by sherbear609

This is a first for me… I had made an appointment last week for the dog to get his summer shave.

Well DH took him in and they could not take him due to being short staffed. Well DH said he can come back next week. They appologized. They are throwing in a top dog package free.. so my pom will be having a spa day for free :)


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    Pamela says...

    I love PetSmart! I got the best deals from them a couple of weeks ago, and it was the manager herself in my location who was extremely helpful with everything, including processing all my coupons, being very courteous, and thanking me for my business. It was one of the most pleasant shopping experiences I had. So I’m very happy to hear that their customer service seems to be wonderful nation-wide, good for you for the free spa day for your pet!

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