Ordering from Sears Canada - Worst Experience EVER

by terrarankin

Here is an email I sent to head office (sorry it’s long, but you will see why):

I would like a telephone response to this email by March 31st for the following concerns:

1.  An order was placed by my mother,  in September 25/08 for baby furniture for myself which consisted of 3 pieces being a 4 drawer dresser, 3 drawer chest and hutch.  These items were ordered as a gift for me and all calls, etc were to go through me, the person receiving the items.

2.  The 3 pieces were to be received in October (4 drawer dresser), November (3 drawer chest) and December (hutch).

3.  I called in December, as I had yet to receive any furniture.  The 4 and 3 piece will be in December.  Hutch pushed back to January.

4.  In December I received a call from the Orillia store that the 3 drawer had arrived.  I picked it up and the next day they called again to say that the 4 piece was there and they were sending it back if we did not come get it.  I explained that we were just there the day before and they only gave us the one piece.

5.  I called customer service and was offered a $100 gift certificate for the inconvenience.  I was informed that the hutch would be in January 21st.

6.  We picked up the 4 piece and put it together and at the end realized that we were sent 2 left side pieces of the dresser. We had to disassemble the unit.  I called customer service and they said to return it to the store and they would send an exchange.  I was offered a $25 gift certificate for the inconvenience. (I still have not received this, but was informed on March 24th I would receive it in 5-6 weeks).

7. I called customer service January 20th re: status of my orders.  4 piece was to be in this week and the hutch was pushed back to a date not determined.

8. On January 23rd i received a call that the 4 piece had arrived and that it was COD.  It was to be on my mothers Sears card.  Head office called my mother and the Orillia store and it was straighted out.

9.  On January 24th we picked up the 4 piece and the hutch was also there.  We got them home and realized that both pieces were the wrong colour.  One was a dark wood, the other an oak colour.  We ordered the Natural.

10.  I called customer service on January 24th and the representative was extremely rude and very unwilling to help in any way. We brought both pieces back.  Now we were to receive the pieces on February 27th.

11.  On February 28th we were informed that the 2 items were in.  However, for some reason, they were sent to the Chippewa store for pick up.  My mother spent an hour on the phone with customer service trying to straighten out that delivery was to be to Orillia and that the items were to be on her sears card.  She was given the impression that everything was straightened out.

12.  On March 2nd my mother was called that the pieces were ready to be picked up at the Bracebridge store.  Again, another hour on the phone trying to fix this mess.  They were going to purolate to orillia that day.

13.  I called Orillia store on March 3rd.  They had the hutch.  I called bracebridge store, they dont have anything.  My mother called bracebridge store, they do have the 4 piece there.  They will send to orillia by purolator tomorrow.

14.  For the next couple of days I was on the phone with the orillia and bracebridge store, and customer service several times trying to track down the item.  One time I called head office i was put on hold by an agent for over 15 minutes and I finally had to hang up.  No one attempted to call me back.

15.  My mother called head office to ensure that the items would be on her card. They assured her they were.

16.  On March 6th I called the Orillia store and both pieces were now there.  I picked them up on March 7th (I had to bring my mother’s Sears card because it was COD for some reason). Brought the items home, and the hutch was the wrong colour.  It was the oak colour.  The dresser had dings and a dent in it.  Mind you, these items were to go though inspection before they were shipped to me.

17.  On March 6th I called customer service as I just was fed up and didn’t know what to do.  At this point, I have an 8 month old baby, with only one dresser.  I was offered a $160 gift certificate for the damage of the dresser, as well as the travel to and from the orillia store.  The hutch was brought back and ordered again.  It was to be in on March 27th.  I was on the phone with head office for over 1 hour.

18.  On March 10th I happened to be at my mother’s house and sears called.  They said that the hutch was no longer available by the manufacturer (storkcraft).

19.  On March 11th I called storkcraft, they are making this hutch in this colour still.

20.  I called Head office and spoke with Kim who said that she does not know why I was told this as it looked like this item was in fact available.  She was going to look into it and call me back within 48 hours.  I did not receive a phone call back.

21.  On March 24th I called Head Office to find out what was going on.  I spoke with Stuart (I believe) who said that it was noted that the item was voided, not available.  He said it was noted that someone did call me, but that there was no answer.  I do have an answering machine so I’m not sure why a message was not left.  I was told that the $25 and $160 gift certificates were issued on March 19th and that I would receive them within 5-6 weeks.

I feel like compensation should be provided to be for the above and for the following reasons:

A.  September 2008 to March 2009 trying to order baby furniture and coming up in the end with 2/3 of my order and not even happy with the items i have now as I dont have the entire collection I wanted.

