Walmart London Coupons

by balllot

This morning I was in WalMart at WhiteOaks Mall London.  I had coupons for a few items, mainly Kelloggs Cocoa Straws.  They are on for $1 each, and my coupons are for $2.  The lady rudely told me that she can only give me the $1 off, as it’s illegal to give more money than the product value.  She said it’s a government law that coupons cannot exceed the price.  I was fine with that, but I had a few more coupons and she just kept giving me attitude about it all.  I felt like I was doing something wrong by using coupons.

When I got home, I called the store manager and complained about her.  At least he was helpful and polite.

4 Responses to “Walmart London Coupons”

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    Amie says...

    The walmart at Whiteoaks, has to be THE worst Walmart in the world….shelves arent stocked, lineups are ridiculous (hey put more than 2 cashiers on the registers into the mall) and it is hard to navigate. I much prefer the superstore walmart

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    Terri says...

    I completely agree about the White Oaks Walmart…I cannot wait until the new Walmart opens in Lambeth at the corner of Wonderland/Exeter Road. I’ll never step foot in the White Oaks Walmart again!!

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    Diddy says...

    I cannot stress this more DO NOT SHOP AT WAL-MART! they treat they’re employees like shit at best particularly women and they put local business out of business as well as shady business dealings abroad wake up Canadians there’s a reason that our economy tanks when the US economy tanks they’ve put all Canadian business’ out of business and havin taken over the market here PLEASE I IMPLORE YOU WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE THEY ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!!!! REAL CANADIANS DON’T SHOP AT WAL-MART!!!

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    Gajendra says...

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