Don’t Bother with Beyond The Rack

By Christa

It is a SCAM! My sister purchased about 10 pairs of clothing and boots from them and they were said to be ‘designer’ - EVERY single one of them was outrageously cheap in quality and some were falling apart when recieved. I personally received a pair of ‘designer’ boots that was MISSING the embellishments on 1 of the boots! Yea, ‘designer’ *roll eyes* Were they willing to pay for return shipping? No. They even said they couldn’t guarantee an exchange? Really!? Their shipping is also TERRIBLE. EVERY box I’ve received has come damaged. The thing that angers me the most is the fact they send you a survey which you think “awesome, I’ll let them know how I feel” well EVERY single time one of these surveys have been emailed, it comes up saying they won’t allow me to do the survey because I’ve done it already which is not true. I honestly believe they are restricting people from filling out the surveys in fear some ‘higher up’ will find out ALOT of people are unhappy and getting scam
I would say not to waste your time with BTR because if there is a problem, you will *NOT* get your money back even if (and it will ALWAYS be) BTR’s fault! It’s a major scam and a cop out in my opinion. Think about it - A ‘3rd party’ fills your order and then they send it to BTR and then they send it to you but if the 3rd party screws up, it’s NOT BTR’s fault? So they won’t take accountability for it and YOUR the one out all that money whether you keep a crappy FAKE product, or you return it you’re out the shipping!

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    nicolthepickle says...

    Thanks for the heads up.
    I’ve always wondered about them.

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    robbi says...

    Thanks for letting us in on this scam company. Passing off cheap inferior knock offs and advertising it is the real thing. Scammers

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    Benita says...

    I order from them all the time and I’ve never had a problem! I even got a credit once when my order was split up into two because some items were delayed. Sorry to hear that your experience has been so sh*tty.

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    Sweet says...

    I know, they are such a bad company. Although I have received a 10$ credit for the delay in shipment, they make no attempt to rectify. It was always, well it is in our warehouse. My sister even waited 2 months for an item (they already took her payment) only to fin out it want in the warehouse anymore and they refunded her- but it took 2 months!!! I think they are just a bubble gum organization- maybe they have really really scrapped the bottom of the barrel for the staff.

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    Annie says...

    There’s never anything available to Canadians to buy anyway. O.P. is right IMHO….avoid these guys. It’s a waste of time going to their website.

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    deepak agarwal says...

    I am the owner of beyond the rack. I am worth millions thanks to you suckers. email me at and ill tell you how i scammed all of you for 100’s of millions of dollars for years. Suckers!

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    Joe says...

    @Deepak: you aren’t mentioned as one of the owners in this article:

    And BTR’s domain is “”, not “”.

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    Rachel says...

    I buy from them all the time and have no problem but its not bytr’s fault its the fault of the designers they often just dont make good quality clothing. So please don’t blame them

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    Numerous doers n no problem says...

    I have found the quality fine and have received each shipment I have ordered. No damaged boxes…although it does take a bit of time for shipping, but it does indicate the shipping time on each item individually, if one pays attention. I have also returned one with no hassle and chose to get a credit, so return shipping was free.

    If boxes are damaged check with the shipping company or don’t accept the shipment … Don’t blame Beyond the Rack and last time I checked a SCAM is when someone takes your money and you get nothing in return, so you may not be satisfied with a purchase but that does not constitute a SCAM…please educate yourselves before you post and save us all some trouble.

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    Marlie says...

    Wow, I can’t believe how many people are singling out BTR. I’ve shopped on line for over 10 years and stores like Hautelook and BTR have been a blessing. They have been Canada friendly from the start and shipping is reasonable (price of gas to drive around shopping). Most of what they offer can’t be found where I live. When they run cheap shipping deals they INCLUDE Canada most “stores” exclude Canada. I think of these companies as personal shoppers and not stores, they find the sales and make it possible for me to shop easily and quickly. Shipping times vary and that is the nature of online or catalogue shopping always has been always will. Everything from clothes to shoes to make up and housewares have arrived in perfect condition. Twice they were unable to fill an order and I received the credit before the email notice and the credit included the portion of shipping I had paid. The worst online shopping experiences have been with companies like Lands End, Hammacher Schlemmer, Victoria’s Secrect outrageous shipping costs, 2 plus month shipping times and poor quality products. Don’t even try to return something wrong they shipped to you as it will cost you more than both the products.
    Hautelook and BTR are not scams, look at your experiences with other online retailers and compare. That should bring things into perspective. These companies have been evolving and so have their polices all in response to consumer feed back and it appears to me in an effort NOT to be like the others.
    I have placed and received approximately 8-10 orders from these 2 companies since the beginning of the year with out issue and have been more than satisfied with the items.
    I will continue to shop with them with confidence.

