Car Battery Replacement at Canadian Tire

By Sheena Smith

I had my battery replaced in my car last night which took 3 hours. I was told that it usually takes around 20-30 mins to change a battery. I had a bar that they had to take off to replace the battery which I was charged extra for and it was only a matter of unbolting it. It took 1 1/2 hours to have the battery checked and then another 1 1/2 hours to put a battery in. This was my first visit to a Canadian tire auto centre and it will certainly be my last. One comment made by a customer service person was that the mechanic did not like to do that particular job and no one would tell him to do it. Great job having staff like that.

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    SS says...

    I have had nothing but horrible service at Canadian Tire auto centre and I don’t go anymore…I don’t believe a word they say and when I was going to them I kept having to go back with the same problem but miraculously when I switched to somewhere else the problems stopped recurring (and with my brakes no less!!)

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    Annoyed says...

    We went there to the auto centre to get something routinely done. They took out the spare tire and couldn’t get it back in properly. So they left it half in and half sticking out. When we asked politely to have someone place the tire back in the car properly, they said that they found it like that! They did not have the knowledge to put a spare tire back in place and they blame the customer for their incompetence.

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    grumpy says...

    we i can tell you from a mechanics point of view i wouldn’t take a piece of crap for them to do anything with because they have no knowlege of how to do repairs or are what i call WANT TO BEE’S mechanics who think they are mechanics

    sorry for your loss but your repair should have been carefully assessed before starting and if any added cost should be sucked up by the service manager if it was not disclosed to you

    the bear

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    grumpy says...

    all of these flat rate shops should fold up and go away they don’t work and makes the real mechanics look bad

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    grumpy says...

    to all owners be careful and do your homework and do a reference check on your service provider to avoid rip offs

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    E says...

    Sadly, your experience at Canadian Tire is typical. They do shoddy work and they always charge more than they initially say, that’s been my experience. I wasn’t smart enough to stay away after the first bad experience, though.

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    L.H. says...

    My daughter had the same thing happen to her. They charged her to check her battery, sold her a high priced battery saying it was the only one for her car, charged her to put it in and then charged her extra because they said it took them longer to put it in her car.

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    I.G. says...

    I had a battery put in my car today at Canadian tire. The total installed cost was around $150. It took them 5 minutes to install. A comparable battery at costco was around $80……..

    I’ll never go back to Canadian Tire as I was hosed on this deal.

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    Big Bob says...

    If you knew it was cheaper at Costco why not just go there and get it?

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    Becky says...

    Canadian Tire is a great place to buy things and install yourself … changing a battery isn`t that hard to do … i know i just did it last weekend … saved myself $150 install fee too … and no i do not have a garage and it was -20 … we all must learn from our mistakes …

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    john says...

    re-battery replacement. some chrysler cars require front wheel removed plus two or more brackets, therefor added cost.

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    John Goodman says...

    Nothing but bad service, just went for tires replacement and end up with 3 rims badly dammage, yes 3 out of the 4 rims dammage. The manager did not argue after showing him the rims, guess they do that often!!! The mecanic who did that said muah!! Had to go back many times because they did not have any rims to replace the ones I had, so they had to send them one by one, to be resurface and paint, a real nightmare. Just don’t go there, kids who don’t know much and really don’t care about, and the price is high!!!

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