Walmart Sure Loves Their Numbers and Treat Their Staff Just Like One

By M&M

I truly feel the Walton family should have a team of people or person go under cover and monitor how store managers not assistants but store managers and HR people treat their staff they have a possy only because thay are scared for their jobs too they( meaning their possy) get sucked in too, when evaluating other team members, I feel I must of been a real threat to the backroom manager and the HR so called people manager (joke) as they had no reason for letting me go, their answer it’s sll to do with the numbers,because when you see the likes of some they kept on well I guess HR and store managers don’t liked well groomed staff and intelligent ones that inferiates them to no end. All I wanted to do was work there not become a manager or assistant just work there. Another thing that really got their goat was I was very very well liked by other store managers and assistant mgrs, from other stores as well as my collegues that just burned rubber on their end, I must of posed a real threat, because while the coward HR lady was handing out pink slips in her right hand ahe was conducting interviews with her left hand Ha! alot of the people that worked there from head-office affilates to workers were shocked, dumb founded, and allm said to me at different times durning throughout the week it’s wal-marts loss we would hire you in a heart beat, as a matter of fct one mgr. that left our store has offered me work at their store 3 days after I left my store, amazing how things work out and how seriously these simple minded,( these so called ) HR staff and store mgrs.are still there well my dear lets call her “R” and darling miss happy (this person never ever smiles we’ll call her “L” and the store mgr.. we”ll call him”K” honestly you are two faced and I don’t know how (A) you can seriously raise your children properly and (B) HOW DO YOU ALL SLEEP AT NIGHT, KARMA IS COMING ,and when it does I’ll be there for you or should I say clapping for you as someone has caught a brain and sniffed you blood suckers out after all your only there for the $$$ and not the Walton family see ya around you bunch of losers like many have said it’s YOUR LOSS sorry I held such a huge threat over you all, and to the store mgr. maybe you should read before you sign the next pink slip actually allow your own brain to process things for themselves and really make a mature, adult decision all on your own you can do it, yes you can.The next time you all three of you use the cheer “FIRED UP AND READY TO GO” it will be you three leaving, enjoy the free gravy train while it last LOSERS! now I feel real good, because I like who I’am and am quite confident on where I’m going in life and I do sleep very well at night and have raised my children to be “What oh ya use people with dignity and respect” another term these three stooges don’t know the meaning of! M&M

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    Jayne300 says...

    Okay, first of all, this is not appropriate. Second of all, I have never read so many run on sentences with no punctuation in my life. Hope things work out better for you at your next job, but this doesn’t really qualify as a review in my book.

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    Ron Simmons says...

    That’s why only the scum of the Earth works and shops at Walmart!

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    Big Bob says...

    You sound really really bitter.

    Hope it all works out for you

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    fRANCHESCA says...

    I thought this section was “Reviews”, not rantings of lunatics.

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    Ashley says...

    It’s really unfortunate that you were let go, but as a manager for a large company there are often reasons why people are let go and in the heat of the moment it’s difficult to explain to the person. People don’t often want to own up to the reasons or the issues at hand.

    For example people in my company were let go for not performing well at their job because they were always chatting with other employees and not doing their job 100%.

    It’s great that you were already offered another job, so try to focus on the positive and don’t let it get you down. Focusing on the situation isn’t going to change it so don’t let it stress you out.

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    watcher says...

    There are some employers that treat their staff in such a way, that when you shop there, you better have done your homework. That’s the same for retailer that employing new workers. If you want to know if its a good place to work, walk around and check out the workers and ask someone or a few there a few simple questions. “Say, you must really enjoy working here with all the knowledge you are obtaining.” Listen to what they are saying and judge by that. Just because one store is bad, we can’t paint all with the same brush.
    Recently I had trouble exchanging an item as it was defective. The young lady was just going to refund my credit card but her register froze and was not able to help me. The manager of that dept. was requested. i met him halfway to the service desk and discussed the return with him. He really looked fearful for his job so there was no way he was going to help me or could. When I looked up at the older lady smirking at the service desk as i made my way back there,I was insulted and never will i set foot in that store again. That store is usually quiet anyways. If they got rid of it, that mall might revitalize itself.
    I know from many years of working in retail myself, that if the employer treats you with respect from all levels of management, that it will trickle down to the the customers. Everyone wins in this situation.
    What I see often happening, is a group of workers will usually be doing the gabbing like it’s one big social event whist a few other employees are working their buns off. Not only does this drag the good employees(the worker)down, but it creates a condition called poor customer service. If you don’t think customers don’t see it, think again.
    I know someone who would love to work where everyone is treated fairly. Often times customers will apologize for adding to her line up. That is sad and sadder still is management allows this to happen even though customers have yelled and complained. If employers wake up and check out who’s watching the watchers, we will all be better off and customer service will become just that, not just words. I might be more inclined to shop more also.

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    Alex says...

    Teen employee dies at N.B. Wal-Mart

    “Police are investigating the death of a 17-year-old employee at a Wal-Mart store in the northwestern New Brunswick community of Grand Falls on Wednesday night.

    The teenager was cleaning the floor in the garage when it appears there was an electrical defect in the cord to the buffing machine he was using, according to police.

    He was rushed to Grand Falls General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.”

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    hollowman says...

    I had a great deal of difficulty reading your rant due to its lack of focus, background, and truly incoherent rambling. This was compounded by your spelling and grammar errors, and the fact you decided that paragraphs aren’t required.

    Perhaps, it is your inability to communicate that resulted in your termination, and not just that your manager thought your were a threat?

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    Karen says...

    Want to get married, Eliot?

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    Lola says...

    I agree with hollowman, this was just a pointless rambling on about….? Who knows. You lost your job, move on.

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    L says...

    Wha? I stopped reading three sentences in…

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