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    Babs says...

    I have shopped at BTR tons of times and no way is it a scam - its a legit company. From what I heard, their business model is such that they order after you have made the purchase so the product has to GET to their warehouse before they reship it. Hence the shipping time is sometimes longer than normal. Personally I dont mind a delay for a good deal on the price.

    With respect, I would think twice about proclaiming to the world that they are a scam unless you are certain about it - otherwise there is a distinct possibility that you are libelling them!

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    Owen says...

    I have been shopping BTR for about 2 years now. They ARE NOT A SCAM!!! I have had absolutely no problems with them, their products are great, especially the watches and shoes. If I need to return something it is so easy, and the couple of times that I received a product that was damaged or had something missing I was not charged for shipping. All in all, a very pleasant online shopping experience.

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    Karen G. DePratto says...

    BTR is a legit and verifiable company recognized by the Canadian Government as a fairly young company that has excelled in popularity, and proven to adhere to their policy claims. All customers are valued and treated with up most respect. I have read articles and researched BTR, as any company I do business with online. The articles in consumer reports are positive. The description of the article is described, and the materials used are mentioned. So, if it is leather or not, you will know. If the thread count is 400 or 800, you’ll know. Shipping details are explained to customers in great detail, so I notice that some people do not read policy and procedures, they just order and read later. Remember, BTR has more than just you as a customer. It is unfair to tarnish a company because you do not like the way things are done, it ruins it for others. I love shopping at BTR, and keep checking on what is new. It is a fun shopping experience where I can purchase those sometimes rare items, and the bedding is amazing. I have ordered two sets now for prices I could never get in a store. Right now I am decorating each bedroom and bathroom with items purchased from BTR. My friends are in awe of the eight piece bed set I bought for $89.00. Queen size to boot. They don’t believe me when I show them, so I have to take them on the BTR site. There have been no problems with any of the twelve or more products I have purchased. Imagine, I just purchased a white metal shelving unit that goes over the toilet tank, three shelves, for $29.00 dollars, excellent quality, and very strong. My husband now checks out the site, lol. So don’t be quick to judge, and everything is not always perfect, a few kinks probably have to be worked on as with any company that is growing.

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    Stephanie says...

    I am new to BTR..and have made quite a few purchases within the last 3mths,mostly shoes,clothing and jewellery, and have not had a problem. Packaging is perfectly fine, quality great, customer service great and shipping to Canada is quite affordable. I also like how they will ship multiple items right away when they receive it, considering the low shipping costs im surprised but happy they do. I will continue to shop with them and am always recommending others do!! :)

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    Sarah says...

    I have been using BTR for about 3 years now and yes 3 years ago I had my doubts, due to the length for product to be shipped and orders would get messed up. (Probably don’t care but Khloe Kardashian shops BTR too!)

    Now, I always find myself peeking onto the site to order something, because the deals are great and the quality is great, (depending on the company) I bought a BCBG shirt (great quality) for $16.99, Apple Bottom Boots for $20 and $30. You never have to worry about prices changing on the product after you’ve purchased it.

    The customer service has gotten a lot better over the past few years.

    I mean people are going to be negative about a company that they personally have not had a good experience with… but I myself, gave them another chance. If you hate waiting for shipping, then only purchase from the events with specified ship dates.

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    Gary says...

    BTR is a canadian company…hence the free shipping to Canada.

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    kat says...

    in full agreement with supporters of btr - they have excellent customer service (wrong size boots in right sized box - sent them back at their cost, my account was credited including shipping cost - no problem whatsoever). and, as i live in a small town in coastal bc where i have to spend hundreds $$ to travel to a shopping mecca, i love the fact that i can get clothes and boots from somewhere other than the dreaded local walmart! so to all you naysayers out there complaining it is a scam, sorry to hear you had a bad experience but you are far outnumbered by those of us who have had good ones! cheers :)

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    nicole says...

