Bad Customer Service From Virgin Mobile Canada

By Jenn

Virgin Mobile charged me twice in a month for phone service.  The first time I tried to call their customer service line to get it rectified, I was on hold for over 30 minutes.  I had to hang up.  I’ve since tried calling again and I get the automated message they are very busy and are having long wait times.  I sent an email and got an response 1 month later telling me the best way to reach them is by calling….How on earth am I going to cancel my phone when I can’t even get a hold of them?

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    Bob says...

    Virgin was recently purchased by Bell Canada and lots of people let go. Will be tough to get service during the transition period.

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    OM_G says...

    It is just awful to get a hold of them. I did wait for 1 1/2h at one time to correct my bill. Good luck pal.

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    RCSS Customer says...

    i use virgin for my boys cell service, i totally feel you on the SUPER long hold times when calling customer service that’s just totally unacceptable. another thing that bugs me is they charge 4.00$ a month for a paper bill, i mean i understand we all want to be enviromentally friendly but tell me you’re going to charge me don’t let me find out on my own…

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    REC says...

    I recently switched from Bell to Virgin (WAS with BEll for 15 years). On my dealings with them (my own errors-accidental download of kids show that used up all my usage & then some!) They answered the call quickly & credited back my over overages.
    As for the paper bill, I was told upfront that I would be charged, should I choose to do paper bills (this was from the outlet where I purchased the phone). I’m not sure how “recent” this Bell takeover has been, but I’ve been recommending Virgin to everyone I know.

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    REC says...


    Bell acquires all of Virgin Mobile Canada
    Last Updated: Thursday, May 7, 2009 | 3:04 PM ET Comments105Recommend64
    The Associated Press
    Bell Canada has acquired full control of Virgin Mobile Canada, picking up the remaining 50 per cent it didn’t already own in a $142-million deal.

    The acquisition includes an exclusive, long-term licensing agreement with the Virgin Group for continued use of the Virgin Mobile brand in Canada.

    The Virgin brand has been operating in Canada since 2004 on the Bell Mobility network. The brand will remain independent of other Bell brands, although the companies will share a network and retail distribution.

    Read more:

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    Carol says...

    I totally agree. I will never use Virgin Mobile agian. Terrible customer service..rude customer service reps….stay away!!

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    masala says...

    I just got double bill… also they tell me the systeme did not see a payment. …
    Virgin is the worst compagnie i ever ever have to deal whit.

    It is time that laws and regulation come in to protect consumer from those type of contract.

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    amy says...

    By far the worst experience I have ever had with any company. I was on the phone twice a month for the first 10 mts trying to get my double billing sorted out, and paying for a paper bill (for which I didn’t sign up for and never received).

    I travel to the states about 4 times a year, and each time was told that I would be able to use my phone in the states. Each time, I was without service for my entire visit. Even the tech team could not understand why I wasn’t getting service.

    On these multiple calls, I would get different answers depending on who I spoke with. I know that Virgin is trying to promote themselves as a “young and hip” company, but my experience was more like, “young and in competent”.

    Last but not least, I signed a three year deal in order to get the best phone they had at the time, the Motorola Razor phone. I had the phone for less than two years when it totally crashed, leaving no memory and a phone that I couldn’t use. The response from Virgin was pretty much, sucks to be you…

    Thanks Virgin.

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    WAYNE says...

    I must say I have had some good dealings with customer sevice and a lot of bad ones, on the issue of wait times absolutely ridiculous nobody should have to wait longer than 2 minutes. Myself 3 days in a row on hold for a total of approximately 8hrs. trying to get my “free phone upgrade” that I was told at the beginning that I could have after 1yr, well free to them means cancelling my contract paying cancellation fees and begin a new contract to get my “free phone upgrade” after explaining about the 8hrs. of waiting on hold 8hrs of my life that I will never get back the gave me some credit to my account and told me that they were going through a system change and my account was as it zero when this change occured, 2 months later my phone was cut for an overdue balance of around $275.00 which were cancellation fees to upgrade to the new system, here we go again…you know the rest. Other than that bad experience I am somewhat pleased with Virgin other than the fact each time you call to fix something nobody has the same answers, I wonder if Sir Richard Branson would like to lose 8hrs. or more of his life waiting for someone at his campany to fix his issues.

