Rude Cashiers at London Drugs in Richmond BC

by SmartShopper

London Drugs in Richmond BC, Granville and # 3 Road.

Today I went to buy vitamins because they were on sale. ¬†I saw a “special” posted on the shelf which said buy 3 bottles and you will earn a $10 LD gift card. ¬†Good job, LD is doing their best to draw in customers. ¬†Little does their headquarters know their cashiers are driving their customers away on the other end. ¬†How? ¬†When I went to pay, I asked if I may immediately use the gift card towards more merchandise I wanted to buy today. ¬†”No” said the teenager, without further explaining why. ¬†I asked again, “No”. ¬†That’s all. ¬†What a stupid answer. ¬†Then it turned out the 3 bottles I selected were the wrong combination and the total was more than I expected. ¬†So I said: “I will go back to the pharmacy dept and select the right combo.” ¬†The teenager rung up the customer behind me and put a “Stop” sign for her checkout line. ¬†I thought maybe she was rude and unhelpful because she was in a hurry to clock out.

After I corrected my vitamin selection, I made sure I went to a different cashier. ¬†This time an older woman. ¬†Same answer “no, you cannot use the card now”. ¬†”Why? I have other purchases today. ¬†When is the earliest I can use the $10 gift card?” ¬†”The card will be activated tomorrow. ¬†But you have up to a year to use it.” ¬†”Oh, now I see”. ¬†Her explanation tone was not very friendly either but at least I squeezed that extra little bit of info out of her.

I am an educated & confident person and stood up for myself by asking questions.  Can you imagine someone with weaker command of English, or older seniors who are easily confused or embarrased?

LD cashiers must learn that their jobs (ie paycheck & livelihood) hinges on helpful customer service.  Customers are not always right but *you* are here to help them.  When customers stop coming to LD, your store will close and you will be laidoff!

I will tell all my friends and families about the poor customer service and bad attitudes of these cashiers.  I hope their customer service karmas catch up with them.  I hope they & their families receive bad service themselves so they know what it feels to be on the receiving end.  When LD starts using self-service checkouts in LD, you will learn your lessons.  Too late!!

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    Kaldirris says...

    What a horrid experience for you … I’m so thankful that all the LD cashiers I’ve dealt with have been wonderful. I have, however, noticed that the ones @ the customer service desk seem friendlier. IE, they smile at you when you walk in, etc. I hope you write a letter to HO, or at least mention the issues you had to the store manager.

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    francine says...

    Of course you can’t use the gift card to make the purchase. if they wanted to make it $10 off, they’d lower the price $10. DUH. The deal is get a gift card for a future purchase, as anyone with half a brain would know. I feel so sorry for the cashiers that have to deal with people like that.

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    John says...

    I agree totally with Francine.

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    Graeme says...

    I agree that it would be expected that you would have to use the GC on a future purchase, I don’t agree that you would have to have “half a brain” to ask the question. In my eyes, a cashier should answer any question asked by a customer, regardless of what it is … that’s what’s called customer service.

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    francine says...

    It sounds like something you’d see on an episode of the Trailer Park Boys. Don’t have the $10 to make the purchase so argue with the staff that the gc offer should reduce the price of the purchase. I don’t know how people can do things like that without dieing of embarrassment

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    Donna says...

    Francine–you need to learn to read–something the Trailer Park Boys likely can’t do either. She did not ask to use the card to purchase the original 3 bottles of vitamins–she wanted to use it to purchase other items she was buying that day. Is to too much to ask that the cashier add–”you can use the card any time after today–it will be activated tomorrow.” or was she too busy chewing gum to finish a sentence????
    Too many cashiers think life owes them something and they take it out on the customer!!

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    francine says...

    Too many customers think the stores owe them something and they take it out of the staff! wonder how many of the people who complain on here day after day, some with THOUSANDS of posts, even have a job??? or ever had one? maybe they should try being a cashier, and have to deal with customers like “SmartShopper” having a fit over $10.

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    Boo Radley says...

    Francine, please don’t be rude.

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    Emily says...

