Canadian Tire Automotive: Cheaters

By Liu

I recently attempted to do an engine oil change and oil filter changed for my 09 Corolla at Candian Tire, as was told they don’t have the tools to do the filter change so they didn’t do anything. Then I brought the car to the dealer and got the information that whoever did the oil change last time, broke the oil filter housing which cost $80 to replace. Then I called Canadian tire and they completely denied doing anything to the car because they don’t have the tools.
My advise, stay away from Canadian Tire because they are all liars and cheaters !

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    Joyce says...

    I’m sure there are some bad apples…. but would it be fair to say that “all” Canadian Tires are liars and cheaters?

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    zg08 says...

    actually I never had non-”cheated or lied-to” experience in a Canadian Tire. So I agree with the OP, buyer beware.

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    Elizabeth says...

    I’ve never had a good experience at Canadian Tire auto service. I was such a pushover my first few years of driving and it took me a while to realize that I had been HAD, big time! Even if they don’t outright cheat you they try to “upsell” way too agressively!

    IMO the best “chain” store for car repairs is Master Mechanic. They’ve never done me wrong yet and sometimes I even drive away without paying a cent - just with some good advice in hand.

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    kc says...

    i had oil change last year in CT. After, my car started to leak engine oil. Brought the car back, and they said they could check, but if it is not their mistake, there will be a charge. After checking, they said a part near the oil tank is not working and it was not their technician who broke it. And ask me to pay about 200 to fix it or pay for the labor. After some argument. I could drive my leaking car home w/o paying anything. Should I be happy?

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    Chase says...

    This is why I would only take a car to an actual garage… it’s all about trust. I can trust the same two guys who have been running the same garage for decades and have their whole careers staked on it, better than I can trust some kids hiding behind the Canadian Tire brand and fake “Canadianness”. They get paid no matter what and of course they’re going to cover for each other and claim “they didn’t do it”. If an independent garage gets a bad reputation, their career is pretty much toast regardless of whether they actually screwed up or not.

    Plus Canadian Tire’s stores are run so badly by people who have no idea what they sell and can never be found when you need help - really the last place you’d want to leave your car.

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    Cheap says...

    I suggest that you contact the Better Business Bureau and lodge a complaint.

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    Sabina says...

    Hi, I too have never had any good service at CT last time I went there for any oil change I seen the guy unhook something. I asked they said he didn’t do anything I get in my van and my lights don’t work and my back wiper didn’t work. I park the van go back in and make the biggest seene they have ever had and made them fix it all. I also got my money back for the oil change. Now I won’t step foot into and CT.

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    Becky says...

    I agree that sometimes auto mechanics can push people into getting things done to their cars that maybe they don’t need right away. However I do not think this problem is limited to Canadian Tire.
    I feel as though Chase doesn’t quite understand how Canadian Tire (or retail stores) work. Yes “kids” work there but I doubt they hid behind the Canadian Tire brand, wouldn’t they be the first to be written up/fired for mistakes since they are just replaceable “kids”?.

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    Chase says...

    Becky - Yes but that assumes that there is a capable supervisor/manager present and overseeing and willing to act. Maybe it’s just the stores I’ve been to, but I have never been able to find a senior member of staff or even someone who knows about the products they sell, in the actual “store” part. I think most people would agree that the standard of service at Canadian Tire is much lower than at other similar stores, so there is clearly a disconnect somewhere.

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    Darsh says...

    ya, Even I had really bad experience for my first & last time oil change with Canadian tire. AFter that one of my friend told me the same kind of story. they asked me to park the car and hand over key and told me to visit store for around 30 mins as it is waiting time. I didnt have anything to buy so I just came back in 20min and they return my key to me telling that oil has been changed as we got one space for you to do so. (In short, they always try if customer stay away so they can do whatever they want.). Mine is honda accord: I never had any any issue regards to oil change and after this service; oil level was very low after just one month- I had doubt that they even didnt change my oil or filter. When I went there to ask it was very very rude reply from person. I sent email aswell but no one reply me even. that was my experience

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    James says...

