Reliance Home Comfort Did Not Show Up For Service Appointments

By macej

Reliance Home Comfort has terrible customer service on servicing a water heater that we rent from Reliance. First their appointment windows are 4 hour slots on weekdays, 5 hour slots on weekends. So, I made an appointment on a weekday and used a vacation day at work to take the day off. Technician didn’t show up!!!! Called Reliance to discuss and all they did was say “sorry”. Rescheduled appointment for a Saturday 5 hour time slot (8 am-1 pm) because I wasn’t willing to use another vacation day. Guess what? Technician NEVER SHOWED UP AGAIN and NO CALLS to explain. I called Reliance and was livid. They offered me a 5 hour slot on Sunday the next day?!?!? I was disgusted, why would I give up a whole weekend to wait around my house for someone who may not show up nor call. I asked the rep if she would give up her days off for no shows…she didn’t have much response for that. Customer rep actually had the nerve to tell me they were very busy because many customers have no hot water at all. I told her you have to question the quality of their equipment if they are swamped with non-working heaters (I think people just tell them that to get higher priority service). Told her I only have hot water because I restart my heater 2-3 times daily and “hope” the burner ignites. Again, all the rep could say was “sorry”. They couldn’t care less if they waste your time.


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    jona says...

    I’ve had similar experiences with service technicians not showing up when scheduled. I can’t believe the same company did it to you twice. Back end service is so lacking in Canada right now. Its really a buyer beware environment out there because when you buy something and once its been delivered your on your own. Most major retailers take your money and trying to get service is next to impossible.
    I’ve even had customer service reps try to tell me its a result of the recession and they have cut service to stay competitive. What a load of crap…. This trend has been occurring for the past 10-15 years when retailers decided they could save some money by out sourcing their service technicians. Now there is a shortage of trained and qualified service people and they can’t keep up.

    I hope your hot water heater gets fixed soon and I would try to get some type of compensation from Reliance for your troubles. ie) 6 months free rental if you rent your heater….

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    Macej says...

    Just an update. Service tech finally showed up on 3rd appt (I was pretty clear with the CSR that someone better show up). Technician was great, courteous, and replaced the electrode. I called Reliance again this week to indicate that I wanted a billing adjustment to reflect the inconvenience and they were very gracious to do so. CSR was very friendly and said they would pass the file on so that they can make sure they address customer issues (that impressed me!). So thank you Reliance Home Comfort for stepping up to the plate…that’s the way to turn a negative experience into a more positive one.

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    R Watson says...

    Don’t trust this company!!!!!! Wasted 7 years of time and money on these people, only to find out they slowly, over time killed my furnace with poor maintainace so they couls sell me a over priced new one to start all over again. Don’t walk away from these people RUN!!!

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    C Mic says...

    Can you tell me what city you had the service done? I am looking for a new furnace and was considering these guys because they did the install of my rental water heater. I am in the Ottawa area.

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    Patricia says...

    Terrible services from Reliance. Furnace down, in Oakville, the window is 24 hours even though I have been paying for a special service for years for emergency situations. I had to hire someone, paid $ 60.00 and got the furnance back to work. The other option: stay overnight without heating in the middle of a very cold weather, Feb 11, 2012.

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    priya says...

    Competition bureau seeks fine for 25 million from Reliance & Direct Energy.

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