Best Cooler ever at Canadian Tire, and it even runs off of Propane! GENIUS!

by juniperjune

This is the best cooler ever! It will run off household current, a cigarette lighter or a bottle of propane. We plugged it in at home over night to cool it down first. In the morning we filled it up, loaded it into the car and plugged it in to the cigarette lighter. Once we were at the camp site we hooked it up to a small propane bottle. One bottle lasted over 24 hours. You can buy a hose adapter and hook it up to a BBQ propane tank. The tank should last at least 20 days.

This cooler cools up to 20°C below ambient temperature. It even comes with an ice cube tray! It really does make ice!

The only draw back is the handles. They are not recessed enough to get a really good grip on it. Plus it would be really good to have a lock on it. The raccoons at the camp site are really bad! What we did was we got a second hand dog cage. We placed the cooler inside and used a bungee cord around the top to keep the odors inside. Then we put a lock on the top of the cage. The raccoons did not even try to open it at all!

You can’t leave this cooler in your car overnight as it would drain the battery, and if it is running on propane, it needs to be properly ventilated. I would suggest the dog cage.

  • Three-way power source absorption cooler
  • Uses 12V DC or 120V AC, propane gas or 12V connector for cigarette lighter
  • Cools to 20°C below ambient temperature
  • A 1-lb cylinder of propane gas operates the cooler for 24 hours
  • 40L capacity
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)/weight: 52.0 x 51.0 x 45.0 cm / 19.5 kg

Canadian Tire has it Reg $279.99
3-Way Power Cooler, 40L : Product #37-0100-6

12 Responses to “Best Cooler ever at Canadian Tire, and it even runs off of Propane! GENIUS!”

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    Josh Maxwell says...

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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    lbal says...

    Wow but Ouch! … it’s expensive :( can’t afford it at the moment

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    Jennifer says...

    Yeah, I know it is expensive, but we are avid campers! We have been thinking about purchasing an electric cooler for some time. And when we saw this one at Canadian Tire, it was like “AHHHHHHHHHH!” With a golden light shinning down from above! LOL. It was well worth it keep our food safe, especially with a toddler. We don’t need his food spoiling.

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    Diddy says...

    cool sounding product!

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    Camper Guy says...

    If this unit could cool 35 degrees C below ambient then I would buy it. A normal fridge is 4 degrees C . Imagine a hot 38 degree day ……….
    .hummm 38-20= 18 C that sounds like food poising to me! no thanks!!

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    Tanner Grimley says...

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    Betty says...

    we purchased this Mobicool 3 way cooler @ Can.Tire and could not get it to work properly and had to return it for an exchange. Next one worked really well on propane for 4 days, then it did not work on vehicle nor on elelctric at next campsite. Tried again on propane since it worked well prior and could not get that working either. It would put out heat through vent as working but did not get cold! Tried all troubleshooting methods from manual but no luck. Ended up returning unit for refund and am looking at altrnate makes/models since we do lots of rough camping and really could use a propane model.

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    John C says...

    We bought the same cooler from Canadian tire. It worked well for one day and then there was heat through the vent but no cooling. We tried to return it at a Canadian Tire. They have a no return policy on coolers and would only send if for repair. By the time we would get it back, camping season would be over and by next year the warrantly would be done. After a lengthy discussion the manager did offer us store credit. We reminded the store that there is no warning about the return policy at the store and only found out by checking the web site.

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    top mistakes says...

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    Boat Camper says...

    I’ve been using the Mobicool cooler for two years now and wouldn’t give it up. I’m out of touch 5 to 8 days at a time without an ice supply while camping on a small boat. I vacuum pack meats and some other items that can perish easily and have no problems. The cooler works best on propane, then 110, then 12v. When traveling in a car I use an inverter so I can plug the cooler in on 110. Like any cooler it works best if you keep the sun off it. Watch out for lettuce. With the high moisture content it’ll freeze the lettuce.
    Yes, the initial propane lighting needs patience. You must wait for the gas to reach the lighter. I usually use a barbeque lighter and light through the back as suggested in the instructions. Once it’s lit it’s fine and can be re-lit easily. Also, don’t jam it full of non-essentials that really don’t need to refrigerated. We use another cooler as our “pantry” for those items. Well…except for maybe the odd bottle of white wine.
    If the cooler has a chance to warm up to outside ambient temp it’ll take 24 hours to cool back down. As they say in the instructions it’s best to have it on for 24 hours (or longer) before you leave. Then keep it on.

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    Bettina says...

    we bought the Mobicool fridge last year, the only problem we have had is we can seem to get the gas lit, now i have lost the instuction booklet. Im sure its something very simple that im missing so if anyone can walk me through it or send me a link for the instuction page that would be fantastic, as we intend to take it camping in the next few days and oviously its not paying its way if we cant use the gas, hope to hear from someone asap.. all have a safe and wonderfull time over these holidays..thanks

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    Ione Bachtold says...

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