Not True Subway!

By Sandra

Just got a sub of the day and it cost me $4.00 with out tax where as your web site states if is $2.99 sooooo not true

there is my receipt details
Store#41164 tko01/20/12 13:11:58
60 Cottrelle Blvd Unit 22
Trans#47 Clark22 sothi
Dwri TRDT 012012 Reg-ID REG-MAIN

If you guys wante to charge extra please remove the web price
and I made sure it was for canada
as you staff said that the ad is for US again not true

Your food is good but do not false advertise

thanks & have a great day

6 Responses to “Not True Subway!”

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    Slayer says...

    Would you be able to post where you saw the ad?

    I’m not able to locate it.

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    Courteney says...

    $2.99 is ONLY in the US.. Canada it is $3.49 plus tax.

    All the best.

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    Eric says...

    I’ve questioned things like this with Subway’s twitter people and was told that since the stores are individually owned, “prices may vary” Total BS, I know.

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    Aggie says...

    All Subway stores vary in prices and promotions.

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    Anon says...

    Subway stores can make their own prices. You won’t see $5 footlongs in a tourist area because they can get away with charging more (eg. Niagara Falls). Where did you find this $2.99 ad anyway? I work at a Subway in Ontario and we do not have that promotion and have never heard of it :/

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    Tristin says...

    reading all that made my stomach growl for some reason.

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