Steer Clear of

By LisaIrish

What a shame… I was such an advocate of shopping online but now? Well now I have the “horror” story to tell. I bought two pairs of boots of Sheepskin and things online, splashing out because I’ve been wearing mukluks for years and they are worth the investment. I spent 400 dollars plus 64.99 shipping.

The boots arrived, I’d ordered a 9 based on the measurements provided on sheepskin and things website. Anyway they were massive on me, like four sizes too big. Really crazy. So I called the company. They said “Sure just pop em back to us and we’ll send new ones out” - thats the usual attitude of american and uk companies which I normally deal with so I thought nothing of it and did so.

Then they emailed me telling me that they had attempted to charge my card with 120 dollars but it had been declined. I was so shocked that this was being done without my permission and said they had no right and what on earth was it for. They said “restocking fee” and shipping. I said shipping is okay but no way was I paying a restocking fee. They didn’t reply and after a couple of months with me emailing a couple of times a week eventually I had to get help.

The BBB in canada got on to them for me and then I got an email saying “We are waiting for your payment” so I of course replied saying I wanted a full refund now. They ignored me again for weeks. Eventually out of the blue, and obviously after the BBB tried again, I suddenly got a refund notice. The refund notice said refund 481CAD but the actual refund I received was only 356CAD. So they have taken the restocking fee anyway of 120 dollars.

So basically it cost me 120 dollars for nothing. Online shopping is never like this, even on ebay. No quibble is usually the way business is done now, but this company hold you to ransom - ie you send the boots back and they want more money whichever route you take.

The customer service is APPALLING, they don’t sign off and say things like “we’re not open 24 hours a day so you can wait” etc. Just acting like assholes, not like a business at all. I get the impression this is a half assed operation from someones dorm room or something. You are not guaranteed to either get what you ordered OR to even get money back. I wish I’d never come across this company. They are criminals.

I am still trying to get my refund, the latest they are saying they will report me to the authorities for harrassment. Harrassment? Yeah trying to get my money back from a gang of thieves. Nasty nasty thieves.



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    Alexi says...

    Was it ever written anywhere on their site or on your bill that there is a restocking fee? If not, then go get a charge back immediately from your credit card company. Let the CC company deal with them with regards to the charges. Good luck.

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    Just Saying says...

    Though in retrospect I can sympathize for you that $120 is an awful big amount to lose, especially in January, and you did really want an exchange. If it was 10 or 20 dollars I would say let it go.

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    roxdoglet says...

    Wow that really sucks. I used to work for a horrible online florist and they were basically the same way. And nobody knew where the “office” was. I couldn’t take the way they were scamming people and had to quit. You are right to say they are criminals. They are. Beware buying online. Stick to big companies and even then you are not safe….

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    Jedi Knight says...

    This sounds a little far fetched.
    Great article to ruin the competition though!
    Two thumbs up for that!
    Maybe you should correct that they tried to charged you $120 for shipping and that they ended up crediting you the 280 and kept $120.00
    Also they sent you the product which means they must be legitimate.
    You sent it back and they were going to charge you the shipping to you and send you the product. Also sounds like they are legitimate.
    If you are truly a customer then you would understand that you would have to pay either shipping or return fees etc,
    So what is company are you really from ?

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    Leif Jason says...

    Their BBB membership has been revoked, they’re rated an ‘F’ and they have complaints they haven’t responded to. I think I’m going to have to give any customer complaint about them credence. Google for their business name and ’scam’ or ‘complaint’ and you will find a bunch of other stuff.

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    Dkicker says...

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