B.  Hours my mother and I have spent on the phone (I would estimate at least 4-6 hours).  My mother should have never had to be involved with this as I repeatedly told sears to only contact me.  My mother was constantly called instead of me even though I was constantly told that they had my number on file

C.  Driving time to and from the Orillia store

D.  Time spent putting together and disassembling items, opening packages, repackaging

E.  The stress and hassle for the last SIX MONTHS

I have never in my life experienced such a horrible retail experience.  I can say that the customer service agents were sympathetic to my situation and did try to help (except for one or two unprofessional service agents).  I hope that Sears will offer me an appropriate compensation for this.

FYI Sears did nothing more for me.  I called and emailed Storkcraft and they sent me the Hutch, FOR FREE! And they got it right the first time!!

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    alex says...

    OMG! I would have pulled all my hair out by…paragraph 12!

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    joanne says...

    Sears used to be fantastic for sales and absolutely invaluable for customer service but over the last two years they have quite frankly, sucked on both accounts. I have e-mailed them and told them this but it just keeps getting worse. I used to spend at least 100.00 every other week on the outlet site. I haven’t had a balance on my card in over six months.

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    buttercup says...

    OMG !!!! I will never ever buy anything from them.

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    Amy says...

    I agree with you 100%.
    I had a horrible delivery experience with them too. A sofa we wanted was to be delivered, but they called us and said it was out of stock. They had to order it, ship it to their outlet, then to the store, then finally to us. In the end, they were 3 months late, but they gave us a $10 Sears gift card.

    So unorganized!! I mean why sell something, they don’t stock..

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    Adam S. says...

    We apologize for any unnecessary stress and inconvenience caused and we are happy that Stork Craft was able to rectify the situation. We hope you enjoy your brand new hutch.

    Best Regards,

    Adam S.
    Stork Craft Manufacturing Inc.

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    Danielle says...

    My experience was nearly that bad. I feel for you! I had ordered a comfortor for my bed and when it finally arrived, I took it home and put it through the wash. Which btw, was find according to the wash instructions on the label. Well the whole thing fell apart. When I tried to take it back, I was told several times that I couldn’t. I was also questioned as to why I washed a brand new comfortor. I really thought that shouldn’t be an issue, but I explained to them that I am allergic to dust and wash everything (clothes etc) when I get it home from the store. Then I was told that it was my fault because I should have taken it to the dry cleaners. Even though the tag said I could wash it in the washing machine. I even took it to a dry cleaners (after all this) and they told me that there was no reason I couldn’t wash it at home. Anyhow, finally I was able to return it.

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    Nancy says...

    I am in the midst of a nightmare with Sears Orillia as well. I had ordered some dresses for my daughter to try on for her graduation. In trying to return the unused remaining dresses to the Orillia store, was told they did not have enough cash to do the refund. A total of five trips to the store over the next less-than-three weeks, and I am still holding the packages, still being told they don’t have the cash. If Sears policy is to refund in the same way original payment was made, why was cash not available? I do have a long story here, but needless to say, after phone calls and about 7 emails to Customer Service, they are adament that I waited past the 30 day return time (which I didn’t), and have all but ignored my question why the cash wasn’t available. The people in the Orillia store have more than once told Customer Service things that I did not do (ie: that I only tried to return after the 30 days was up), yet I was called a liar by National Customer Service!! I will never set foot in a Sears store, outlet or catalogue agent outlet ever again!

  8. Interessanter Beitrag, vielen Dank.

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    zg08 says...

    This remind me of my experience with sears delivery

    I have ordered a fridge as a gift for my parents for new year’s. picked out the item in advance and fully paid for it. I was assured the item would be delivered on December 31 between 10am and 4pm, or something of that nature.

    I did not tell my mom this will come in because she would get mad at me for spending money on them (whatever). I did, however, told my grandmother and my father, who was supposed to make sure the delivery men put the fridge in the kitchen.

    Sears did attempt to deliver the item: at 7am (!!!!) on a Saturday morning. Because my mom was the only one awake at the time, she said she wasn’t sure what the delivery was for, but because she is not stupid and knew at the back of her mind it was probably from me, she went back to the house to call me. She has told the delivery men to hold on for a minute. By the time we have talked and she got outside the delivery truck was gone.

    I called Sears right away and told them I was expecting the delivery for 10am, not 7am (!!!). The service representative assured me the truck was still on the road.

    To make the long story short: the item was never received, then we had a few days of holidays and when i called Sears back they have told me they will deliver it again on January 14th. There was nothing on the 14th so i called back, and they told me because the item was turned back originally (by my mom) they assumed i do not want the item and will refund my credit card.

    Basically numerous conversations later, a back ordered item (they managed to sell out of the fridge by that time), a $100 certificate and a lot of wasted time both on the phone and in person at the store the fridge has finally arrived.

    No issues with the item, but 4 years later and I still wouldn’t go back to Sears.

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    Syed says...

    Same here! Item back-ordered. Order date September 27, 2010. Nor yet received! Contacted customer service (three times now). Same answer ‘Item is back-ordered’. How long will it take them to deliver? Sears sucks!

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