RCSS (Real Canadian Superstore) in Newmarket, Ontario

by cheapskate101

I recently went shopping at RCSS (Real Canadian Superstore) in Newmarket, ON and I had a Clean and Clear gift set come up as double the shelf price. I asked the cashier for SCOP and she got all mad a freaked out as if the money was coming out of her paycheck. She called the beauty department and they said I was right. She still would not give it to me for some reason, so I got kinda frustrated asking her why she would not give it to me. I wasn’t being mean or anything i was just kind of frustrated because these people don’t even know their own policy! She then proceeded to come closer to me and say “Listen, I don’t care how bad your day was today or what your going through, I don’t appreciate your attitude!” WTF??? My attitude?? I wasn’t giving her any attitude! I was getting a little frustrated of course because I didn’t feel like arguing with her. She was the one giving ME attitude! She then said fine take it to customer service and they will tell you the exact same thing i a  m telling you. So she brought it there and i proceeded with my order.

I then had another item, a 9 pound bag of fries, come up 7.99 instead of 2 for 7.99 which they were clearly advertised for in the store. I said I wanted to use SCOP on that too and she got all mad again and brought it to CS (Customer Service). After I was done my order, I went to CS and they immediately gave me both items for free. No questions asked. The CS lady(very nice by the way:)) then called the mean cashier who wouldn’t give it to me and said i was right and she just rang it through. The cashier then left the cash and came over to the CS lady and said “Listen I have been working here for 5 years, I am not an idiot!, I know what i am doing!” I was shocked! Obviously she doesn’t know what she is doing. The best part is, i had just asked to talk to the manager and tell him about everything, and the confrontation happened right in front of him! (she didn’t see him) I am not sure if he saw it though because he was talking to me, but he was still there.

So point the point of this is RCSS needs to train their employees and not just hire anyone, like in this case, and Customer Service at RCSS is GREAT! (well at least at this store:))

Clarification by Boo Radley

SCOP stands for Scanning Code of Practice. You can read more about SCOP here.

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    alex says...

    Two words: “Union Worker”.

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    ghostgoddess says...

    I’m flabbergasted!!! I work in fashion retail and have never treated anyone like that. In fact you should see how I get treated just being behind the counter. I’m sorry you had that experience, but you did the right thing by involving the manager.
    Perhaps this cashier needs to think of a career change

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    hya_been says...

    I am a former RCSS employee and I agree that this was inappropriate behaviour, but RCSS was my worst employer ever despite the union.

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    those were the days my friend says...

    I find that there are quite a few places where the employees do not know what SCOP is. It’s almost funny when they say…”what’s that”

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    pam says...

    Def. talk to the manager and call the customer service line.
    You will get results!

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    J.Corwin says...

    the Superstore doesn’t sells things the way you said. It doesn’t offer buy one, get one free…Or by 2 for the price of one. That’s Safeway. Instead, the Superstore offers a deal to buy in bulk. (Buy one bag of fries for $7.99, or buy 3 bags at $7.49 each.) So I don’t believe your story.

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    Lily says...

    I worked at a Superstore and we have done the 2 for 7.99 (using it as an example) or, 1 for 7.99 before. Not often, but it does happen.

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    alex m says...

    From other posts about RCSS, it seems that WFT seems to be standard first reaction to/about RCSS staff whether it be in Alberta or Ontario. Hmnnn.

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    alex m says...

    That’s WTF…………not WFT :)

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    Dave says...

    pretty sure this guy is making stuff up, what a big PHONY!! PHONY!!

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    Anonymous says...

    I hwork at the RCSS in Newmarket…and I don’t believe we had any deals like you’ve described on potatoes in September. I can’t speak for Health and Beauty, I’m not in there enough.

    As for the “mean cashier”, she would never leave her post if there were customers around. She has a phone right beside her; she could just call.

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    Marci says...

    ^^ I think the poster above is proof of the kind of crap service you get from an employee at the RCSS

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    Marci says...

    and to a “certain someone” - did it ever occur to you (think hard now) that the cashier might have lied about her time at the RCSS in an attempt to intimidate/sound authoratative?!! Suck it up, or get a better education, but in the meantime, change your attitude about customer service.

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    Guillermo says...

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this,would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

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    Anonymous says...


    First of all, let’s get one thing straight here. Deal?  
    Saying comments such as ‘RCSS employees are a bunch of uneducated people’ does nothing to your advantage except bringing you at a lower level than you already are. I work for RCSS in Calgary, AB and I’m a fourth year student studying Business at the Haskayne School of Business in the UofC, graduating this December. 
    So, contrary to your belief we’re not all uneducated stupid people.

    Second, do you know how many customers we deal with everyday who are rude beyond reason? Yet, you’re telling me to suck it up?? We are people too, not machines! Before you judge and base your decision to never shop at RCSS because of one employee, you should learn to work a mile in our shoes!
     Let’s trade shoes and you can take a hike. Learn what it’s like to feel our pain and what’s in our minds when we have to deal with stubborn customers like you. Look at shit through our eyes because from where you’re sitting it is 100% different! 

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    Bec says...

    But you still choose to work there, right?

    Let’s get another thing straight. I chose not to work there. I don’t give a crap about your life, your pain, how bad your days are, whether you’re a person or a machine, whether people are rude to you or how it is to walk in your shoes. I just want you to sell me some damn produce and pretend to be happy about it, just like it says in that contract that says how much you get paid. If you hadn’t noticed, there are plenty of cashiers at plenty of stores that seem to be doing that just fine, otherwise shopping somewhere else wouldn’t be an option!

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    Nikola says...

    “But you still choose to work there, right?”

    Just because someone “chooses” to work somewhere doesnt mean that they should be treated as any less of a human being than the customers themselves. Respect is a two way relationship.

    Bec from the rest of your post i can see that you have much bigger problems. You seem very unhappy in life. Why dont you “choose” to change your life and attitude. I recommend seeing a psychiatrist.

    I am also a university graduate, and im not alone, who works for Loblaw.

    With respect to the author of this useless internet post. You must visit what 5 stores a week, which in a single year adds up to 260 store visits. You had one bad experience over a bag of potatoes and you couldnt wait to get home and tell the internet world about it. Wow. Its amazing how fast some people thing the world owes them something.

    I hope you choke on them potatoes. next time buy apples.

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    Sandra Trimble says...

    The cashiers at Loblaws owned stores cannot correct SCOP errors - it has to be a supervisor or customer service employee as an override of the error codes are required. That doesn’t excuse the cashier’s behaviour and obviously, if true, she should have been disciplined. However, I have never worked anywhere else where the public has so much to say about someone else’s workplace than in the retail grocery market. If customers would just think why is there not enough people working to suit them instead of voicing their opinions about how many should be working or how we should be running our business it would make our lives working in the retail industry a little easier. If it were up to the supervisors or department managers we would have all kinds of people working at all times of the day. Unfortunately like every business, we are all expected to do more with less every day. I think this cashier just reached her frustration level.

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