Poor Service at Canadian Tire

By Cookie

I went to the store at 1:20pm  this afternoon to purchase a stainless steel microwave oven. There was only one on the shelf so  I went to the head desk and asked if I could get some help over  in appliances.  She told me that the lady who works in appliances was gone to lunch and wouldn’t be back until 2o’clock. I was in a hurry and couldn’t wait that long. I asked her if there was anyone else in the store who could help me and she said no.  Needless to say I was flabbergasted!!!   Canadian Tire will not be getting my business again!!  In 2010 this is the service we are getting????

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    Coley says...

    I hate shopping at Canadian Tire. In the past year me and my bf have spent a bit of money there, buying things for the house we just bought… same location and stuff. I don’t expect to be remembered, but everytime I’m in the store, I’m followed by security. I’m 24, and I have 2 facial piercings, therefore I’m suspicious!! OH NO, PEOPLE WITH PIERCINGS DON’T HAVE JOBS, WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!???
    No one ever helps me, so I’m usually ringing buzzers or trying to find someone to help me.

    In the summer I waited over 2 hours for someone to get a BBQ, meanwhile theres 3 employees just standing around in the next aisle, and a security guard peepin at me from behind a stand, as if I’m going to steel a BBQ for pete’s sake. That day we spent over 400$ at canadian tire, and followed out of the store??? How nice of them.

    I’ve also had HORRIBLE service in the auto center. We went to buy a few pretty pricy parts that were out of stock, so the girl ordered us some, which was nice, or so we thought. We had to pre-pay for the items, over 300$, and what do you know? she orders us the wrong parts, and won’t let us return them because they were from a warehouse. That was the last I ever spend at canadian tire.

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    Zay says...

    That is crazy. Why couldn’t a manager help you or someone from another department. These big box stores are not worth it sometimes.

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    J says...

    That is ridiculous! They totally should have just sent someone from another department to help you out.

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    Hank says...

    Canadian Tire is all about leaving the customer feeling worthless… even when it comes to charitable causes. Last spring I participated in a local walk for MS and after the walk my name was drawn as a winner of a $10 Canadian Tire gift card. Later that same day I tried using the gift card at a Canadian Tire gas bar and when I went to pay with the card I was informed that the card had not been activated. If I wanted the problem solved I had to go to the customer service department inside the store. So I did. It was confirmed that the card had not been activated, so I couldn’t use it and there was nothing they could do about it. End story…On my lucky day I only won a gift card LITERALLY!

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    David says...

    You should contact Canadian Tire corporate office. I am always letting companies know how the service is, both positive and negative.

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    Cris says...

    I have refused to purchase anything at Canadian Tire now for approximately 2 years.
    on 2 separate occasions, in different stores, at the CUSTOMER SERVICE counter, I was given attitude by the clerk because i did not want to hand over my driver’s license so she could read my personal information and copy it on to the POS system.
    the first time I was exchanging a defective $5. bulb with the original receipt in hand.

    the second time i was returning a $99. light fixture purchased a few days earlier, again with the original receipt in hand.

    where is my privacy when a clerk at a store is demanding to see my driver’s license? for a $5. bulb?
    there is way more to the story, but that may turn into a novel.

    The worst part - I contacted HO online hoping to at least have the opportunity to reason with someone at a higher level.

    I understand now why the service is so POOR, HO doesn’t care to reply to customers.

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