Bad Experience With a Return at Canadian Tire

By Pokey

My husband and I went to Canadian Tire to return some sandwich makers that you use on the fire.  We used them one time and they melted.  We do have another one that we bought years ago that was just fine.  So we took them back to get our money back as it was obvious that they were defective.  We went to the Customer Service desk and we were given a slip of paper and told to go to the department manager.  We went to the department and the department manager looked at them then and she went to speak to another associate.  She spoke with another associate and he would not come to talk to us but told the “department manager” that they have never been returned before therefore they would not refund us.  My husband asked to speak with another manager.  Another manager came and asked us if we had a reciept and we said no.  He then asked us how we paid and we had paid cash.  He told us that they cannot track cash payments and that they would not take them back.  My husband asked to s
peak with the Store Manager.  The Store Manager came and was totally igmorant yelling at my husband and telling him.  Telling him that if we did not have a reciept he did not know when we bought the item and that we would not be getting a refund on the items.  Needless to say that we are not going to be ever going to Canadian Tire again…..

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    J says...

    Hmm.. well, without the receipt, what were you expecting? While it is really too bad that you purchased defective products, I completely understand where Canadian Tire is coming from. As the customer, it’s your responsibility to make sure to hold onto the receipt. It might be different if it was an exclusive Canadian Tire product, but not if it’s something that can be purchased at other stores. The manager is right, how are they supposed to know where you purchased it from?

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    J says...

    Obviously the manager should never ever have yelled at you, though, so I’m with you on that one.

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    glowworm2k says...

    Retail fraud, in the form of stealing an item and then returning it for cash - brand new or defective or anywhere in between - has become a huge issue for retailers over the past few years. They are losing millions. Now my local CT (as well as Zellers, Loblaws) has a large sign posted near the exit that warns you that all returns/exchanges MUST be accompanied by a receipt. There are also warnings at customer service about this. While your case is unfortunate, and the abusive manager is in the wrong for his attitude and behaviour no matter what happened, the store is in its right not to accept a product back without a receipt.

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    Ashley says...

    They should not have been rude to you, that’s unacceptable.

    However, you can’t expect to get a refund or even an exchange without the receipt. How do they know you bought the product there? A lot of stores will not return or exchange an item without a receipt. The lesson here is to keep your receipts.

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    thatgengirl says...

    I agree, no receipt, no proof of actual payment, no return.

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    Joyce says...

    No receipt means no exchanges or refunds (defective or not). End of story.

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    pinky says...

    NO receipt = NO return!

    EVERYONE knows that!

    “Obviously the manager should never ever have yelled at you, though, so I’m with you on that one.”

    Want to bet it was the op who started with the bad attitude?

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    Jenn says...

    I agree with the rest of the peanut gallery. Canadian Tire risks eating that charge if you didn’t actually purchase those items there.
    I believe that you did buy them there, but with no proof, you are SOL.

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    sela says...

    EVOLVE TREADMILL,TEMPO -Canadian Tire ,3516 8th ave NE Calgary - CAN’T BE RETURNED!!!!!!!

    I bought a treadmill a week ago. On the first hour of use I noticed that the running belt keep coming of center and the equipment makes to much noise. I tried to contact TEMPO the manufacturer. Initially there was a recording saying” we are experiencing high volume calls please call us again in the next business day”. I tried again and again when I finally was waiting for the a representative. After waiting for 45 minutes my call was disconnected.
    In the next day after the purchase I went back to the Canadian Tire that I bought the equipment from. For my surprise the manager said that they wouldn’t do a refund!!!
    They said that a RA (return authorization) was needed from the manufacturer and that would take few
    days. Now after many calls they are saying that I should deal this the manufacturer. No return for this item!!!

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    Ashley says...

    If you don’t have a receipt then you don’t get a refund. I doubt there is a single store in the entire world that will let you bring something back with out a receipt and hand over some cash.

    Also, I agree that the OP was probably getting crusty and starting a scene with the manager. I work in customer service and I’ve seen it a million times…the person wants their money back and thinks if they start screaming someone will give in.

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    Kim says...



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