Awesome customer service at Staples Canada (Simcoe, ON)

by JSAM_s Mom

I went into the store on Saturday to pick up an SD card for my GPS.  I completely expected to find the store packed and nary a staff member to be found.  I was shocked when I was greeted right away, and asked if they could direct me to find something.  I said I was only picking up an SD card, and she pointed out the direction I needed to go.  A sales clerk was walking out of the back room, walking in my direction, and immediately asked me if he could help me find something.  Although it was obvious it wasn’t the department he was used to working in, he still tried to help me find what I needed.  I found the item, and walked up to the cash and paid.  Keep in mind this was on the last Saturday before school started, so you can imagine it was fairly busy in there.  All told, I was in and out of the store in 5-10 minutes.  Although this store is out of my way, I will try to go back there more often, instead of shopping at the Staples store I usually frequent, which has really crappy service but really convenient for me.

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    francine says...

    Amazing someone on this site had something good to say about a store, instead of whine whine whine.

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    cycloneguzzla says...

    I always get good customer service when I am in that store…

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    Nancy says...

    Even in our Quebec stores, which are called Bureau en gros, the customer service is great. We always get excellent service. I only avoid that place with the begining of school year rush because it tends to become way too busy and not enough staff to help everyone…

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    Dave says...

    Really? The service was “”awesome”, was it?
    I think people need to look up the actual meaning of the word before using so frequently.
    I’ll tell you the definition, since most of you are probably too concerned with America’s Next Top Model at the moment.
    Awesome: Causing awe or terror; inspiring wonder or excitement.

    Hardly something with which to describe a store’s service.

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    Gourmet Candles says...

    Staples is excellent service. Their online store is fast and sometimes same day service.

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    Rick S says...

    I have shopped at the simcoe store since it opened and i have had nothing but the best service possible there.I am handicapped and no matter what i have bought(larger items)even though i could carry them-they always carried it out for me.When i have a question about a product the information was given to me quickly and in a way i could understand it–not all the computer techs big words.And even if the person that was helping me didnt know much about the product i was asking about(not there area)they found someone who did know quickly.I use to go to other staple stores and other stores like it-but now i strickly give all my business to staples in simcoe.My thank you to all of the staff that work their and the good job they do.It is very appreciated.

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