    That’s Canadian Tire for you. They’re sort of reflective of Canadian attitudes though. They exemplify rudeness, arrogance, and craftiness. This is something I see more and more of in average Canadians these days.
    Now where is the pommy git to argue with me about this?

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    FunkyMunky says...

    @ James - it’s called “bad business” and nothing to do with being in Canada or Canadian. I absolultey HATE gross generalizations like that, and I’m not even Canadian.

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    Ron says...

    I took my car to Canadian tire Yonge&Steeles, Toronto to change the breaks. @ days later my 5 year old nephew noticed there was a big, greasy 5 fingers all over the car ceiling. I took the car back to CT so they could at least clean it up properly. Needless to say not only they didn’t clean it, but completely denied my claim.

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    Cheap says...

    If everyone complained to the Better Business Bureau, then other people could be alerted to problems that have occured at a particular store and be informed of how that store handled the problems.

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    Moncton Old Boy says...

    I’m 59 years of age and have been going to CT for fourty years and have never experienced anything near what you people have experienced.Perhaps it is the East coast and Alberta, the only two places that I reagularly use them that makes the difference. However, once in Sarnia,I needed a part and they advised me to go to the Ford dealer as I would get a part that would be a better fit

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    Harold says...

    Hey Ron, that’s interesting how it was your “5 year old nephew” that found these finger prints all over the ceiling, any chance he’s overweight and was eating Ice Cream at the time?

    What did you want Canadian Tire to do? Give you a FREE detail FIVE days later? smarten up son.

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    Jasminebed says...

    The garages at Canadian Tire are all independently owned to the best of my knowledge. Maybe some kind of lease arrangement. Here in my town they do not have a good reputation. When enough Chamber of Commerce complaints accumulate, they usually change “ownership”, so a check will come up unblemished for a time.

    I think most mechanics/techs working for them get less than industry standard, so they only get people new to the field or incompetent mostly.

    I had a bad experience once a long time ago (did come out without paying though :) ), and have heard way to many horror stories to trust them with even simple tasks.

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    Al says...

    Amen to that. They fix what you broke and charge tons.
    But your car comes out with something they broke.

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    Ami says...

    You are totally wrong about the ownership of Canadian Tire garages. The dealer who owns the store also owns the garage. It is also not that easy to “change” ownership of these stores. A new dealer must be willing and available to make a bid on that particular store as a franchise and it is a huge process taking over a store from a previous dealer, just like any other franchise. I can’t believe that you made such a bogus statement about Chamber of Commerce having any influence on change of ownership. It takes months for the new dealer to finally get to the actual takeover point, after doing endless property audits and meetings re: what the old dealer is taking with him/her and what will be changing hands in the franchise purchase. Do a little research next time before making such a statement.
    The CTC garage that I use also has it’s share of complainers, etc., but alot of the technicians that work there have been working in the trade anywhere from 5 to 30 years, and working at the same store for many years. These technicians have full access to new training courses which the company pays for. Yes, the store I go to has some young apprentices working there, but they have the guidance of these older, more experienced technicians to help them learn. Everybody has to start somewhere, I’m sure you didn’t graduate from school and start at the top of the food chain in whatever work you do, you had to work hard to prove your abilities.

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    theweave says...

    I had my car towed a couple of weeks ago to the CT in Simcoe as it was the only place open on a sunday. They called me within an hour and told me what was wrong, 1 brake line. They told me it would be around $250, which is about right baseed on my other brake lines going too.

    I went there the next morning, strolled right up to my car and the mechaninc took me through what was wrong, what he was doing and said he was just waiting for one part from NAPA to come to finish it. While out smoking, up pulled the NAPA truck and within 20 minuttes my car was done. Total bill $186! LESS then quoted! He also filled my tires with air and my car has never run better!