    While I disagree with what Francine is saying, I can definitely feel for the poor cashier. Working as a cashier at many locations myself, I know how stressful the job can be - more stressful than ANY other job I’ve ever had. Honestly, forty customers before you were probably screaming at the cashier about the exact same thing. I know you shouldn’t take things out on other people, but we are all guilty of it. It’s hard to stay in a good mood when you have people jerking you around the whole day, labeling you as an incompetent teenager, and giving you literally no respect at all. And if she was about to go on break, she had probably been at that cash for a LONG time. And yes, she could have given you more information, but maybe she didn’t know that the card would be activated the next day, but was just told the customers couldn’t use it today. I worked at SDM and we were never told how deals worked, I often went into shifts not even knowing it was a special “deal” day. All I’m saying is, Please have patience for the cashiers, they have to deal with a lot everyday.

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    PPK says...

    All LD staff are under lots of stress as last days of back-to-school plus multiple flyers/sales going on. Needless to say, stores are as usual under-staff because of the bad economy; and the traffics for the store these 2 weeks are more than usual. No one anticipated stores are crazily busy.

    Of course, frontline staff should have more patients dealing with stuff like that.

    I am not surprise to hear things like this happen as more and more young kids are taking on part-time retail jobs like this. They are mostly under-paid and carry the “don’t care” attitude…. it’s not something anyone can do about it.

    We can train for skills, but we cannot train for attitudes - my motto when I hire new staff.

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    LDWebguy says...

    Hi Boo Radley,

    I’m sorry to hear of your unfortunate experience with one of our cashiers and I will definitely be passing this along to our Customer Service Department. I normally post on in the coupons section and I’m new to posting for a complaint. Is there a way that our Customer Service Department can contact you so that we can help with this issue?


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    Donna says...

    Quite frankly Francine–the stores DO owe us something–if they want us to keep spending our hard-earned money (earned at a job where we cannot be rude to clients either–and that would be someone who has the patience to listen to customers and give polite replies when asked a questions. Not do cartwheels, not give anything free, heaven forbid go beyond what is expected–but just be polite and provide information when asked. If they don’t know, then for heaven’s sake call someone and find out–then you will know when the next person asks the question–DUH!! You are wrong and you are generalizing when you say “too many customers think the stores owe them something”. What the stores do owe them is to have the products they advertise, have staff who are knowledgeable about the products, and staff who are polite when I come in to spend the dollars that I can just as easily spend at your competitors store. If that is too much to expect, you will be joining those who you wonder if they have a job!!

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    francie says...

    The cusotmer got what they were enttitled to. The cusotemr caued the problem by trying to get a gift card offer by buying the wrong product, then sburdly expected to be able to spend the gift card given for making the purchase to pay for the same purchase. The cahsier was asked if tha can happen, and the cusotemr was told no. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT???

    This is anotehr one where he store was fine, the cusotmer 100% wrong. Nothignt o compalin about…though wouldnt be surprised its the cusotme here is the subject of sories told be the cahsiers for years to come “once i had a wahcko…”

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    Donna says...

    When I went to pay, I asked if I may immediately use the gift card towards MORE MERCHANDISE wanted to buy today. Learn to READ! This customer is NOT asking to use the card to pay for the original product–she wanted to use it for other items she was buying that same day. And even if it was for the same product–you are missing the point–it was the ATTITUDE–that was the problem not the policy!! And yes, it would be just like cashiers–clones of you–to twist the story and make it the customer fault!! No one is blaming the store for the policy–read the story–the problem is the way in which the question was answered–and I am so glad that you are perfect in every way–and would not pick up a wrong product from the shelf. They are always so neat and orderly–on one could mix up the bottles!!

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    Kate says...

    As an employee of a LD I feel obligated to correct somethings being said here. I work in a smaller town store but even here our cashiers do not have knowledge about every single deal going on at any given time. The first thing that cashier did wrong was not ask someone who would know.
    Also the way the gift card with purchase works is: you have the eligible products rung through, then the cashier scans the in-store coupon which takes off $10 (or whatever amount), the cashier then has to load the $10 onto a gift card. Once that transaction is complete the card is active…NOT not until the next day.

    If you’re buying a bunch of stuff at once it does seem a tad difficult of you to purchase the vitamins to get the gift card, just to turn around and use it on your stuff that you didn’t get rung through just because you wanted to use the gift card towards it.

    You should be freaking happy to get a $10 gift card to start with!

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    LDWebguy says...

    Hi there,

    One last try. I’m an employee from the London Drugs head office. I’ve offered assistance to deal with the issue but have not got a response. is a great website but I find it a bit ridiculous that a user can chime in and complain about an issue but there is no way for a company to contact the user and rectify the complaint. London Drugs does care about your shopping experience and would like to help.