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    Krista says...

    I just had the same experience as Wayne!! Went in to a Virgin Mobile Kiosk to discuss getting a new phone - when I signed up in Dec 2009 I was told I would be eligible for a phone upgrade after one year. NOPE!!! I will have to pay $10-$20 a month for what is remaining in my current contract, get the phone and then sign up for another 3 year contract. This is robbery! I am not a happy camper right now. Prior to this I would have recommended Virgin to anyone - great rates and reasonable customer service (all cell phone carriers have crappy customer service in my opinion) but now they’ll be lucky to keep me as a customer.

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    Carlo says...

    New to Virgin Mobile Canada on Feb. 28th 2011. Paid $300 for the phone and a deposit at that time.

    Five days later, first bill arrives. Planned to pay that at end of month (”Jennifer” in the kiosk promised that I had 45 days to pay the bill without hassle.)

    March 25, phone said “SIM not provisioned.” They turned it off on me. Apparently, I went over my “unbilled usage cap.” (My what???) In the runaround of trying to get that cleared up, I ran into representatives that would explain nothing yet demand that a minimum of $100 be paid towards the cap to get the phone turned back on. (The “cap” was sitting at $215, according to them.)

    Having found no clear explaination of my usage summary, or this “unbilled usage cap” thing, I demanded a cancellation. While waiting for them to call back, I did pay that first month bill that came five days in. When they finally called me back to do that, I found a rep willing to clear things for me, or so I thought.

    The phone worked that day. I made one five minute call, during the specified “free” evening, and received one one-minute call.

    The next day… “SIM not provisioned.”

    Tell me why I should stay with Virgin. $355 bucks for 27 days of service.

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    Penny says...

    I was going to get a Virgin Mobile phone from the mall one day. The guy I dealt with did not know anything. He had just started that night. He took my driver’s licence. After spending some time with all this crap, he told me to come back the next day because he did not know what he was doing. I then received a call the next day from Virgin Mobile and I told themI was not interested. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SIGNED AND NO PHONE WAS SOLD TO ME OR TAKEN!!! I have never heard the end from these people to pay up a debt that I do not have. Virgin Mobile has noW sent it to the collection agency. I am now going through this crap. Tell me why I should ever buy a phone with Virgin. Months of this crap and it is still never ending.

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    surinder says...

    There cann’t be worst and fraudulent service than this. I took their prepaid connection in Feb 2009. it was horrible customer service with vague deductions which they never justified as most of the time one remains on hold for hours with no response. Then I switched to post paid for which they charged me again as new connection though the same number. They would never send the bill but message of outstanding bill which may not be more than $30-40. Instead of answering my query, they disconnected my service. Once that was done they would not even respond , they expect me to pay first including re-activation charges and then would respond. I had no choice but to change over to Fido, Worst of they informed Credit Bureau and spoiled my credit report instead of giving me reply without any notice.

    can somebody guide me how to addrwss the issue and sort out my credit report.

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    Racrouk says...

    Totally disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Got text messages saying I am over due and I haven’t received a bill yet to see if the extra charges are warrented. Got 5 different people and could not get on line to see my account, it kept rejecting me. Sucked me into a pay off the phone 10% a month with no contract. Ya right no contract, I,m stuck in this for 10 years or I have to pay for a phone up front at $480.00. I thought Bell was bad, these people take the cake. They had the wrong email and address on the account. Where is the authority responsible for regulating these things and now Bell is taking them over, where are the anti monopoly laws. Extortion is what it is and that’s illegal.

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    Garth Williams says...

    Cancelled, paid off the SuperTab and the amount owing. Technically NOTHING owing.

    Had to pay 1 months service because contract says one month owing on cancellation. OK.

    NOW I get a bill for $99.00 (includes $2.00 paper bil fee)

    How does “cancel, buy phone, pay balance” equal 1 99.69 charge?

    Seriously, DO … NOT … USE … VIRGIN.

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    Garth Williams says...

