Great Return Policy at Costco Canada

By Liz

Costco has a real no worries return policy.

We bought a LG home theatre system and after a couple of weeks decided we didn’t like the high pitched whiney noise it sometimes made. So took it back and instant refund, no questions asked.

My husband bought some snow boots and the zipper broke after he’d been wearing them for a few weeks. We still had the receipt but not the box, and returned them for full price.

The cashier said that we could have returned them without the receipt, but would have received the clearance price.

I don’t worry buying things at Costco as it seems very easy to return them if you have problems.

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    Ashley says...

    It’s great they have such a good return policy considering that you need to buy a membership to shop there.

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    dawn says...

    You have love Costco we in all the yrs have never had a problem with them and we are not in the same city so we only shop every few months but even with that they have always be great . just hope we have enough room in the truck next month running low on so much .

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    Jessica says...

    I also think it’s great that they keep a record of your transactions on your Costco card. This way if can’t find your reciept for some reason, they just scan your card, can see your pruchase and print you out a new receipt. Great company!

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    Bill says...

    Costco is a great store and the membership is worth it. I think if you buy a lot of goods, you can upgrade to a better membership with some kind of incentive plan.
    We have learned the hard way with other big box stores, and only shop at the ones that have great return polices. So many of the goods manufactured today are sub-standard quality so having that peace of mind in my opinion, is worth it,
    I always found the staff to be pleasant and the stores clean and tidy. Zellers and wallymart could sure learn a lot from them. we avoid those 2 stores like the plague.

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    Samantha says...

    We purchased a Samsung plasma tv from Costco 3.5 years ago. The tv started turning itself on and off and eventually wouldn’t turn on anymore. According to the blogs, this is a common problem with this tv as thousands of people have had the same issue. We called Samsung and they refused to do anything about the problem– all we wanted was for them to repair our $1500 tv.
    Then we called Costco and explained our predicament. Although we are no longer covered by the warranty they understood our disappointment and felt that it is resonable for us to expect the tv to last for more than 3.5 years and they will repair the tv free of charge. I will NEVER buy another Samsung product again and Costco continues to deliver excellent customer service, has exceeded my expectations and stands by their customers and the products they sell even when the manufacturer doesn’t.

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    Mr Richard says...

    Well, I just went to Costco with a Playstation3 that I purchased just under 4 years ago that has died on me, and they just quoted policy and told me that there was NOTHING they could do for me. I asked to speak to a manager who said that he would call Sony on my behalf, but I don’t have high hopes if all they’re going to do is call Sony and be told the same thing I was told which was that i could send it in for repairs at a cost of over $200 which is pretty much the current cost of a new one! Just waiting now to see if they actually do something for me, or if they’ll just quote policy again.

    Not very happy!

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    Justin says...

    Well, I’ve just had a VIZIO die on me.
    Not completely dead, mind you - the TV mode shows a black screen with no sound while both HDMI inputs work fine. Not good enough, I’m afraid.

    We purchased it 2.5 years ago at COSTCO Sapporo, Japan. We are what could be considered VERY good customers of COSTCO - I just hope that means something.
    It is Sunday night over here so we’ll see what kind of customer service a Canadian can expect to receive from COSTCO while abroad.

    I am VERY hopeful.

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    D says...

    Mr Richard, did you lose the receipt? If they can find a record of the purchase, they should have taken it back. Game consoles are still covered under the lifetime return policy. I would try another location if I were you. Some locations are better than others.

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    Lucas says...

    Actually if you return with no receipt, they can look up the purchase detail on the computer. The Richmond Hill Costco does this all the time.

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    Asia says...

    I purchased a miter saw from Costco and 2.5 years later the handle broke off. I did not expect Costco to return it considering I had no box, no receipt, and a heavily used saw. They looked up the purchase on my Costco card and gave me a full refund! They didn’t even care why I was bringing it back. They are amazing. I try to buy everything I can from Costco now. I don’t feel the need to shop around.

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    Dman says...

    I bought a $700 bbq at costco in edmonton and returned it 6.5 years later because the igniters were toast and the bbq company had discontinued the parts. I got full purchase price back with the exception of the difference in the gst which had changed over time. They did ask why i was returning it and didnt really push too hard for a real answer. It was awesome. There was bbq sauce and burnt bits all over it and they said, just wheel it around the desk, heres your money. I was floored….and laughed a little as i drove home knowing that i just rented a bbq for almost 7 years for about $19.

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