    I just puchased the CT Auto Club memberhsip, which came with a free oil change, so we will see how it goes. It is due so I am taking it in as soon as I get the coupon in the mail! I don’t think it can be anyworse then Economy Lube!!!! There is (or should!) be a thread of them, will have to look!

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    Katrina says...

    Just took my car into Canadian Tire to fix a rim leak, they asked if I wanted them to do a check free of charge.. Silly me says sure whatever. Pay for the rim leak fix, get my keys and 30 min later when I went to my car I noticed liquid by the back tire. Started the car and guess what I have NO breaks… Go back inside and the manager tells me that they advised me that the fluid was low… I explain I understand that but I have NO breaks.. “Well what do you want me to do?” Put my car back to the condition I brought it in.. WITH BREAKS… Long story short, got into a huge argument and had to pay for them to replace the break line because I have no option at this point. BB will be advised tomorrow and anyone and everyone I can contact after that… NEVER take your car to CT!!!

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    Katrina says...

    OH and it was an apprentice that did the original work on my car however when the car was brought back in he was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND for the 4 hrs I stood there and watched them worked on my car… If you take your car in WATCH them closely

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    Reader303 says...

    2009 toyota has a canister oil filter with a plastic cap. You need a special tool to remove it. If the plastic cap is damaged the oil will leak.
    Toyota made this new style oil fiter so you would bring your car to the dealer instead of a regular garage that may not have the tools.
    When a car company makes these special parts on there cars they loose all my respect for trying to make you go to them instead of fixing it yourself.
    I wouldn’t trust what the dealer said any more than canadian tire.

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    Reader303 says...

    80.00 for a plastic cap on the oil filter housing, is a rip-off. The plastic isn’t very deep where the tool fits over it. Over time regardless who works on it, the plastic cap will need to be replaced because of poor design.

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    Michele says...

    My negative Cdn Tire experience was extremely dangerous - I was 8 mos pregnant, it was winter, and they did some brake work; on my way out of the parking lot I discovered they did not put in any fluid when the brakes failed completely! The only good thing was that I was not going very fast and was able to downshift and use the curb to stop me without hitting anyone else. I will NEVER go there again!

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    krummygirl says...

    2009: Drive a toyota echo 2000. I had to change my car battery; CT changed it, but with a smaller size and never told me that they didn’t have the right size. The dealer informed me about the cause of a rattling noise I complained during a servicing 6mths later.

    May 2010: car check engine light came on, CT told me it was due to the oxygen sensor and evap purge valve. As I didn’t have the money then, I could not fix it till Sept.
    Sept 23, 2010: They ran another check engine test and said there was a more serious problem now involving the canister close valve. They fixed the canister close valve and oxygen sensor, billed me $959. They said if the check engine light comes back on, it would be due to the evap purge valve. Check engine light off.
    Oct 22, 2010: check engine light back on, took the car back to CT to have the evap purge valve fixed. They ran another check engine test for free and informed me that the problem was not the evap but that I had to replace the filler neck, the purge hose to canister and the neutral safety switch. I was given an estimate of $1,036 and was told that I could still drive the car for 2-3 months before I would have to make the repairs.
    Nov 4, 2010: while driving, the gear shifter became loose. It was stuck in “drive” and was floppy. I carefully drove to CT. They checked it and told me it was due to a now broke shifter cable and neutral safety switch and gave me an estimate of $1,350 to fix it.

    I’m beginning to think of foul play here and suspect that they must be breaking parts in my car since they appear to not know what they are talking about. This is a car I rarely, if ever drive with a mileage of 100,200 after 11yrs. I religiously did all maintenance and mileage services according to the car recommendations.
    I would have the car towed to the dealer and have it fixed there. Thou, I would pay slightly more; at least I would be assured peace of mind and would not keep having new problems each time. I’m kicking myself for not doing this in the first place.

    I am never going to CT again!!!

