Arctic Gardens Vegetables-Ewwww!

By Steph

Anyone else have the same opinion as me on the ASPARAGUS…it sucks!

I have tried different time settings on my microwave, nothing helps.

The asparagus is STRINGY, super soggy and it tastes like anything but asparagus…well, it tastes a bit like asparagus.

I noticed today that the asparagus is a product of Chili. Seriously? We could find some country closer to product the asparagus??

Maybe that would help with the flavour?

So, before I go out this week and buy a big bag of AG frozen beans on sale, sometime please tell me if it’s worth it.

14 Responses to “Arctic Gardens Vegetables-Ewwww!”

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    Jasminebed says...

    I am happy enough with Europe’s Best frozen vegetables, even the asparagus.

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    mary says...

    Have to agree with the comment. The frozen Artic Garden green/yellow beans are tough and tasteless. The Europe’s best is much better.

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    Fab says...

    Fresh is best….. I stay away from all frozen veggies, they’re all Ewwww… No flavour and horrible texture.

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    Veggielover says...

    The recent change packaging persuaded me to give these another try. But still the same, AG vegetables taste like they have been soaked in water, soggy and tasteless. Would much rather buy store brand.

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    francine says...

    Following the instructions is hard I know. Poor dears.

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    ccg says...

    I like the green giant simply ..!! whatever type ..! with pasta .. try this stuff amazing!

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    Debbie Mobbs says...

    Please send me details on Artic Rice Frozen plain with peas carrots and corn cannot find this product in the store ASAP Debbie

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    NK says...

    just bought the AG stir fry mix and used it last night, tasted like the smell of a cow pasture, ruined my whole meal, returning the asian mix I bought, EWWWWWW is right. I too have had good experiences with Europes best

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    Dar says...

    just had AG grill em veggies with garil and rosemary. Disgusting. it tasted moldy and it ruined my meal. never agin.

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    mrk says...

    Why the hell are you using a microwave? Just get the California style one, and boil it for 3 mins, strain, done.

    Microwave… lol.

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    Holly says...

    got the AG asian mix to make a stir fry have always had good luck with this product but this time as it was frying it smelled like a cat litter box i refused to eat it but nobody else said they could smell it and others ate it and said it was good. maybe the smell of it turned me off to even trying it

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    Jo says...

    Europe’s Best? You do realize they get most of their produce from China? Not for me thanks with the lack of regulations for pesticde and additive use.

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    Wayne Croft says...

    Tried the San Francisco style “SELECT’What a waste of money.Beans and carrots were rubbery and tasteless.Broccoli and Cauliflower was cooked,but absolutely tasteless.Never again !!!!!!!

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    pdiddy says...

    Tried the Arctic Gardens Mediterranean mix tonight - came out unedible and mushy! Glad I only paid .88 for them - I would have been super upset if I had paid the regular 4.99!

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