Rigid Return Polices At Zellers Canada

By hauck

I just tried to return a 100 pk of defective blank dvds back to Zellers because they were poor quality. today is one day past the return policy stated time limit and they would do nothing, not even an exchange for like product It only goes to show the junk they sell can’t even be returned to the supplier. When I asked to speak to the manager of the department, he too would not help me. the people at the customer service counter appeared to be smirking about my strife with the manager and I indicated to them that,”It’s not funny”

I am so done with this store and the sub-standard crap they sell. I’m not sorry to see them go. Sadly it the situation for the consumer will probably not change much and they will still continue to sell us inferior merchandise. It seem that with so many part-time staff in these big box stores have no sense of caring for the customer. I will be looking for smaller stores to shop in, where customer service is more than just words. People, check things over real good after you buy. Don’t just put it away for later use as I did. Had I been at the store one earlier I might have been helped.

Not only did Zellers lose me as a customer today, but they also lost me entire family but I guess now that Target is buying them their long time customers do not matter any more. Bye Bye Zellers, we won’t miss you!

20 Responses to “Rigid Return Polices At Zellers Canada”

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    jona says...

    Im sorry your stuck with defective dvds but rather than blame Zellers why not blame the manufacturer of these defective DVDs. I don’t see any fault with Zellers or any other store following their stated policies. If its only one day then thats ok but what about two days? three days? a week? a month? See my point, they set the policy and you agreed to that policy when you made the purchase.
    From my experience, most return policies are pretty liberal in the time period. so if you are late in your returning purchase than you have had these dvds for a while.

    Most dvd’s come with a warranty so I would contact the manufacturer and see what they can do for you.

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    Joe says...

    You get what you pay for.
    If you want high quality goods and excellent, accomodating customer service, pay three times as much at Grand & Toy.

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    Ginger says...

    Meh, I don’t find Grand and Toy all that great. I’ve had enough problems with their products. I would definitely write to the manufacturer about their product. Maybe send a note to HBC too.

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    Hmmm says...

    I agree with Jona. Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer. It’s not Zellers fault that you purchased defective DVD’s, and you were unfortunately outside the return policy. You will probably have better luck calling the manufacturer and complaining about their faulty product.

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    Cheryl888 says...

    Isnt the return policy 90 days at Zellers?
    Sorry, but if you couldnt find time in 90 days to return the product, I dont feel bad for you in the slightest. This is your fault.

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    Jeff says...

    With responses like those here it’s no wonder so many businesses skate by on poor customer service. I used to rail against the influx of American companies, but after a while I got tired of companies like Zellers (and my “favourite”, Canadian Tire) giving poor service. Companies have policies but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a little discretion. I’m more than happy to shop (and pay more) at places where I feel they value my business; likewise, I stay away from places I feel nickel and dime me even when those places may be cheaper.

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    melsprag says...

    There is no need to be rude Cheryl888. I am tired of all the aggression on this site.

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    jona says...

    For what its worth, Jeff, you state that your tired of companies like Zellers and Canadian Tire giving poor service, but where did Zellers give poor customer service? I would argue that the reason you feel they gave poor customer service is because they didn’t return the merchandise. So if the merchant doesn’t give into the customer demands thats poor customer service?

    Put another way, If they wont give me what I WANT its poor customer service… Now thats the real problem with the retail experience in Canada. Entitlement. When you purchase items in canada we are lucky that we have return policies. Most merchants even print their return policies on their receipts. (turn it over its usually there) Its called an agreement. Why do consumers feel that they don’t have to abide by this agreement and expect the merchant to bend the rules for them??
    Personally I’m tired of all the people coming here an whining about poor customer service when in affect it really about the merchant who wouldn’t bend their stated policies. I would also argue that the reason for this entitlement is because in the past retailers have used discretion and it has lead consumers to just expect they will always get their way. And if they don’t get their way they go to the web and trash the retailer.