    I have been shopping at BTR for awhile now and have never had a problem either. The clothes always fit..and I am not a small woman! They have refunded me imediately when and item I have ordered has become unavailable…sometimes the shipping is slow and other times it is super fast! They have laways responded to my emails in a timley matter and are very easy to deal with. The boxes my stuff have come in have never been damaged so that is probably the postal services problem not BTR They also send prepaid stamps with your purchase to return items if they are faulty or wrong size. Sorry some of you have had bad experiences!!! I will continue to enjoy my stay at home shopping..without driving anywhere and dragging my four children along!!!!

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    angele says...

    I always shop at BTR and never have a problem! Great quality and so far no messed up orders and yes shipping can take a while but def worth the wait when you look at the savings!

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    Marilyn T says...

    My husband and I buy from them all the time and we have NEVER had an issue with them not standing behind their word. We’ve returned things, asked about shipments and they have been great, even sending us replacement items via express service, giving us credits and returning our money. We think they’re awesome. Don’t always believe what your sister’s friend’s neighbour’s dog says….

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    Sherry says...

    Wow, I am surprised to see such bad reveiews. I have been ordering from this website for about 3 years now and have never ever had any issues at all, even when returning an item, which I have returned several items that just didnt fit the way I thought they should and been given great service each and every time.

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    randy says...

    Beyond The Racks suggested retail prices are a scam that the consumer

    should no fall for .They price well known brands for example Lacoste or

    Burberry at small discounts that you can get at any outlet store , when

    it comes to unkown labels they quote unreal phoney suggested retail prices

    then huge discounts on these low end products. This type of marketing

    is against the law if they can’t prove they have sold it previously at this retail price and should be reported to consumer affairs if this is

    a canadian company.

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    Reta says...

    I have read the poor reviews including all areas of Beyond the Rack organization .

    Here was my experience.I placed my order on April 21st, which was a simple process. Immediately received an order confirmation. At the bottom it was clearly stated how long delivery would take. In total it could take up to 31 days. I thought that was a little long but at least my expectations were clear. On May 5th I received an e-mail just letting me know that my order was on schedule. That was unexpected and I was pleasantly surprised. Today is May 10th and when I got home from a hard day of work, there was a package.I thought in my head… way and sure enough, there was my order from Beyond the Rack. Both Tankini’s are beautiful! It took 19 days from order to delivery. I expected 31 days. They exceeded expectations!!!!

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    Kiran says...

    I always shop from this website and their products are amazing!
    I am kind of upset to see these negative reviews!
    I once received something damaged and was worth only about $2 and I was given $10 credit. Is not that amazing?
    It really works for me, I don;t know about these people here.
    PS: I order home decors and kitchen utensils and stuff!

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    Sonia says...

    I too am new to BTR (April 2012)was my first order. I have placed 5 orders in total since then and each order came on time or before I expected it to arrive. Mind you I read everything very carefully including all product descriptions, whether products are returnable or not (like swimsuits), estimated delivery time, etc. So far everything I received has been just perfect!

    I even was able to get a credit back to my credit card on a pair of jeans that I mistakingly ordered in the wrong size. In received a confirmation email a minute after I spoke to Customer Service and another email later this week confirming that my credit card was credited with the $ amount for that item.

    By the way, BTR operates our of Montreal. I have totally been blown away by the positive experience. My only problem is trying to stay away from shopping on their site.

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    Louise A, says...

    Lucky for those who have the luck, because I had two great experiences with this BTR group and that was it. Now it’s more horrible experiences with zero care from them. They have shipped me size 11 boots, I ordered size 7.5, I ordered a bathing suit top, the send me the bottom. To be told,”Oh we don’t have that size in stock, anything else we can do for you today?” yes! You could have sent me the right item and on time. They’ve lost my order in transit. I never moved! And one pair of boots have such a horrible smell they can’t be worn as the smell never leaves your socks!
    I don’t believe Christian Louboutin has given an online store permission to sell his items, will need to check his site where they list banned sites.
    I all was great in the beginning and now I would never recommend without the big disclaimer “buyer beware, they take your payment weeks in advance of items that they may not even have in in stock in the first place”

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    Melissa says...