    I should mention that for a 99.69 charge, and over an hour on the phone…

    “Thanks for waiting! And we’ll be here to chat with you as soon as we can!”

    … I’m starting to think that paying the 99.69 might be cheaper than the TIME it costs me to talk (sorry - WAIT) to someone who can (or CAN’T) help me.

    “Thanks for waiting! And we’ll be here to chat with you as soon as we can!”


    DO … NOT … USE … VIRGIN.

    “Thanks for waiting! And we’ll be here to chat with you as soon as we can!”

    I user Rogers (this WAS my son’s account). I’m REALLY GLAD I’m on Rogers .

    “Thanks for waiting! And we’ll be here to chat with you as soon as we can!”

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    Kamal Aman says...

    Virgin Mobile is now one of the worst cellphone carriers out there in Canada, too bad we only have about 6 to chose from.

    I was charge 360$ because one of their employees miss informed me about free incoming calls after 7pm. They said if a go to another area code and use my phone there my line will switch over to that places area code. At the time i was like “WoW, this is too good to be true”…. Well it wasn’t true, i get phone bill and its 360$. And to compensate me they offered me 50$’s off!! What a disgrace. Horrible customer service and support! Not to mention the hours you have to spend to get through to someone and talk to.

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    gooba says...

    I called Virgin and ordered 5 pounds of suiside chicken wings with extra sause and veggy sticks ,to my surprise they told me we dont sell chicken wings and that they were a mobile phone provider so then I asked if I could at least get the veggy sticks and they flat out told me NO!!! Stay away from Virgin Mobile there chicken SUCKS

    P.S so do there veggie sticks

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    T Town says...

    I am frustrated and pissed off beyond belief!! This is Day #2 that I have NO phone service from Virgin for some unknown reason. I have No txt, no in or out calls. I can’t call their 611 number to find out WHY I have no service, because …. I have no phone service!! Very frustrating with no land line or other means of telecommunication and am stuck in the house with my son!! I am supposed to be out of town today but need to sort this out before I leave …… I have no way to communicate with my mom who I was making plans to travel with. I live on the outskirts of the city and don’t own a car, so it’s not like I can just get in a car and drive to someone’s house. I have no way to tell my mom that I have no phone and she is probably trying to call me all day. GAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

    I emailed them 4 times - twice yesterday and twice today and NO ONE has replied to me.

    This is NOT FAIR to a good customer like me who pays my bills on time. I even have a credit on my account because I OVER - paid them last month. They do not deserve my money!!!

    I don’t know what else to do but to hit RE-SEND on my email every hour on the hour until someone replies to me

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    Ariane Breault says...

    THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE !! I don’t understand my bills because they charged me fees for things I never used, the charge 1 month earlier and dont EVEN TRY to call them !! No respect, way too “friendly” with you and they dont have any solutions. Im sick and tired of them… AND ITS JUST MY 3th BILL!!

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    Samir Osman says...

    Virgin Mobile are layers, from the begining I told the lady in the kiosk that I want the line for one month only, and should be cancelled after that, she said OK, that it, at the end of the month, I called to confirm the cacellation, the surprise that I have to pay for extrea month, with more money, I said I have a package of $35.00 including every thing, and from the begining I said that, but they want $84.00 to cancell, pay money for somthing not exist?? what a ripping. NO NO NO.

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    Brent says...

    I am a virgin customer for almost 2 years and there. Customer service sucks really bad sorry I need all your info to transfer you to this person they are rude and ignorant they do not listen to customers at all I had it no phone calls from them do to my work now I am on the virg of loosing my job cause they keep calling me non stop and I Need my phone for work so I can get my orders on what place I have to go next I just paid my bill off on July 13 of $138.95 not even to weeks later my bill is well over $300.00 they are saying I went over my gb by 2.2 which is $110.00 what a rip off they could of sent me a text when I was getting close to my 5 gb and on my wife’s phone I just paid her bill of $150.00 on July 27 2012 which left 16.64 and today on July 30 2012 it is 533.00 so in 3 days my wife ran up a bill of $500.00 what a rip

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    steve says...