    Now if the OP had come on here and stated that she/he had purchased the dvd and tried to return them WITHIN the stated return policy and Zellers refused the return then that would be poor customer service and they would have every reason to complain and I would have offered some advice on how to proceed. Instead I offered an alternative route that they could take rather than trash Zellers.

    So before you come on here sprouting your droll about the influx of American companies and nickel and dime retailers maybe you should come up with some constructive suggestions before typing away.

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    RCSS Customer says...

    i’m with melsprag, the spike in jerky responses are steadily increasing. blah!

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    hauck says...

    My guess is, now that Target has bought them, they don’t care about their customers and the staff, they will probably be history anyways. I wonder had things been different in that respect, would I have been treated differently? To just end relationships with customers so rudely is never forgotten. When you are wearing the uniform, I bet you really think your special, don’t you? You are only special if you don’t treat people with such indifference and disrespect. So I was late one day. Would it have really hurt the store to exchange a lousy spool of discs. I say no, but what’s done is done and I will no longer shop at any store where employees treat customers in this manner In my opinion Zellers made a poor decision.

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    Iwannadeal says...

    From what I’ve experienced, Zeller’s never cared about their customers. RIP.

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    nscouponchick says...

    I’d just like to state that Zellers has not been bought by Target, rather that Target bought Zellers lease holdings. Also, when Target does arrive, there will be some stores in rural areas that will not convert over to Target.

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    Ashley says...

    A return policy is a return policy for a reason. You’re probably better off contacting the manufacturer for a coupon to cover the cost of the item in question or sometimes they will send you a check.

    Sometimes there are actual laws about what can and cannot be returned. In the retail industry for example, clothing with the care labels cut out cannot be returned. Period. It’s unfortunate that you’re out the money but in the future you can choose to spend your money elsewhere.

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    sportwatch says...

    Thanks for this interesting thread. After reading your responsses I realize that I will have no problem with my return. I found the return policy on the reverse side or my receipt, thanks:)

    I do tend to agree with the sentiments that Canadian consumers have got a liberal shopping opportunity, if you live in a large urban centre. Stores are reducing over-head to attract customers. They compete with their peers for many entitled customers.

    Target is more of the same, The only losers will be the workers who were told they are not being interviewed by Target for new positions.

    The offers on-line, as we all know here, are the real concern to stores. They cut into the stores margins. However the stores have always paid the workers a below living wage. The staff leave frequently to improve their opportunities and the company soon stops training them in many of the “ideal” customer service skills. Still they do try and the people who are on the floor are pretty friendly and helpful. There really is hardly anyone available to help because the store runs on a skeleton crew.

    If I needed a lot of DVD’s I’d hesitate to shop in Zeller’s, Walmart or any reduced price multi-item store. As a consumer, I need to look at my intention. I should shop with respect for my environment. I should deal with all the people around me honestly. There is blow-back and I prefer mine to be as pleasant as possible.

    Of course, I may meet someone who is rude etc. I can deal with them. It’s their problem. I still don’t need to stoop to that level. I don’t leave feeling that I’m responsible. I take responsibility for my actions and deal with integrity.

    Good luck in your future shopping.

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    joe says...

    The return policy is clearly written on the back of the receipt and in store (should be anyways). By purchasing any product you agree yourself to those terms. Not only is this issue between the purchaser and the manufacturer, attempting to return an item past it’s date goes against the agreement and can be constituted as fraud. (I doubt you intended as such but it’s the way it goes) No way Zellers is at fault, the employees are only following policy.

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    Anna says...

    Cheryl was rude? She stated they had 3 months to return the item. I do not feel sorry for this person either. 1 day over the date is 1 day too late.

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    Meg says...

    You held onto a product you knew you didn’t like for 91 days…sounds like the store isn’t at fault, you are.

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    hellhound says...

    i was injured by a defective product falling apart (assembled by Zellers ) so who do i complain too? the manufacturer (mongoose) or the retailer who assembled it?
    i sent a polite e-mail to both and i am waiting for a response

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