    I’m offering to help once again. I’m unaware of how to contact the poster of this complaint. Please contact our Customer Service Department directly if you so choose and we will ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Phone: 1-888-991-2299 Email:

    Otherwise, this forum is one sided and merely represents venting from a situation that does not accurately represent our usual customer care practises.



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    francine says...

    “Otherwise, this forum is one sided and merely represents venting from a situation that does not accurately represent our usual customer care practises.”

    You got it Pontiac!

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    PPK says...

    I agree that compare to many stores, LD is one of few has great customer service. They do look after you afterwards if you have problems. The people at the head office do take things seriously when there are issues that cannot be resolved at the store level.

    Since someone offer a solution to resolve the problem on hand, then I would suggest you use this channel to do whatever it takes to file the complaints to the right person.

    Very few places would go all out in forum like this to address issues…. :-)

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    francine says...

    The OP has probably read the comments, reflected on her own behaviour, and now doesn’t want to pursue or respond further being its obvious she was the problem

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    Rosemarie says...

    I think it’s awesome that someone from LD has come onto this thread to try to deal with the complaint. I also think that Francine is hilarious. Someone definitely needs to take a chill pill.

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    Matt says...

    I think that a LD head-officer coming on to rectify the problem is a great showing that LD does care.

    On the story/comments, it was a minor problem. Maybe the cashier was a little rude, but it doesn’t seem to be anything absurd. Also, the notion that the cashier had no product knowledge is a little much. Cashiers can’t know everything. For example, I was once asked where our store brand dish soap was made, and from whom it was manufactured. I didn’t know the answer, and contacted the grocery manager who didn’t know, and the woman started screaming at me saying that we “should know our store”, and that she’ll “go to a store that knows something”.

    I apologize for the rant, but I think that this story is nothing to tell people not to shop at LD about.

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    FunkyMunky says...

    I’m sorry but what exactly is the problem here? This complaint seems to be a total waste of SM’s space.

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    francine says...

    agreed funkymonkey.

    this one and many of the other “complaints” show a customer being a problem, not the store. It makes the review section look ridiculous

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    FunkyMunky says...

    yeah, I absolutely hate this sense of entitlement that certain people have

    I rarely ran into issues in ANY stores - only once I flared up when I was getting the free shampoo, and the cashier was being very attitude-y, truth to be told I was also at fault :)

    and I agree that the review section is turning into a joke :(

    Boo, can you please censor what gets posted?

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    Jeff K says...

    How incredulous of you. I don’t see what the problem is. You asked the question 3 times, twice to the same cashier who has given you a reasonable answer. If the answer is No, then it’s a NO. Perhaps you wanted to hear, “I’m so sorry but it’s a no, have a delightful day honorable customer whom I must bow down to.” You didn’t explain how you realize you got the wrong combo. Was it the “rude” and “unhelpful” cashier who told you? Then another cashier answered all your questions, and it’s the tone? Perhaps it was the answer that you didn’t like instead of the tone. Finally as far as I can tell, it was a simple exchange of words. People with weaker command of English will surely understand what No means. Older people are NOT always easily embarrassed as you pointed out either. You claim to be educated and confident. I see you as pushy and arrogant.

    I don’t work for LD but they’re not here to defend themselves, so here I am. Pro bono.

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    Christina says...

    I think it’s interesting that some people posting are being (IMO) rude to the OP, who happens to be the owner of this site.

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    francine says...

    Learn to read christina, the op is not the owner of the site. “SmartShopper” is the author, who sent it to the site, with “Boo Radley” posting it, just like the others. DUH. We just can’t figure out why he’d want to post these absurd “complaints” here.

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    Christina says...

    Wow Francine, you’re really a piece of work aren’t you?

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    FunkyMunky says...

    Christina please take a chill pill
    Francine is absolutely correct.

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    hya_been says...

    The cashier was completely justified to say you could not use the gift card until the next day. I know that certain stores get penalized if they issue a gift card and it is redeemed all in the same day.

    My issue would be with why your gift card only lasts a year. I don’t know much about the gift card expiry law, but maybe it has something to do with the fact they’re giving you the gift card.

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    hya_been says...

    Read the post by LDWebguy, perhaps he will be able to shed light on whether gift cards are allowed to be used on the same day as purchase.

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    sigh says...

