Popeye’s Chicken Canada

By Terry

I bought Popeye 10 pieces chicken yesterday at Military Trail.  On the coupon states 5 thighs & 4 legs when I got home there were 7 thighs and 3 legs. The servers did not give me an option plus some of the chicken was raw on the inside( the thighs of course) and it made my mother sick. I will not purchase Popeye chicken ever again.

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    pinky says...

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    John says...

    I also bought their chicken in Markham ON. It was the worst chicken I have ever had. When I started in the breast it had blood coming out. Never again


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    kidbrock says...

    Absolutely the worst meal I have ever eaten (Waterloo, ON). Why does it look so damn good on the commercial?!?! They almost sucked me back in until I remembered the cramping and explosive diarreah!!

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    Daver says...

    My Girlfriend and I accidentally walked by a Popeyes…smelled like old motor oil cooking engin parts.

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    MJ says...

    My family actually enjoys popeye’s chicken, but we get it in Michigan as there aren’t any in my town. I wonder if they do something different here then in the U.S.?

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    Sawsan says...

    I have ordered 8 peices meal with side (fries) and asked for an extra side (salad), and a sandwish for my son.

    they delivered my the food home, with no fries, no sandwish for my kid…imagine how eating the meal without the fries, and my son had to stair not eating. To enjoy the service we had to fight the un-well cooked thighs.. It was frustrating

    But Ohnestly, we got a big SORRY when we calld him, and simply they cut the price of the unaccomplished orders… and what? get a free fries NEXT TIME….if there would be a NEXT TIME.
    WHILE, when Domino’s pizza misplaced our order, we got it for FREE…..

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    Sawsan says...

    Remembered to say it was from (Waterloo) popeys…@ univ. east…

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    Shams Rahmam says...

    I bought Fried Chicken from Popeye’s at Military Trail and Morning Side ave in Scatborough, Ontario. Its really sucks. First of all manager is Rude by nature and gues what chicken was Raw and discusting to eat. This particular location have ongoing serious problem with manager attitudes and the quality of foods. Popeye’s head office really should take some action about this location. This location actrually destroying the reutation of Popeye’s.

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    kitten34a says...

    you people don’t know what you are talking about!!………They have the best CHICKEN and I have eaten it in Hamilton and the U.S and every time it has been the best. You just need to find a better location, because honestly they are good MUCH better then KFC!!!

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    Tiger says...

    First of all i agree with kitten 34a. Popeye Chicken is the best. It surpasses Mary Browns and KFC.
    Those of you who had bad experiences, you need to let management know what happened. Any owner operator or manager would like to know so they could rectify. Lets face it, that could shut them down. When they get inspected they need to have records of cooking temps. Any complaints lodged have to be corrected immediately especially when it comes to chicken.
    Like any food establishement it comes back to good management. They hire the right people and they train them right. Next they treat them right. You can tell this when you walk into any store. Are the people happy? You will get great service and high quality food. If unhappy you can expect what you got. No surprise. If the management does not take you seriously then you take it to the corporation. Owner operators need to follow the guidelines in the contract. The company does not want a bad reputation. Corporate managers can lose their job.
    Accusations like these are not taken lightly.
    When you find a good store you will agree Popeye’s is the best.

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