    I’m leaving a reply for Krista….I think you had a bad experience with btw, I heard about them from a girl i worked with and didn’t look on the website for a couple months after she told me about it because I never really shopped online before. Since coming on btr I ALWAYS shop on here, it gives me the freedom to shop online and if I don’t like something I can send it back, yes at my cost, but still, it’s so much more convenient than going to the mall, trying stuff on, not liking it, and then walking out of the change room being disappointed! I hate that feeling! I have left many change rooms crying because I thought something was going to fit and it didnt and it hurts! If you have done it, it hurts… so being able to shop online and not have to face that is amazing for me, and I’m sure it is for many other women.

  28. 0 says...

    From all the good comments re BTR above, I dont know how many are true, I guess some work at BTR themselves. I had some experiences buying from this site and most of them were bad. The first time I bought two clutches, same style, one pink one purple. Actually, I just wanted the purple on e but thinking the shipping is expensive anyway (11.99) but not restricting items, so I bought both colors. Eventually after a long wait, both in pink colors. Yeah right, though I could return the pink one, they only alliwed credit on account but not credit to my visa card. The other time I ordered a pair of Doc Martens boots for size 8, there was no where I could put if for US size or UK size, eventually a UK size 8 came. I particularly checked with the customer service rep online to make sure I could get my money back without shipping charges cuz the wrong item was sent to me, it was not my intention to return if not for the wrong size. Well, they then did charge me for the shipping. It seems that their Return Dept did not communicate with their Customer Service Dept., after a long argument, I got my money back, however, I rather not shopping than having those arguments. There were once or twice that I didnt have problems but the waiting is usually long. The last time that I shopped with them was buying a Lascoste long sleeve shirt for my husband. While I knew I shouldnt shop from them any more, the price was tempting. I got it and gave it ti my husband but since he

  29. 0 says...

    From all the good comments re BTR above, I dont know how many are true, I guess some work at BTR themselves. I had some experiences buying from this site and most of them were bad. The first time I bought two clutches, same style, one pink one purple. Actually, I just wanted the purple on e but thinking the shipping is expensive anyway (11.99) but not restricting items, so I bought both colors. Eventually after a long wait, both in pink colors. Yeah right, though I could return the pink one, they only alliwed credit on account but not credit to my visa card. The other time I ordered a pair of Doc Martens boots for size 8, there was no where I could put if for US size or UK size, eventually a UK size 8 came. I particularly checked with the customer service rep online to make sure I could get my money back without shipping charges cuz the wrong item was sent to me, it was not my intention to return if not for the wrong size. Well, they then did charge me for the shipping. It seems that their Return Dept did not communicate with their Customer Service Dept., after a long argument, I got my money back, however, I rather not shopping than having those arguments. There were once or twice that I didnt have problems but the waiting is usually long. The last time that I shopped with them was buying a Lascoste long sleeve shirt for my husband. While I knew I shouldnt shop from them any more, the price was tempting. I got it and gave it ti my husband but since he had it, he asked me if it was a fake one cuz the quality was different from the several Lacoste shirts that he had. That was how I stopped shopping there and unsubscribed the site. And it was true that when u gave bad comments in the survey, they would say u already did your survey and didnt take yours.

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    Marg says...

    The only problem I’ve had is with their often poor descriptions of the items. They exclaim about how fabulous the lamp will look in my home, how much my friends will envy me for having this great shirt, how comfortable a pillow will feel. But what I want (and I’ve suggested this to them)is detailed info on the wattage limits of the lamp, the material used in the base (not just silver colored “metal”), etc. I want to know how the blouse needs to be cleaned if its silk or linen. This must be available from the distributors. Give us a break as all we have to go on are small pictures. I’ve returned about 1/3 of what I’ve bought. But having said this, I’m happy with what I’ve kept. The customer reps are friendly but the copy writers are needing help (some are better than others).

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    Cathy says...

    I have ordered close to 30 items from beyond the rack and all of them have been shipped to me as described and I have had no issues with any of the items.

