Very Poor Customer Service at Sears Canada

By Colin

I purchased a 25 Cu Ft refridgerator from Sears Canada Yorkdale Store in September, which was too deep for my cabinet space. I then purchased a counter depth one 20.9 Cu ft from Sears to replace the big one day later. The first fridge was delivered and setup by two small Indian guys. Two bigger Black guys showed three weeks later and said they could not pick up the old one and deliver and setup the new smaller fridge because it was too big. They said that it was a three man job and it was the first day on the job for one of the delivery guys.

My complaint is specificially the way this whole thing was handled. I was told that the new fridge would be delivered on Friday Sept 24th. It was not because it arrived at the warehouse too late. I was then told that it will be delivered on Tuesday, Sept 28th between 5 and 9 p.m. The truck came at 3 p.m. and left. The delivery was then scheduled for Oct 2nd and, you guess right! The delivery still was not completed. Now they are asking me to take another day off on Wednesday Oct 6th. Is FOUR Days off for an appliance delivery a reasonable expectation?

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    Dotty says...

    And what does the apparent ethnicity of the delivery guys have anything to do with your story?

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    Charlie Husky says...

    I’m currently employed Sears, in the Montreal call center.
    And from my experience, there’s a lot of complaints about delivery/service delays.
    I, myself, will never buy big appliances at Sears, even though I have a certain % employee discount.
    Not worth the money.

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    Wendy says...

    I can’t believe you mentioned the ethnicity of the delivery men in this synopsis. Did it add anything to your story? What were you trying to imply? I’m offended that Smart Canucks would allow this story to run, AND highlight it on their main page, when it contains such unecessary information. ESPECIALLY after they just ran a whole Q&A about not decorating for Christmas until after Remembrance Day as to not be offensive. Not that I’m comparing this situation to Remembrance Day, but if this is about being respectful, then their ethnicities should not be mentioned.

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    J says...

    I don’t understand why you needed to mention the ethnicity of the delivery people? What does that have to do with anything?!?!

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    OM_G says...

    I believe moderators should screen these posts before allowing such discriminating allegations to come through.

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    kathy says...

    I am very disappointed that your website would run this posting,as to the previous posts”what on earth does their ethnic background have to do with anything!! Really!! As to the issue ..perhaps if your measurements had been taken and discussed with your salesperson it would have saved a lot of unnecessary expense and hassle …both on Sears behalf and yours!!

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    s says...

    Holy people give this person a brake they were just tring to make a point about the size of the delivery people. Sears has never given me proper service with appliances or make up. I quit shopping there.

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    Robin says...

    Never, never, never buy any major appliance or in our case an expensive bbq, 800.00. Our bbq was not working properly this summer, we took it apart and all that was needed was a 99 cent part.

    We were told this part is no longer available and because of this our 800.00 dollar bbq is not able to be fixed! Yes, we did shop around and Sears made sure that it was a necessary exclusive part only available thru them.

    Lesson learned, no more Sears purchases and only cheap disposable bbqs.


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    mightyconan says...

    You couldn’t find/use a tape measure in the first place. Maybe next time do your legwork & get the right item the first time. That would save the second delivery & all of the runaround… Just sayin’.
    Agreed with everyone else: unless it’s unicorns delivering the item lets leave that out of it.

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    Joyce says...

    @S: What does ethnicity have to do with their size? Are you implying that each ethnicity only comes in a certain size? This person sounds like a racist - and so do you!

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    pinky says...

    Op is obviously a racist. Hope he wasn’t wearing his Klan uniform when they delivered it

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    kidbrock says...

    You lost me at ‘two bigger Black guys’, it makes your point seem trivial.

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    kidbrock says...

    Were they former convicts too? Most delivery guys are..LOL

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    B.Mcphee says...

    sears appliances are overpriced,poor quality,i have found IMHO..but again,why the mention of their skin color?

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    B.Mcphee says...

    maybe they saw the confederate flag in the window and decided to play it safe and leave..LOL

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    SBarnes says...

    LOL…Dotty I was thinking the same thing

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    Joe says...

    Yeah, one time in 1996 a Filipino cashier short-changed me 25 cents……

    ROFLMAO @ B.Mcphee!!!

  18. Salut, calitatea brichetelor Bic este recunoscuta printre noi fumatorii.Dupa un zippo, bic-ul ” te tine ” mult si bine.

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    J.Wayne says...

    I purchace a gold bracelet as a gift for my granddaughter to be shipped to B.C. they send me the wrong bracelet.I contacted them twice by email their message is they will contact me later in two business days.The reason I sent sears the order now is because I have an appointment at 10 a.m.wednesday the 7th this month for surgery at London hospital.I dont know how long I will be there.I am at a lost how to work this problem.The gold bracelet cost me $677.99 that was paid with my master card.I am trying to find out if the bracelet can be exchange here at their store in windsor because I bought it on line I could send a friend to exchange it for me.I cant seem to get the right answer on line.

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    J.Wayne says...

    the comment is that they hire employees that do not understand anglish and at other times you have to keep spelling the words to a point you get so fed up you have no choice but hang up. WE have the same problem with Bell they transfer us to India and that is worst.all these big companies are looking for employees to work for cheap and we are the people paying through the nose no service. Enough is enough .

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