    In corner one, we have people who believe we should all communicate to each with more words, rather than fewer, as more words typically will clear up questions that haven’t been asked yet. Perhaps a sign next to the vitamins, or cashiers who are more verbose, would’ve dealt with the problem. Not doing so would be considered rude or bad service.
    In corner two, are people who think stores are offering a service and that customers shouldn’t complain about would-be deals, even though this site is about deals.

    This, is what I think this thread is about, not LD.

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    unda parahta says...

    One day i was walking to Poss store and i found a tissue on teh floor so i complaint o the management about garbage so i sued the store for 5 GRAND
    i very rich now :D

    and why u guys talking about such a stupid story ?!

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    francineisaretard says...

    francine was dropped on her head as a kid in London Drugs. theres my review of her.

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    Dave says...

    I get the distinct impression that Francine works for Canadian Tire. She’s surly, self-righteous, hates customers like poison, and espouses the view that the customer is always wrong. Yes, she’s Canadian Tire material all right!

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    Sandra says...

    Cheap bitch! If you don’t like LD then why continue shopping there. I love going to LD.

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    Cashier Caro says...

    I was a cashier at LD. They usually don’t inform cashiers on all the deals going on and sometimes have spotty training. There were plenty of mistakes I made that I didn’t realize were mistakes. It depends on the store. The service specialists at my store were really nice and usually tried to give a heads up to cashiers. But sometimes it’s so ridiculously busy no one has time to blink or breathe. And understaffing is a problem.

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    james says...

    For being such a well educated person, you can’t seem to read the promotions that are going on.

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    CustSrv says...

    Write HO? or contact store manager? How about searching out the CEO of the company! Store managers vary with their concerns. Some care while others don’t.
    Ever shop Value Village in Kamloops?? Customer service there is rewarded by write ups. The less you do….. the further ahead you will get within that company it seems.

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    Lynne says...

    All I think of when reading about people complaining about service is how they just plan to write head office and get free credit or products. Now wonder why prices are going up all over, we have to pay for all these people to get their free stuff and feel better about themselves.

    Why don’t people who loves to get such good deals try being a cashier and see how they like annoying people who try to get their stuff for free!!

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    Diddy says...

    Although I don’t agree with being rude to customers when they are not rude to you, I totally understand where francine is coming from, I have never heard of a company offering a GC useable same day. I worked at LD for over 8 years and should point out the company treats you like shit particularly if you are a cashier, lower levels of management are usually quite nice and the others i worked with were great but store managers and the company suits are a bunch of pricks. Ive been told I cant drink water at the till, Ive been told I had to use the washroom only on my breaks, your not allowed to “lean” on the till because it looks “unprofessional” nevermind the fact that your back, feet and knees are ruined from doing this 40hrs a week, so anyways keep this in mind the next time a cashier is a little rude, they are treated as sub-human by the company and the asshole customers and trust me theres lots of them…

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    Diddy says...

    I should point out that the serious problem with LD is they jump to help a customer in a second but treat they’re employees like shit cutting they’re hours one week from 32 to 8 not to mention numerous other workers rights violations LOL how do you expect a cashier to act when they are treated like shit all day by theyre company and the customer? Also it is the consumers fault for only shopping for the best price not the best treatment this is apparent when you look at how many people shop at wal-mart future shop etc. Ld was originally all about the great customer service and helpful employees but consumers made there choice price over service…

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    Steve says...

    I wonder if she had a tip jar at her till. LOL

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    CC says...

    I am a cashier. And from what I have been told, a very excellent one. Most times it is the asshole customer that bitches about the rules. Personally if you are going to complain about your service then go somewhere else. Being a cashier is a thankless job and we have to listen to rude pricks bitch about everything that has nothing to do with ringing in your purchases. READ the SIGNS completely. If you had read the signs they NORMALLY state which products are the ones that get the gift card. READ READ READ or do you feel your cashier should explain hooked on phonics to you as well.
    You get what you give. You want to be an ass to your cashier, then that is the service you will get.
    But then I have seen a lot of BAD customers who seem to think that a cashier is beneath them. Those type can stay away from my lane please.
    Like the person that gets pissed when you tell them sorry sir/mam we don’t except Visa here only Mastercard. THEY WALKED RIGHT THROUGH THE SIGN AT THE FRONT DOOR THAT SAYS VISA IS NOT ACCEPTED HERE.

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    Tim says...

    “But then I have seen a lot of BAD customers who seem to think that a cashier is beneath them.”

