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I am so disappointed in sears warranty and customers service. I could not imagine that can happen in a country like CANADA!!!

My story is very simple and straight. I bought a high end Mattress (Sealy Posturepedic ) just thinking that sleep is the most important thing in our lives to get yourself ready for the next day and I paid through my mouth and nose to buy that Mattress and salesman (Liar A BIG Liar) told me that this mattress has 10 or 20 years warranty if it sags or bulge or anything goes wrong with the mattress. After buying that mattress— in 4 months it has started bulging and sagging from the sides. I GOT BACKACHE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE…I called sears customers service (MOST ILL MANNERED SERIVCE REPS…THEY JUST DONT ABUSE YOU OTHERWISE SAY EVERYTHING JUST TO FORCE YOU TO END UP THE CALL)…anyways according to their report mattress doesn’t have 2 inch depression so they can’t do anything——–CAN YOU BEAT THAT…I M HAVING BACK PAIN BECOZ OF THE MATTRSS and any blind person can tell you that mattress is sagging and bulging and has dents on both sides of the mattress…i mean that’s a limit…then they simply refuse to change or repair the mattress NO MATTER HOW BAD BACKACHE I HAVE!!! my wife has stopped sleeping on that bed and sleep on 2 inch mattress on floor bcoz of the pain…that’s sooo outrageous…I belong to India (A third world developing country) but sorry to say EVEN THAT DOESNT HAPPEN THERE…THERE IS NO HONESTY IN SEARS PEOPLE THEY ARE SIMPLY ROBBER AND LIARS …NEVER PURSHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM…

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    dawn says...

    I would say go to your local sears store tell them the problem . Talking to them on the phone never works .At the end of Nov we bought a pair of lugz shoes for are son 100.00 they stated to fall apart last month I call are store in town they called sears for us and we are to order new shoes same price or more and they do not have to be the same ones as we had . So for us no problems and I would say that we have never had a problem but we always go back to the store in town .Give that a try see if you have better luck they may help you .

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    Tink30 says...

    I am so sorry to hear this as we have had the exact same problem. Our matress was $2000 2 years ago and is sinking in and has a big hump in the middle. It was bought from Sleep country but is also a Sealy. My husband and I actually have to sleep in separate beds because his back pain is so bad from it. I tolerate it but take hours to fall asleep. I am no also getting back pain and I am a young, healthy adult that should not be experiencing this. Our warranty won’t cover it either… No matter what we have argued.

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    danielzmom says...

    i had a poblem with a sealy mattress 4 years ago..i bought it from leons..leons contacted sealy and sealy send us a brand new mattress same value eventhough we used the old mattress for a year..i dunno maybe you should contact sealy..

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    Xerex says...

    probably u are just too heavy!!!

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    Bill says...

    After doing research on this important purchase my wife and I have discovered that all manufacturers have the same inherent problem. In other words: No one came out a winner on the tests and they all sag. Same thing happened here with sleep country. They would not replace. It has to look like the Grand Canyon before they’ll do anything. This happened to an 80 year old woman and it was like, oh well, call us when it gets deeper. The industry has created this number industry wide so they don’t have to worry about warranty replacement. Nothing but profits. That is what is important. After all, they already have your money, so you do not matter. It’s a wonderful world if you are a corporation who doesn’t care about it’s customers. We never forget shoddy treatment, ever!

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    Kelly says...

    Ours too is a Sealy. Same thing happened to us. We bought it from Sears, paid a ridiculous amount of money for it and within 4 months it was garbage. There is a big lump in the middle. Both of us now wake up with sore backs. They told us to rotate it from end to end each month. We did. It did not help at all. Just made our backs worse trying to rotate the stupid thing. I will never buy a large item from Sears again. We also bought a sectional sofa with a chaise lounge on the end. Don’t even get me started on that!
    Oh and by the way we are not over weight.

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    Roche Runo says...

    I am so sorry to hear of your troubles.

    First read over your warrentee carefully. Perhaps there is something in there that the rep wasnt aware of. Try writing the president with signature required.

    If that doesnt work do the same with the president of sealy
    Chances are you will have better luck than you will with sears.

    Sears wont touch it because they wont get their money back from Sealy.

    You might also report the bed to the your local health and saftey commission. If the deem the bed as dangerous then Sears would have to replace it with a bed of equal or lesser cost.

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