    After reading on this site I still decided to order from them but I am just not stupid enough to try to do a return. yes, they seem unorganized and you will get credit to your shopping account. why is this so surprising. if you read comments that this happened to people, why are you so annoyed when they only credit your account and not your credit card.

    and for those of you who buy things like footwear. how dumb can you be. you know there is a very likely possibility that it won’t fit. so why bother with the hassle. beyond the rack isnt good at returns without messing it up. so dont try to do a return! buy things you for sure like. dont buy things you should try on first or are unsure of your size! this site is not a scam. just because the employees working for btr arent perfect doesnt make this business a scam.

    my advice is buy things you like for sure. dont bother doing returns. why waste your money on returns anyways. be sure of the items you want. be decisive people!

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    Patricia smith says...

    I have been shopping with BTR for the last few months and have purchased a lot of items, mostly clothing, watches, etc. I was astonished to read the negative reports from other customers. Are they dealing with same BTR that I am? I have experienced great savings on many items. Sure some of them have not been what I thought they would be, but this was mostly due to size not quality, some have exceeded my expectations in price and quality. I will continue to shop with BTR because the quality,price and convience far out way the waiting time .

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    Rob says...

    My friends sisters cousin knows a guy who went out with a girl whos father went to the army with a drilll sergeant who was married to a girl who knew the cousin of the founders sister. He said it was a decent site apparently, but he is deaf and used sign language…but not American sign language, UK version, and he had a broken finger that was swollen from a bee sting…so he might have been simply asking where he bathroom was.

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    shok says...

    I’ve been shopping with beyondtherack and spent quite a lot. Then once, I had to return tops that were too small. Heck! They didn’t wanna give me store credit, gave me lousy reasons for not being able to give it back to me. I got so stressed, I wasted my time and energy calling and explaining. In the end, they kept my $150 and that was it!I never went back!
    There are better retailers than this greedy company. Since then I’ve been shopping elsewhere. Got my money’s worth and I’ve never lost a single cent! Never been happier

    Beyondtherack should treat customers better. Customers should be able to return items, without going through hell.F*** beyondthrerack!

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    shok says...

    Beyondtherack sells stuff from China, Patricia Smith. Is that good quality for you? Pity tsk.

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    shok says...

    I mean, no offense for stuff made in China. It’s called globalization. But to price it in Canadian standards is ridiculous! Try returning and item and you will grow white hairs!

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    Sarah says...

    HAHAHA @ Rob… and I bet none of these people work for BTR Elaine_Lee we just recognize a decent company when we come across one… I wouldn’t keep shopping there if I wasn’t pleased with it… and they are still a successful company clearly still up and running with all the negative comments and experiences…

    Every time I receive a package from BTR, which is about once a month, there is ALWAYS a return pre-paid sticker for returns/exchanges… so no charge for shipping stuff back to them, even if you’re at fault for ordering a size to small…!

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    Canadian_Goose says...

    I have been shopping with Beyond the Rack for the last 2 or 3 years. The boxes are always well packaged and I have never received anything damaged, even if Canada Post has been rough with the delivery/processing. At the beginning when I started shopping, the shipping did take a long time, so I would never recommend someone order something as a “gift” if they need it in a short time frame. However, I noticed it has improved in the last few months, where the site can offer some events with a fast shipping - it’s all specified with the individual events. I recently put in an order for a Fossil watch, and it was shipped within a couple of days of me placing the order. It just depends on the vendor from which BTR is obtaining the products from. Shipping has historically been a flat rate of $12, and as an avid online shopper, I can tell you that shipping from any online website for $12 is a pretty damn good deal, and there aren’t too many Canadian retailers that offer shipping like that. In the last year BTR has offered deals on shipping, from free over a minimum purchase to $5 for shipping…whether you purchase a napkin or a piece of furniture. Pretty good I think.

    The return policy has also improved over the last year. It used to be 15 days after receiving the delivery, but now that has been increased to 30 days. Some items are final sales, but the site makes it clear if an item can’t be returned. If you use their prepaid label to return something, it will cost you $10 - also a good deal to have that option available. Items you order can be shipped individually, so in the past that could’ve been a pain because if you needed to return the item, I’d spend $10 a pop to return, but again, that is improved now that the return policy has been extended to 30 days.

