FANTASTIC Service at Home Hardware in Brampton

By Catherine

Yesterday I was out shopping to find a particular item I had never bought before, it was recommended to me by someone I know. My first stop was Canadian Tire at Shoppers world (only because it is closest to my house). After staring blankly at the rows of products I saw someone walk down the aisle and quickly looked to see if I was lucky enough to encounter a sales associate but sadly it was just another shopper. I left without buying what I was looking for (or ever seeing one associate on the sales floor) and headed over to the new Home Hardware on Hansen just off of Queen near Rutherford. I was greeted by 3 different people- one associate helped me find exactly what I was looking for (and for a great price) then apologized for making me wait while she ran to the back to check with someone else about the product. I told them I was so pleased with their service and friendly attitudes. I actually left there smiling! I will definitely go there for any of my household needs and suggest the rest of Brampton do the same! Be sure to check it out- Home hardware on Hansen just off of Queen st. ! LOVE IT!!

2 Responses to “FANTASTIC Service at Home Hardware in Brampton”

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    Say What says...

    Very nice to hear a POSITIVE review! Thanks for sharing!

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    Lala says...

    First off,’The customer is always right’ surebud,a long time ago they applied that rule but its the 20th century and every retail store in this world is after one thing and one thing..$$$$$$ money! Greed has taken over every single advertisement out there for any store making money has fraudulent commercials they are not here for us the consumer how dare they even say that they are only here to make bucks and who cares about the ones making them wealthy! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU STORE RETAIL OWNERS FROM RESTAURANTS TO TOY STORES YOU ARE NOTHING BUT GREEDY AND SELFISH!

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