    That describes most of the SAHMs here whos entire life is spending their days between watching their soaps and shopping while they wait for hubby to get home(With a pay cheque…). Put them at the checkout and they thing they are all that, able to bully the cashier to get anything they want before rushing home to brag here about what they managed to scam with their coupons

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    Richmond, B.C. says...

    Anyway, I have also encountered a lot of really, nice, polite, hard workers, and I know they probably don’t get paid a lot working in a store, and they have to deal with a lot of customers for 8 hours a day, and feel unappreciated. But yesterday, I gave a SDM cashier a gift, which I paid $57.50 for last week. I purchased something on sale, that I couldn’t use afterall and couldn’t go for a refund, since it was on sale, and so, I just went and gave it to her, because she was deserving, as an Ace Front Line Worker. I had told her before, just how great her attitude was, so now I showed I meant it.

    She said it was store policy that employees could not accept gifts from customers, but it was my fault I gave that to her, blame that on me. And if the Store Manager doesn’t let her keep that gift, then I hope they show her their appreciation to her in their own way.

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    Babalue Sanchez says...

    Hi Richmond BC, you are a stalker and will probably get hit with a restraining order shortly.

    Creepy guys like you are the reason cashiers need to be walked to their cars at night by the security team.


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    Richmond, B.C. says...

    Dear Babalue Sanchez,

    “Richmond, B.C.” is not a man. “Richmond, B.C.” is a housewife. I think your comment was uncalled for. Why can’t a person be nice to someone for a change instead of always looking for the worst in people?

  49. 0

    Babalue Sanchez says...

    Dear Richmond, BC,

    I find it very distressing you said you’re a housewife rather than saying you are a woman. It’s this type of attitude that keeps us women in the kitchen rather than out there on the front lines of battle.

    Be proud of being a woman and don’t let the men in this world control you!

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    Richmond, B.C. says...

    There is nothing wrong with being a “Housewife” or a “Front Lines of Battle” cashier or any other private or public service worker. A housewife is not someone imprisoned in a kitchen, they could be at home by choice. A housewife can look after children, be educated, be a Block Watch Captain for their neighbourhood, and still find time to Blog on SC in a normal way, without offending anyone.

    This is just a public forum for coupons info. Nothing more. This website is not about “women’s rights” and “men’s domination” in society. There are both men and women on this SC site, just trying to save money using coupons. Everyone has a family, and everyone deserves respect here.

    SC is one of the best consumer sites I have seen, and it’s the people who contribute positive things that make it so. Yes, certainly, members and non-members can make criticsms, but making offending remarks on SC, is not the place to be a “Hater”. This is just a coupon site.

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    Richmond, B.C. says...

    A message to Trollers and Haters, DO NOT TROLL HERE. This is a coupon website for families and parents.

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    Babalue Sanchez says...

    “be a Block Watch Captain for their neighbourhood”

    I haven’t stopped laughing since reading that.

    keep on rocking Richmond BC.


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    Bryan says...

    They probaly don’t even compare to the rude bitches at the Shopper’s Drug Mart at the 404 Mall here in Newmarket Ontario. You are almost certainly a shop lifter, or are passing counterfeit money, or fraudulently using a stolen card. Don’t know why I still go there after 20 twenty years and thousands of dollars. Soon, maybe no more…

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    Gonzo814 says...

    Unfortunately I think the bad experience that this shopper had is directly related to how poorly the cashiers and other LD employees are treated themselves by their employer. This company expects a full commitment and an unwavering loyalty from it’s workers. However it does not return these sediments! Store staff have undergone years of marginalization and hour reduction all in the name of making a billionaire richer. It’s a shame that this company still boasts so proudly that it is a family company!!!

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    Chris says...

    With London Drugs, you’ll walk in happy, and leave upset. At least that was my experience on more than one occasion. At the West Vancouver location, for example, a cashier’s dialogue with me became so rude that I had to call the customer service representative to the till and complain, eventually paying for my things at the customer service desk. In another incident, I was hassled by a cashier to provide 3 pieces of ID because she “didn’t think my signature resembled close enough” to the signature on my credit card. Gimme a break - Nobody I’ve ever known signs a PERFECTLY IDENTICAL signature each and every time!! I signed again another slip, but threatened to call the manager if she hassled me any further. Sure, there are bad people out there, but London Drugs treats its customers like they’re all criminals, and that’s unfair. In yet another incident, the cashier left all my things on the signing area and didn’t even offer me a bag. I had to reach over, take my things, and put them into a bag myself. I finally decided that enough was enough. I no longer shop there, not at London Drugs nor IGA (both the same company). I am pleased to have found alternatives to these places, thank goodness!