    Some items (particularly clothing, shoes and decor items) look really nice online, and then look cheap when you get it. This is not uncommon of many retailers. The point is to sell it and make the product attractive. Every ad in a newspaper, online or magazine is professionally lit, photographed and retouched to make the product look the best it can possibly look.

    Unless you’re willing to take the chance, I would not recommend ordering shoes and clothes online in general. Every brand has a different fit, and unless you’re familiar with the brand, there’s a good chance you’re not going to like what you ordered. Don’t buy an expensive appliance from an online retailer… any online retailer. It’s much better to buy big ticket items from a retail store, which would be easier to deal with if you have any warranty issues. BTR is a middleman retailer, so I wouldn’t rely on them beyond their usual return policy.

    I don’t believe the brands are knock-offs. Someone said they ordered a Make Love Not Trash bag, and the product dimensions were off. I also ordered a MLNT bag, and it seems pretty authentic to me. I didn’t measure mine, but the leather is real and of good quality, the seams were well stitched, and if it was a knock off, I’d say it’s a good one. Do some comparison shopping online when you see the items. For clothing, I try to find the manufacturer’s website and clothing size chart, rather than using a generic size chart that BTR provides, but it’s often not available, so you take the chance! For handbags, shoes and watches, they are fairly easy to track down using a Google search. People might think what BTR shows as a suggested retail price is inflated, but I don’t really pay too much attention to the “original” price. The few times I’ve had, I’ve not found it to be ridiculous, because I found the same number on another website through a Google search. What you should be paying attention to is the price BTR wants for it. Sometimes it is a really good deal, sometimes it’s ok, and sometimes it’s a reasonable sale price. The watch I just ordered for example, was $80. The Bay has a different color but the same model for $130. The Fossil USA website showed it for $105. A Google search showed other retailers that were anywhere from maybe $70 to $130, but shipping it from the states, paying customs and duty would certainly make it way more.

    The site will occasionally send its customers an opportunity to fill out a survey, and I typically do fill it out. I like to think that others did the same and that’s the reason for the improvement in the processing speed, the improved return policy, and better descriptions on clothing.

    The descriptions of the items are generally decent, but from my understanding, they come from the individual vendors, and not from BTR, so if the picture doesn’t match the description, contact BTR for clarification or don’t order it.

    One thing that does annoy me is the use of this very skinny blond model with enormous fake breasts. When I provide feedback on the surveys, I always ask that they use a more “average” model to provide a more accurate visual of clothing fit for a broader spectrum of their female consumers. We’ll see if that will ever change. This woman seems to model 75% of their clothes, so I’m thinking she must be best buddies with someone there!

    And for to dispute Elaine_Lee’s claim, I do not work for BTR, but I do a lot of online shopping! Read the fine print, do as much research as you can, and use some common sense. Happy shopping everyone!

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    Joyce says...

    BTR is just selling the garbage.

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    Val says...

    The person who first made the complaint is likely a complainer themselves. I have had nothing but success with BTR. Yes, you do take a chance on sizing, however the sizing charts are quite accurate. I love that they provide a shipping label to return an item. You cannot expect them to pay the shipping to return an item, this is usual practice for most companies you buy from online. Also, the credits come back quickly. Then when you purchase again, the credit is added automatically, awesome!

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    Cindy says...

    I have ordered numerous things from BTR as has my husband. I have been RELY pleased with everything I have received. So far, everything is exactly as described and shown. I usually find it diffult to buy clothes in the stores but I haven’t had to return one thing I’ve bought.

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    zaib says...

    Beyond the Rack is a scam. I live in Ontario and they charge tax on the shipping cost . Yes shipping cost!!! When i tried to return an item i received the wrong size, they gave me btr credit and not directly to my cc. They should be avoided because there’s no guarantee that the product will live up to what they claim.

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    Patricia smith says...

    I have purchased over 50 items from BTR and yes some have been made in china. As a matter of fact the items from China are excellent quality as are the items from U.S.A.,Turkey, Italy , Canada etc.

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    kathy says...

    This is the first time I have chirped in regarding an online shopping site. I’m compelled to do so because I’m totally mystified by the criticism of Beyond the Rack (and no, I have no affiliation with the company).

