Poor Service at Canadian Tire Automotive Edmonton

I brought my car into the Capilano store in Edmonton, asking them to check out noisy rear end possibly the rear wheel bearings. They charged me $ 42.40 for the diagnosis
and said both bearing need to be replaced. So I told to replace them upon pickup I paid and left, with the same noise I had when I came. I booked a appointment with Costco to rotate my tires only to find the now the noise was in the front instead of the rear. I had been taken advantage of by Canadian Tire, wonderful doesn’t anybody provide honest work for an honest dollar anymore.?
I took it there in good faith and they took me in bad faith, thanks.
I go to see the manager Ray who says he will refund me the labor costs of $ 148.50 but not the diagnostic charge of $ 48.40  does that make sense to you ?
So now I am waiting until somebody hopefully  from CANADIAN TIRE  will contact me to wake me up from this NIGHTMARE. I will keep you updated, thanks for lending me your ear.

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    Chris says...

    That is disgusting. So they still want you to pay for a completely crap diagnosis. Awesome. Since you’re in Edmonton, you might try Total Choice in Sherwood Park. He doesn’t charge until the issue is resolved so he’ll actually troubleshoot stuff instead of arbitrarily replacing stuff like the high school students at Canadian Tire.

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    Val says...

    We had major problems with the Canadian Tire store in Camrose.
    Same problem with noise in the rear of the truck. It turned out
    that it was supposedly brand new tires! They had put 9 weights on
    one tire and this made a lot of noise as well as not steering properly.
    They still didn’t diagnose the problem so we took the truck to Fountain Tire who diagnosed the problem right away. They even told us that the amount of weight put on the one tire was Three times of what normally should have been put on!!

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    Kim says...


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