Bad Service at London Drugs Surrey

By Sue

London Drugs is the place I like to go use my coupons for the double stacking and normally very friendly. I went up to customer service as usual to use my coupons. I was getting glade products and had a question on which glad items were on sale. She explained and I needed to get a different glade product so I was walking back to get it and she said to her co-worker oh a ” Coupon Lady” is here very loud. I was in shock and didn’t like her comment. I went back with the item, my coupon was buy 2 get 2 free. She said we can’t give you two for free with internet coupons anymore we can only give you 3 dollars off of one.

She explained how someone had gone into London Drugs with fake coupons so they are checking every coupon to detail. Which I don’t blame them. Someone made up a coupon for a free IPOD and other items. For every coupon I had she had to call the manager over to read it word for word. I wanted my two free glade products but they wouldn’t do it, so I left the store.

I was not happy with her comment and how I was treated as if I had fake coupons.

Then the few days prior I had gone there and went to customer service as always to price match and the person in front of me was doing the same thing so I stood to the other side of customer service and she said. You can’t stand there people buying cigarettes line up there so stand behind this lady, so I am standing there and she was becoming very frustrated with the women in front of me then she sent me to the make-up counter so it would be faster and get me out of the line up at customer service. I just find the staff to be very rude to people using coupons.

I would like to say thank you to the older gentlemen who works at customer service and treat all of us coupon people with respect and he said to me one day “Your a customer just like every one else” so don’t get upset if it takes longer with your coupons, we like having you in our store.


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    A says...

    How exactly was the CS rep rude to you? I don’t see how “Oh a coupon lady is here” is offensive…

    I also can completely understand their policy about the printable coupons. Unfortunately, a few bad apples ruin it for anyone by photocopying coupons or creating fake one’s. LD still allows stacking, and you’re able to get stuff there super cheap or free. I really don’t see how you received bad service. When you’re using stacks of coupons, you should expect to wait in line at customer service and for it to take awhile.

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    monika says...

    Oh that’s rude. I have never had problems yet but i already noticed i can do more at one location and less in another. Would you mind sharing the location of the one you went to?

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    Sandie says...

    I went to the London Drugs on Scott Road and 72nd, and had a $10.00 of Enfamil coupon that looked like a cheque, when I went to customer service to make my purchase the girl there told me that I had to take my coupon to the bank to have it redeemed. I explained to her that although it looked like a cheque it was in fact a coupon. She had to call her manager and ever the manager on duty was not familiar with how to process this coupon that I had. Although they were friendly and apologized for the delay, I think that stores and their staff are not always properly informed on how to process all forms of coupons.

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    Ron Simmons says...

    To Coupon Lady

    I see nothing wrong what London Drugs did, they are just using precautions. You have to remember that it might be their job on the line if in the past they had accepted fake coupons.


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    Casey says...

    I use Enfamil and Similac cheques often (I have twins), they are in fact CHEQUES, not coupons. I find at all retailers their is confusion, but if the store processes it as a coupon, they do not receive the money, it has to be processed as a cheque (I got their first hand from Similac). I shop at Scott Road and Guildford LD stores frequently, it’s probably my #1 drug/grocery store for baby needs and I love both, I get the best customer service of any other retailer by far. Sorry you had a bad experience Sue, from my experience it is not the norm.

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    Sue says...

    Hi Monike

    It was the londond Drugs at 10th and K.G. I went and spoke with the Manager of the store a few days ago as I still find it upsetting. He said she should NOT speak to a person using coupons like that and we are just as important as a customer without coupons. He wanted me to point her out but she was not working at the time. I will go back and if she is working I will point her out. She just made me fell like a loser for using coupons and so did the girl at the makeup counter. Yet I have gone there and the other staff is GREAT. OH and the manager of the store said NO ONE has come into the store with a fake coupon for an IPod as I was told by the cashier. The manager said it’s like she was saying you were doing something wrong !!!!!
    I would go else where but I don’t have a car and this one is so close to home. Please let me know your experience if you go there, evenings are the best time to go :)

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