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    Ivhadenough says...

    Stay far away from Sarnia Crappy Tire auto Service.They take all day to do simple repairs and oil changes.Try to sell you unneeded parts, and do shoddy work.The service manger(Mark) is never around and when you do get to talk to him,he is rude,abrasive and knows nothing about cars(How did he get that job).The only good point with Sarnia,s service is the two very friendly and helpful advisers (Don and Kevin).Maybe if one of these helpful and honest advisers was made Manager I would go back

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    anita says...

    My brother in law got a job @ the CT garage. He was a back yard mechanic with no experience! And they hired him! Shows all of u what kind of “service” u get from an unqualified 18 year old! He told us all about how “mechanics” there all get bonuses every week for all the “work” that’s actually being done! So, they create problems on vehicles to get their bonus! The supervisors know about it too!
    Also; a person I know got smart with them. He knew what was wrong with his car and took it to CT after marking the parts that needing replacing! After 3 days they called him that he could get his car and it was going to cost him around $700! He opened the hood and checked it out! Not 1 marked part was replaced! But there were new parts under the hood! Needless to say, he never paid for labour or parts!

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    Ghismo says...

    My wife did bring our car in a CT in montreal for a tire change… After the change, they did pretend that our car battery was almost dead and that it would probably be impossible for her to get back home with such a battery !

    She did not believe the CT guy, since that guy has told the same story to three others customers while she was waiting… She did come back home without problems and, few hours later, we did went to see a mechanic we know and guess what ? OUR BATTERY WAS OK !

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    talkative says...

    Only reason I took my car to CT was that it was only shop open on sat and sun days. I found engine caps missing after one day of oil change and full oil was spalshed out. Luckily my car was saved and they denied their mistakes. I saw one technician was working at the same time with my car and after one hour they charged me for one hour. Today I got quotes from CT for timing belt with water pump $920.94 and brake pad and rotor $833.94. At the same time Kitchener Auto club quoted $651 in total for both. all my visit to CT had bad experience, but compelled because they are only known works in the weekend. So beware before to go there.

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    Blossom says...

    A couple of years ago took my car into CTire for a oil change
    And after driving 300 km couldn’t figure why my car was lagging
    So I lifted my hood to find my engine block was glowing red. Then
    I decided to check my oil and low and behold it wasn’t even reading
    On the dip stick. So my assumption was that they put some oil in the
    Car but never ran it a little to move the oil through the filter. That’s the last time I ever took my cars to Canadian tire again.

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    Kim says...

    I’m not sure if the Ft Road Crappy tire is honest or not. I’m leaning to not after this morning. My husband and son took our 1 month old van in to get an oil change. My husband drives a lot of kms in a month for work, so he changes the oil often.

    The van is a used van, but it had an oil change, all new filters etc before we purchased it, we have the work orders from the shop where it was done. They are a BBB approved shop. My husband also looked at the air filter, engine etc when we bought it. It was very clean

    After changing the oil they checked the air filter, and brought out an air filter tos how my husband that it needed changing, this filter was caked in dirt and had oil stains on it. Neither my husband nor my son could believe an air filter would get that bad in one month. Felt like a push to make a few extra $$, and that they were being shown a filter from another van other than ours.

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    Clare says...

    This story is VERY SCARY which just happen to us.

    I was a member of Kitchener Auto Club, a garage located at Victoria St. S Kitchener.

    Oner KEN MARTIN misled us to buy maintaince service YOU DON’T NEED and cheated us to replace things that is UNRELATED!!

    KEN told us to replace four Oxgen Sensors ONE at a TIME, that is JUST for diagnosing purpose!! The cheapest one cost $250, for so-called “process of elimination”, can you believe it??
    For a misfire issue, any mechanics knows that has nothing to do with sensors, even if all sensor broken down won’t make your car shaking like that. But KEN said we need to replace them all!! Worst!! I phoned retail store found out KEN made 80% profit just by selling us that part!!!