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    JanGee says...

    Donna- You do owe the stores something. Making it alot easier and convenient for you to buy your daily necessities.

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    Pebbles83 says...


    And I was left with: DO I WANT TO WORK FOR U? Cuz most times u ask yourself : do they want me to work for them…. In this case? I didnt want to work for them…. And it really blinded me in my views of London Drugs for many years….



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    Pebbles83 says...

    To: GONZO814

    Yes u are right: we are not treated as well as we once were, many things have change, along with it:

    Constant new management, lack of respect, rudeness towards u when u point out something that’s not quite right and could be improved most times this minor issue then gets swiped to the sidelines and they become near hostile towards u and they say many things that are hurtful and then the next day or even minutes later they act as if nothing had happened:

    You point out that among your team of staff there are certain individuals due to a limitation they cannot perform certain tasks… So management when scheduling these people should take that into consideration right? And if u yourself notice that it’s not being dealt with? If u voice it saying :

    If u schedule so and so could u schedule one more person as it means whenever u work with that person who has these limitations u yourself or whoever is scheduled to work with them ends up carrying the extra load: this isn’t really a problem except:

    We once had 4-5 ppl daily working our particular shift now it’s down to 2 ppl and so what 4-5 ppl once DID NOW ONLY 2 ppl have to do the workload

  59. 0

    Pebbles83 says...

    Continued: and if u reach a point where 20% workload becomes already 50% when scheduled with zero limitation coworkers? How would u feel if u now had to do 60% and DUE TO ECONOMY THERE’S BEEN NO INCREASE IN BENIFITS BUT THERE’S BEEN A DOUBLE IN WORKLOAD INSCREASE AND ON TOP OF THAT U GET MISTREATED BY YOUR MANAGEMENT….

    I used to tell ppl who ask me if london drugs is a great place to work.. Yes! …. But NOW I TELL THEM: not anymore

  60. 0

    BAMBAM83 says...

    Has anyone ever asked for a manager to settle something and was told they are not available at the moment ONLY to go ask someone else and be told no problem he’s somewhere around on the floor and that they’d be happy to locate the manager for u?

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    Dina Alvelo says...

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    a.b.rose says...

    PS: There is no London Drugs at #3 Road & Granville in Richmond. It’s at #3 and Westminster Highway. You would think that someone who caused this much of an uproar would at least get their facts straight!!!

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    Britt. says...

    I Shop at London Drugs often at serval different locations and usually leave happy. Today I went into the London Drugs at the West Vancouver- Park Royal Location on my way to work, and must say I have never been treated so poorly by a cashier she was very rude and didnt even accknowledge me outside of taking my payment, while she was taking my money I then asked if i could please get $5.00 in change as i needed to catch the bus and the employee rudly told me to find a bank. I Dont think i will reccomend that store or be shopping there again anytime in the near future.

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    LDLProud says...

    I am an employee of London Drugs. I go out of my way everyday to make sure every guest I come in contact with is treated like a luxury brand (which you are). You are the sole reason I have a job (which I like). I want you to have a superior shopping experience (which you deserve).

    That being said.. I am truly sorry you didn’t have a good experience. In the corporate hierarchy, I really am a first rung. Please don’t think we are all flippant about our positions, and if you felt that jilted, you should have escalated your complaint to the supervisor.

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    LD Middle Management says...

    I use to be middle management at an LD Store, I can tell you three things about LD; Store management pick there teams and staff. 2) Good store management have good employee relations and a very happy customer base. 3) If you have more then one rude expeirance in a store in a short period of time it’s bad store management. I stepped down because of lousy store management and training; it is not reflective of the chain but each store and it’s management team. Please keep this in mind.

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    LDSupervisor says...

    I wanted to personally apologize for your experience with London drugs. We thrive on superior customer service and when someone doesn’t receive that then we do our best to deal with that situation. I do realize that it’s been some time since the originally post but the way gift cards work it that the transaction needs to be completed first to activate the gift card. So, yes you can use the gift card the same day it was activited just not on the transaction the gift card is on. Once again, I hope this doesn’t divert you from shopping with us as we value each and everyone of our customers. With you there wouldn’t be an “us”
    Take care and happy shopping :)

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    LDSupervisor says...

    **Without you there wouldn’t be an “us”

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