Great Service at London Drugs

By Michelle Wagner

Hi everyone! This is my first review! I am still fairly new to the site. I was at London Drugs atTilicum Mall in Victoria BC today and was engaged in conversation with the CS. rep at Customer service regarding Coupons. She encouraged me to use more then one coupon when I inquired about the one per purchase. She also told me that I should coupon stack and that they allow it because they get reimbursed anyway! I quickly went back and got more. (Kotex - $3 WUB2) … I got 4 packs that were on sale, used 2 coupons plus got 4 free sample boxes because there was a deal when you buy a kotex product you get a sample pack free. She had no problem giving me 4 to go with my 4 boxes. It as a delightful experience!

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    robert says...

    i can’t comment on the purchase be that as it may it’s nice to see commpliments about good service/people at stores. we all share our bad experiences, share the good ones too

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    Michelle says...

    Compliments are not given out as easily, I was nervous (I don’t know why lol) asking about coupons and she made it a great experience. :)

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    Rima C. says...

    I’ve heard several similar stories about London Drugs. It’s great to know that true customer service still exists! Rima-Edmonton

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    Rima C. says...

    London Drugs at West Edmonton Mall, has several amazing customer service specialists who are also very welcoming and encourage ‘coupon stacking’ and will not only ‘price match’ but honor ‘last sale price’ on some items, if you ask( eg. item was just on sale, and you missed it). Remember, the key is your attitude. Be polite and respectful and they will too. -Rima-Edmonton

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    Jimmy L says...

    I am glad that you received good service in London Drugs at your area, but the one near my place.


    CUSTOMER SERVICE: LONDON DRUGS recently had a very bad experience with the Pharmacy Dept of London Drugs on Kingsway and Wessex, Vancouver BC store. I have to wait almost 12 minutes just to drop my prescription and waiting in line for almost 20 minutes to pay the bill. Service in this London Drugs is getting worst everyday, I have been dealing with this store for over 10 years, they don’t seems to care about their customers, particularly the seniors and handicap. For a Drug Store with a slogan PHARMACY IS THE HEART OF OUR BUSINESS. What a joke!! I am going to try other pharmacy store next time after 10 years dealing with London Drugs. I deeply believe that LONDON DRUGS PHARMACY DEPT not provides the proper service to the public in this department and MANAGEMENT OF THAT DEPT. abused their sick customers. I have post my view in the CBC-. MARKET PLACE to let everyone in Vancouver know how they treat their vulnerable customers .

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