    Eventualy KEN said he found the problem, simply a P.C.V. hose needs to be replaced. And then told us we also need to use “New-Engine flush” kit cost $120, which is Mandatory for fixing this issue. Later we found that’s just $11 at PartSource, for regular maintaince, totally irrelevent to the P.C.V. hose!!

    Another customer we met the other day also so-called “club member”, who just paid $700 for four regular tires bought from KEN!!

    This is their website:

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    Larse says...

    Let me begin by saying I like Canadian Tire and I do most of my hardware shopping at their stores. The only real problem I’ve had is with their automotive service department.

    A couple of years ago, I was on my way to Canadian Tire to buy tires when the brake warning light on my dash board lit up. When I got to Canadian Tire, I had their service department check my brakes and give me a repair estimate. They quoted me more than $1300 to fix the problem, which included replacing brake parts on all four wheels. What are the chances of the individual brake parts on all four wheels failing at the same time? I’m betting it’s never happened in the history of automobile manufacturing. But I’m sure there must have been a perfectly reasonable explanation for the quote, probably something to do with safety and/or higher overhead costs.

    To make a long story short, I bought my tires, kept my mouth shut and left the store. The next day I had a private mechanic diagnose the brake problem and repair the brake on one rear wheel, and it cost me $250. Problem solved. Now grab your barf bags! I asked the mechanic if I needed any additional work done on the other three brakes and he said I didn’t, they were fine.

    A couple of years later I had a private mechanic replace the front brake pads and rotors.

    Are you sick yet?

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    Peter says...

    I just bought an used car and brought it to Canadian Tire for an official inspection to be able to transfer registration. The lady I bought it from had it in the garage two days before. After they checked the car, I got a long list with bad breaks, broken bulbs and two rear axle replacements totalling more than $1500. Because the former owner seemed trustworthy and I just checked all lightbulbs and breaks myself (as far it was possible to do that), I brought it to a third garage for another inspection. At the end of the day I had an official inspection paper for $50 and they couldn’t find anything that needs to be repaired. Asking around later people told me I should never have gone to Canadian Tire for automotive service. But still a $1500 bill for nothing is quite crazy.

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    j pereira says...

    canadian tire did damage on my left rear tire when they changed the rims they denined they did it stay away far away from canadian tire they are abunch of theives and no idea how to fix any auto f******k ups stay away form them

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    kundra says...

    Today, September 28, 2011 at 13:35 pm I took my car in for a routine OIL CHANGE, picked it up at 15:23 after paying my $43.44. Just pulling the car out of the plaza, I had no brakes, the brake light was on and the pedal went down to the metal. Luckily I had an emergency brake!
    I returned back to the Canadian Tire for them to look at the brake line; sure enough, they were broke. I said it was their fault, the brakes were fine when I drove it in for the oil change. The response was - look where the problem is - at the rear, the oil change was at the front. My response was - In my absence, you could have done anything to the car.
    I informed them that I was not having the work done there, and taking it to my mechanic. He wrote a report blaming the problem on the age of the vehicle and rust and corrosion; not the fact that the brakes had been fine before the car had been tampered by them. He also gave a warning that the vehicle should not be driven.

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    adam says...

    Just took my jeep to local cantire store in saskatoon, they mounted and balanced my tires fine at a good price. 2 days later i went to take my rear wheels off to pull my axle and the lug nuts were so tight i couldnt even get them off with a breaker bar (im 6′0 and 210lbs) went and complained to canadian tire, they didnt take responsibility for anything, had to go to another mechanic shop and they were so tight 4 studs broke off trying to get my rims off. buyer beware stay away unless you enjoy half wit kids working on your vehicle

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    Haywood Jablowme says...

    They make their money off “new Canadians” and only employ “new Canadians” so they’re basically stealing from their brothers….nothing to see here.

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    LEGACYIII says...

