By Jane Moir

This company does not follow the scanning practice and staff get very nasty when you mention it to them. A lot of the items in the store have different prices that at the register.

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    Stahr says...

    Scanning code of practice is Optional and usually only found at grocery stores. Stores participating in the program will have a sign saying so at the cash desk.

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    Scott says...

    This company does not peactice what they preach at all! We travelled 1 hr away from our town to Red Deer to pick up two pcs of furniture that the online site said were in stock at that store . Upon getting there the manager told us that they had none , and didn`t care what the site said because their inventory was wrong. We then travelled back home , and I ordered off line, and now had to add an extra 39.00 for shipping . My cc when through , and I printed off the reciept along with the order number (remember the site said it was in stock). After ordering , it said that a confirmation e-mail , along with a tracking number would be sent to the e-mail I left on file . Well that was over two weeks ago , and still havenèt seen the confirmation! I have since gone back on the JYSK site , and sent them 3 e-mails asking about my confirmation e-mail , as well I have phoned their online ordreing help line . Each time I called , the recording said all agents are busy , and to leave a message and someone would get back to me within the day .


    So here I sit with NO furniture , and No confirmation e-mail , or phone call back .

    If you are going to go to any JYSK store for a specific item , I would suggest that you call ahead , and dont waste youre time .

    I will never shop here again. No wonder Ikea is a market leader in boxed furniture .

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    kin says...

    I bought a BRAVA CAFE CHAIR at JYSK. I found broken metal connection of seat support due to false welded., which is obviously manufactureing quality defect. I call JYSK service hotline and be informed it can’t be exchanged because my 55 days after delivery date exceed 45-day-policy, no matter any reason even completely manufacturing quality defect problem.

    I complaint about this unresponsible attitude to the reasonable request by comsumer, but there are any feeback form JYSK until now.

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    kin says...

    I appreciate how JYSK deal with my complaint, they feedback just a min after received my written complaint and promise to refund to me for the chair which is obviously manufacturing defect even my 55 purchasing day a little exceed their 45-day-policy. thanks.
    My experience is that written complaint at FEEDBACK on JYSK website is better than either claim by phone or by email, try it if you have complaint.

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