Rubbermaid Canada Sip Cups Straw Issue

By kdespati

I love the idea of being able to save a bit of money and reduce our families waste by buying reusable water/sippy cups.  We’ve tried the no name brands, but found that the Rubbermaid ones seem to work best for us.
The only drawback is that my 4 year old always could drink that  amount of water in the sippy box in about 2 seconds flat (especially on a hot prairie day) so we decided to buy the larger  20 oz Sip Bottle.   Perfect - until after 2 uses my children lost the straws.

My quest to replace the straws began with visits to many mass merchandiser with no luck, trying to use a regular straw; not even close to a fit.  Finally I emailed Rubbermaid Canada who said that the straws were available for purchase online at but only for US customers.

Really?  The Sip Bottle is advertised as  ”RefillReuse beverage bottles are the perfect substitute for disposable water bottles so you can drink more and waste less”  I am not sure how it is better or reusable if I can’t replace the straw needed to drink from it.

I guess that unless you are in the US this product is nothing more than a very expensive disposible water cup that will likely last longer in the land fill than a juice box or water bottle.

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    khorton says...

    Are you talking about the square ones that resemble a juice box? I have found the straw refills twice at the Real Canadian superstore or Walmart. It is a whole box of just the straws for the larger size bottle. I just cut them down for the smaller ones.

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    kdespati says...

    Hi no it’s for the very large ones - they take a straw that is about the length of a regular straw just a different width
    I am sure that a couple of years ago Superstore used to carry this size as well :(

    Thanks though

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    thatgengirl says...

    The straw replacements can be bought in a large box of 40. They come ready for a 20oz, or they can be cut down for the smaller containers. I found mine at London Drugs.

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    RCSS Customer says...

    we misplaced my daughters straw for her dora cup - she only got to use it once. :(

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    Cindy says...

    Wow… This will be my 1st time to your site. Appreciate you for sharing this. I must revisit this website. I was a home stlist for 5 years. My decor tip of the year is this: Please don’t crowd a room. Room flow is required. Here’s to the holidays!.

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    anna says...

    in my experience with rubbermaid canada, just email them the problem on their website, and they’ll send you a fpc or $5 coupon for a future rubbermaid purchase

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    Rebecca says...

    I have found a box of 40 for $3.69 at Home Hardware.

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    Dorothy says...

    Thanks to Rebecca - I just visited my nearest Home Hardware store and learned that the straws (box of 40) are in their warehouse. They are longer and you can cut them to fit your container. They have ordered a box for me and they should get them next week. Thank you so much Rebecca!

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    Dorothy says...

    Unfortunately the box of 40 straws available from Home Hardware are for the small juice box containers. I need straws for a 20 oz. container. I found a package (like a plastic bag) of 50 straight (non flexible) straws, multiple colours, at Walmart - for only $1.50. Their diameter is perfect and I just have to cut the length to fit the container.

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    Yvone Todoroff says...

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