Broken Windshield at Wild Water Kingdom’s Dusty Parking Lot!

by Broken Windshield Guy

Very unhappy with this water park called “Wild Water Kingdom”. My car windshield was broken inside the parking lot. I paid $8 for a dusty gravel parking lot and at the end of the day, my car front windshield was broken with a golf ball that came from the park.

I went inside their office and told them about it, and they just made me fill out an incident report. At the same time, another guy had the same problem with his brand new car: broken windshield with a golf ball.

I tried to contact the Senior Manager but he avoided me until a week and a half; then a lady phoned me to offer me free passes!! Are you kidding me?? I would never ever go back again. I guess they wanted to punish me more or get my car damaged again. I am very disapointed and I just want them to pay for my broken windshield.

I would not recommend this place to anyone, not just because of this, but also, the batting cage, bumper boats, some slides weren’t working. The swimming pool water was too dirty;  you got to rent their tubes for some slides and for the lazy river; and last but not least you’re not allowed to bring any food or drinks, so you got to spend money on their expensive and bad food.


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    itsjustmebub says...

    :( that sucks Boo because it used to be a really fun place!

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    Boo Radley says...

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    itsjustmebub says...

    oh lol. i just noticed. haha!
    But still, to whomever it happened, that sucks

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    francine says...

    “and last but not least you’re not allowed to bring any food or drinks, so you got to spend money on their expensive and bad food.”

    Imagine…someone has a business they want to make money from. like a movie theater, concert, or anywhere else.

    Parking is at your own risk is the general principle EVERYWHERE

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    jada says...

    i broke my wrist there last year because they were washing an area with soap and did not have a sign up, when i went to the first aid all they did was give me an ice pack and told it not to let me ruin their day! they filled out a repoet at my insistance never herd from them so i sent an email about what happened and never got a single reply! i agree not only was the place filthy their customer service stinks!

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    Fab says...

    Jada, you need to contact a lawyer!

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    Lo' says...

    That is terrible about the car damage. As far as the food goes, I do understand the company wants to make revenue, however, some of us out here have numerous food allergies that prevent us from eating “fast food”. I shouldn’t have not enjoy a day out somewhere fun with my family and be forced to risk illness and being uncomforable just to increase the hoarding of the almighty buck. I generally get my own food in venues, such as parks, cinema’s and sometimes restaurants in a few creative ways. My health and that of my family takes president over any companys revenue account.

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    Donna says...

    “Imagine…someone has a business they want to make money from. like a movie theater, concert, or anywhere else.” Said in the true Francine spirit. If there was an establishment that was in business only to provide the worst possible customer service and upset as many people as they could, you would be lining up to be president!! Get a life and some compassion!!

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    Monica says...

    I agree that parking is at your own risk, but when the risk is caused by the park itself (golf balls), then there is a problem. With the amount of money these parks charge for inferior quality, they should look into some improvements. As far as the fast food goes, I think there are enough people out there that purchase this stuff, to make up for those that don’t/can’t afford to.

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    francine says...

    can the site do something about “Donna’ stalking me with rude comments. thanks

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    Chrissy says...

    “and last but not least you’re not allowed to bring any food or drinks, so you got to spend money on their expensive and bad food.”

    true, but all amusement parks are the same. Also wild water kingdom has a specific ”picnic area” outside the park where they encourage you to bring your own lunch. Its a nice shaded area with picnic tables. So all you’d have to do is bring a cooler and leave it in ur car until lunch. Simple.

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    Amy says...

    I don’t subscribe to the whole “You have to eat our food” crap I know many a parent who waits for the end of the year report card for the free coupns inside for amusement parks; And why? Because without them maybe they couldn’t afford to do anything with their kids that summer. So who the hell am I to say if you can’t afford to eat here your kids can’t go to this amusement park?

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    Jan says...

    If it’s too expensive or you disagree with their rules or you feel it’s unsafe, then don’t go? If enough people agree with you, the park will either have to change or close down. I don’t agree with the whole line of thinking that our pwecious widdle babies should be able to get anything they want and it should be illegal to not make it just right for them. If I can’t afford to go someplace or do something, I have to live with it or risk being kicked out. Why should it be different just because kids are involved?

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    Wow. says...

    Jan, you obviously don’t have kids. I think the whole point of this message board is that by reading the posts regarding past experiences, people ARE educating themselves as to whether they’ll go. After reading these comments, I certainly won’t (nor will my two “pwecious widdle babies” as you so maturely put it).

    To help you understand a little though Jan, when a family has children, things become incredibly more expensive for them, so they look for every break they can. No one went to the point of exaggeration that you did by theorizing that it should be “illegal” not to receive good deals; but if a business offers incentives towards families, they do reap the rewards financially; offer good customer service and the financial rewards grow.

    Most food served at parks is laden with chemicals and fat that many people don’t care to ingest, children or not. If an alternative isn’t available at the park, then they should be free to bring their own food IF the business still wants our admission revenue, souvenir revenue, etc. You’re right, that we can simply no go. Like I said, I won’t. The customer service standards have been clearly articulated above me here.

    Now, Jan, do you care to share where you work so that I can be sure to also avoid ridiculously immature and inane sentiments like those you’ve expressed by not supporting your means of revenue as well.

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    Ryan says...

    *If it’s too expensive or you disagree with their rules or you feel it’s unsafe, then don’t go?”*

    Right on! If they can’t afford to go they should stay home! Start your own theme park and you can allow people to bring their own food. Of course you wouldn’t do that would you Wow if i was your money on the line?

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    Sherif in Mississauga says...

    Actually,not every park is the same.

    You can bring your own food to Canada’s Wonderland and, judging by the food that is available, you are better off.

    Food is a very sensitive issue in Canada as we are so multicultural; hindus cant eat meat, muslims and jews cant eat pork, then there are food allergies galore.

    I understand that they cant insure that noones car gets dented or scratched, but if it was clearly from a golf ball played from inside the park, they should take measures, like putting up nets high enough, because this is carelessness.

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    Gajendra says...

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    zg08 says...

    Actually, Canada’s wonderland DOES NOT allow outside food or drinks to be brought into the premises. This wasn’t the case before, but a few years back they have put metal detectors in and security who would scan you for dangerous items AND food. What’s worse, is that you can’t even bring bottled water.

    I understand the food restrictions, most of the revenue for these places comes from sales of food and souvenirs, not from rides. But water??? You can, however bring an empty bottle and have it filled with tap water from the drinking fountains, but I still think that’s going a little too far.

    In any case, I still think that a damage to the car caused by the park is unacceptable. But I disagree with the OP on the food subject.

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    Liam says...

    Ok regarding zg08’s comment about wonderland they do allow bottled water into the park its on they’re website with all the rules and regulations i’ve done it over a thousand times and and never had an issue they only ask if you have anything from mcdonalds or wendys cause there is one up at major makenzie besides that they are nice to people they just want the place to be fun and safe now about wild water kingdom about that I don’t think they give a damn about anything even guests safety all wild water kingdom wants to do IS MAKE MONEY WHICH THEY DON’T HAVE

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