    I wanted to cancel one of my phones with virgin and keep the other,got woman on the line she asked me all my info and she told me can i put you on hold for a minute while i access your account,sure i said 30 minutes later i hung up,called back .got an Indian sounding woman she was very helpful,but she proceeded to patch me through back to Canada i guess,then i got the run around again.Paid the balance owing on my phones got hold of my member of parliment and emailed the crtc about this and emailed virgin about cancelling account as per crtc recomdation.
    we’ll see what happens

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    Mb says...

    Worst phone company ever. Bought a blackberry torch in match 2011 they told me their super tab was the best way to go. Now approx 11 months into this my phone stopped scrolling completely went to the store to sort it out the rep did not help at ALL they told me that just wait and see if it starts working after. And ofc it didn’t, by the time I came back my phone was out of warranty they said sucks to be you. From that time onward I’ve had to pay usually 65+ for a 40 plan usually every other month when you call to complain they keep transferring you to different reps. At the end of the day you have the wrong bill get transferred 4 times or more an deal with reps who tell you lies and don’t speak English. I you don’t want to be ripped off like crazy DON’T EVER SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY.

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    Mb says...

    Oh and btw in being charged 600 dollars to cancel with a broken phone.

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    aman says...

    Hello everyone,
    I would suggest you never buy vergin mobile. This company robbed me badly. still I am struggling due to my overbill. my phone plan was unlimited anytime but they charged me $ 98.57 extra. when I asked to custer care, a lady repied me it is becuse of 200 minutes used daytime.

    just stay away from vergin mobile

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    Gary Downes says...

    The worst company I have ever dealt with. Since I first notified Virgin Mobile of a fault with my handset over 14 weeks ago on the 26th October, I have contacted them on more than 10+ separate occasions, spoke with over 16 individuals and subsequently wasted in excess of over 10hrs talk time. Just before Christmas, I spoke with an operator to ask again for the 5th TIME “where is the loaner phone?” He then determined that it had been sent to our old address which we hadn’t been living in for nearly 12 months! Furthermore, we contacted Virgin in MARCH to notify them of the COA and they said they update the system. The adviser apologized and took the new address again and said he will try and get a loaner phone out to me before Christmas, as I was heading to England for 2 weeks and it was important I could stay in contact with my family. Christmas came and went and the loaner phone still didn’t come. I then contacted Virgin yet again and they said they would send another one out? are you serious? 2 weeks went past and still no loaner phone. This is a joke right? NO! It was purely on the off chance we went to our old address and the loaner phone had in fact been posted to that address AGAIN. Not only that, but to top it off, it had the the wrong name and no means to even send the faulty handset back!?? Absolutely shocked at how bad this company runs, I called and asked them to confirm my address… Wow, what a surprise, it was our old address?? I’ve since contacted Virgin to escalate this case to a complaint. That was nearly 2 weeks ago and I’ve rang them 3 times already as this is getting ridiculous and all they say is “someone will call you as we can’t put anyone though to that department”. Who has a complaints department no-one can talk to?? Its now 14 weeks (yes that’s nearly 100 days) I still have my faulty handset with no pre-paid envelope or address to send it to. A loaner phone with no return address. Over 10+ of my time invested that i won’t get back. Weeks of inconvenience with no means to speak with anyone capable of making a decision.. As a 34 year old business development executive, I have never dealt with a company so disorganized in my lifetime. I’m staggered they are even in business.

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    Chris says...

    In regards to Gary Downes… you’re manufacturers warranty is with the manufacturer. Should have called them and done it that way. These companies have courtesy services which is this case was not helpful. I have never done mine through my company. I understand they don’t have elves working for them thus I go through the manufacturer

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    Andrew says...

    Virgin was GREAT prior to be purchased by BEll now they suck just like Bell. They have these rude people who call you up and say they are from Virgin and ask for your PIN….yeah like I am going to give a complete stranger my PIN number. They always get rude when you refuse and threaten your service if you do not call back in 48 hours. I always pay my bill and all does is treat you rudely.
    DO NOT USE VIRGINMOBILE OR BELL for that matter…they think they have a monopoly and can treat you like crap…can’t wait for my plan to end.

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