London Drugs Saskatoon Knowingly Sells Recalled Baby Items

by Josi

This last Friday I was in my local London Drugs store in Saskatoon where I noticed a NUBY Noah’s Ark Teether on sale.  I has recently read that these teethers were recalled due to bacteria in the gel.  I picked up the teether and gave it to a cashier, notifying her that it had been recalled.  She thanked me and kept it behind the counter.

Sunday I was back in London Drugs and the same teether was back on the shelf!  I have written London Drugs, but I am completely appauled that a store whose focus is health would knowingly sell recalled children’s items.  Disgusting.

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    Josi says...

    Update: The corporate office called me to apologize and said that not only should it not have been put back out, but the procedure is the cashier should have notified the corporate office so other stores with the item could be removed. They sent me a $25 gift card for my email & the next time I was in there was a sign up in the baby section regarding the recall.

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    Jim Squires says...

    Good for London Drugs to take care of things at the corporate level when the store wasn’t pulling their weight! Thanks for the follow up. :)

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    jay says...

    It is good that they did that, however; during recalls only specific batches are recalled. So they had probably already addressed the problem. I know a friend that works there, and he said that they are very very very careful about anything to do with children. If there baby food is within 3 months of expiry date it will be sent back, is just one of the many examples. It is true that the employee did not do their job, but I would continue shopping there.

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    dave says...

    VERY glad to see a corporation take responsibility for their mistake as it happens so rarely these days!! GOOD JOB LONDON DRUGS

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    Diddy says...

    “but I am completely appauled that a store whose focus is health”

    don’t kid yourself London Drugs focus is making money just like any other business, I mean they sell cigarettes for christ sakes! LOL

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