return periods but they are not required to. I agree that it seems to me they were quite rude and that is not acceptable but what you were threatening to do is not right and they had every right to threaten prosecution…. In short they were well within their rights not to give you a price adjustment and I don’t blame them a bit for warning you against committing fraud against them… it’s people like you who cause these companies to be cranky because you are trying to get around the rules for your own gain. We all miss sales once in awhile…. get over it.

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