    Over the past several months I have placed many orders, fully aware of the shipping timelines as disclosed by BTR. They clearly indicate that the orders are not placed with the companies they deal with until the end of the promotion. Obviously, they can’t ship to the purchaser until they receive the goods. Not all sizes are available in every case and, depending on the number of items, they can sell out quickly. All of this contributes to why they are able to offer such deep discounts.

    I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with this company - not knock off goods as some claim. Any returns have been properly and efficiently credited and, last but not least, I’ve saved tons of money for great stuff. All of which leads me to wonder where, or by whom, is all this negative press generated. Sadly, satisfied customers generally don’t bother to take the time to bestow accolades. More sad is the number of people that set out to intentionally denigrate a business with, what I believe to be, more often than not, outright false representation.

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    Mary says...

    I have shopped at Beyond the rack:
    Service is slow. (Maybe due to the location - Toronto, ON)
    Tracking is a great feature to tell you where you order is in the process.
    Communication is great. They sent an email regard the product I order not being available, credit my account and called me.
    No compliants here

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    Seanie says...

    Beyond the Rack just flat out stole money from me. I had ordered an item online 8 weeks ago. It was supposed to be delivered within 6 weeks. After 8 weeks past and I had heard nothing I called them and they informed me that they wouldn’t be shipping it as it was out of stock. Bottom line is that they flat out stole hundreds of dollars from me for an 8 week period. I essentially gave them a zero interest loan for 8 weeks…Effin scammers! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

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    Twiggy says...

    Beyond the Rack, sells other companies garbage, which should have gone to the Salvation Army in the first place.

  48. 0

    poop says...

    Beyond the rack sucks

  49. 0

    KathyST says...

    I purchase from Beyond the Rack all the time and so do my friends and family. Their customer service is phenomenal, though you get more through email then you would by phone. None of us has ever had any issues with the quality of product and the products are the same quality as in the store - they are the same brands.

    One time my sister ordered and they expected the shipment to be a little late, so they gave her a $50 credit - and the product showed up on time. Another time one of the products was sold out, so they gave her a $75 credit. We have both received credits as a thank you for shopping. I even received a $25 credit when I hadn’t visited the site for 3 months. You can also get $10 credits if you refer a friend and they purchase an item.

    I did receive a blanket one time and the packaging was ripped by the time it got to me, I complained by email and received a response right away along with another credit. They also said they would ship out the same product and would ship the damaged one back at no charge to me.

    Other shipments I received were packaged very well and were filled with the paper to ensure nothing is damaged.

    Not sure why she has had such a bad experience. I have had nothing but awesome experiences from BTR and reccomend the site to everyone I know.

    The one and only downside is that it takes about a month after purchase to recieve your product, so if you buy something as a gift, be wary of the shipping times.

    If you are concerned about the quality of the item - the onous is on you to be a smart shopped and to buy reaserch your buys before you purchase.

  50. 0

    doderdodder says...

    I ordered two sweaters and they came very quickly but BOTH SWEATERS are not the brands I ordered.. they are cheap chinese made items.. the quality is fine.. for the price I paid.. $20 ea. (down from $90) apparently.. BUT when you think you are getting a certain brand and a different one comes in the mail.. SCREW THAT! buying 1$ chinese made shirts..


  51. 0

    Vanessa says...

    I’ve had nothing but great service from them, products have been exactly as described and I’ve spent a fair amount of money with them. Like anything, I’m sure there’ll be a few duds, but anything I’ve had a problem with, they’ve corrected.

  52. 0

    Mary Ann Rosenbloom says...

    I find the service to be quite good - they keep you posted on timing of delivery, etc. BUT - watch the pricing - what they claim is ‘regular’ price is often far from the truth. I ordered furniture covers which they claimed saved me $450.00 when in reality I saved only $30 over the price of the items from the US manufacturer’s web site. So, I likely would have paid more being in Can. and I did save vs. Sears’ pricing but truth in advertising is sadly lacking at BTR!

  53. 0

    Rak says...

    No problems here. Buy from them all the time.

  54. 0

    Jennifer says...

    I have ordered from them many times. Delivery can be slow for some items but they tell you what to expect. If anything changes they update you. If something becomes cancelled they credit your cc and notify you. The quality on all items including clothing was vg.
    No issues here in PE.

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