Poor Quality Snow Blower and Service from Sears

By Alan Mackenzie

I bought a 2009 1550 30″ Sears snow blower in Oct 2009.

This machine had a 3 month return or exchange policy if not satified.

Due to lack of snow the machine was not used after the first 3months of purchose so the exchange ,return policy was void.

When snow arrived and the machine was used for the first time it was discovered that when assembled at the techs left a pulley bolt which had dropped down into the machine and istead of retreiving it replaced it with another.

The unretrieved bolt at some time during delivery jammed itself between the pully and belt mechanism which drives the auger.

This resulted in due to lack of slack in the belt the auger never disengaged and turned at all times.

Sears service department was notified and basicly an appology was given and stated a service person would be out to rectify the problem.

Other problems such as seased cables etc occured.

The main issue here is the length of time it takes to order parts and have the service man show up and repair the machine, 3-4 weeks on average.

With a pile of snow and a machine not working properly I am not a happy camper.

This will be my last service product.

PS While phoning the Sears service dept. to complain about the service the person I talked to tryed to sell me a snow blower cover and a sears master card !!!!!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “Poor Quality Snow Blower and Service from Sears”

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    robert says...

    i don’t buy that much from sears but my father bought alot of things there (snowblower,riding lawn mower etc.) and he didn’t have alot of issues with it. i guess the service person trying to upsell you doesn’t surprise me as i believe they are on commission… bad timing tho

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    Roche Runo says...

    While there is a commission it is only 2%. The real reason you were upsold is because it mandatory to do that will all customers. Almost all retail call centers require this of their staff. If they dont do it they could lose their job, be denied a raise, etc.

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