    Canadian Tire Coventry Road Location:
    Brought my Ranger in today to get my winter tires on and a winter package (check-up/oil change.) Three hours later, the winter tires are on but no oil change because the service person had improperly entered the code! He had entered Winter package upgrade. 3 hrs later no oil change.

    The edge of the driver’s door was scratched and had cement on it and now the door ajar light comes on and off.

    Drove over to Oil Changers. The truck was driving funny (bouncy bouncy). The service person asked me if I wanted the pressure in my tires reduced because they were almost double what they should be(bad news on ice)!

    Last year when I brought it in to get winter tires on, the service person let the bungee cord go and it dinged the paint on my new tonneau cover.

    I love to shop at CT, spend thousands every years, but a word of advice, stay away from the auto service centre, especially the Coventry Road location in Ottawa. You’re likely to run into problems and they will deny and not give a rat’s a%?.

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    marius says...

    I went with the car at Yonge and Steels in Toronto because the car did not start when the engine was hot and no coolant engine in the reservoir. They did an estimation in dollars and hours None of them were correct. Instead of 800 costed 1500 and instead of 2 hours, took 3 days. A lot of parts they said were changed at the cooling system, however after one month, I notice there is again the same problem including the no coolant engine in the reservoir and of course no heat in the car. and of course after I took the car from them I had oil leakage. I went back and they told me that there was something else to change other 160. What I guess they do is guess what is to be fixed and intentionally break other parts. I am wndering if there is really a legal way to handle this bad service? bottom line, I will never ever go back to them again.

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    Chris says...

    I went to Canadian Tires in Mississauga to fix a leak in my cooling system. They checked the car, and of course I had to pay for the inspection. They gave me an estimate of $1,200 to fix it as they said they need to change the heat core and the thermostate. I asked them what’s wrong with the thermostate, as my car was not over heating and they started telling me a long story about how my 1999 Ford Explorer is designed in a way that wouldn’t make it over heat when the thermostate is broken. For my good luck, I had to change the thermostate two years ago and I remember well how my car was over heating, so I didn’t believe tham and decided to get a second opinion. I went to a local mechanic shop in Mississauga and I paid $100 to get my car fixed. No heater core, not thermostate, nothing of all the crap they told me.
    From what I experenced and heard from friends, it seems to be in all CT stores.

  52. 0

    CandySW says...

    I went to canadian tire in Edmonton, AB because my oil light kept coming on and off, so i took my car in. They checked it and said everything was fine and its just a glitch, they also took it for a drive and couldn’t get the light to come on. Their only advice for me was to get a tune-up. I didnt have time for that right then and there. A month later I was driving to my home town, and my car broke down on the side of the highway. I got it towed into my hometown, and took it to my usual auto-shop. Turns out my there was no oil going to my engine, and my oil pressure was low. In result of Canadian Tire not finding this (even though they should have) my controlling rod broke, and the barrings fell off right before it broke down… Great to know I spent 150$ to get it looked at and being told i just need a tune-up, and now I am car-less, the damage is not fixable… thank you CT !!

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    G.R. says...

    I’ve left my car, an old Dodge Stratus (1998) at Canadian Tire 7200 De Sainte-anne-de-bellevue (St Jacques) Montreal, on Dec 18, 2011 to change a ball joint (left control arm). They called after 3 days asking for 400$, obviously, I refused.

    I went in the same day after work to tow the car, but the car DISAPPEARED COMPLETELY!

    Someone stole (towed) my car, as it was immobilized. I tried to ask for details, but nobody at CT seemed to care about my car, I’ve just told that the car was in the CT parking area. Although there is a video surveillance system for the CT facilities, nobody was able to tell me any details about the theft. Either the indifference is total at CT, or some CT employees were involved in the theft.

    So people, if you think to leave your car at Canadian Tire Auto Service shop for repairs, think twice!
    You car might just disappear as it never existed, and CT won’t assume any responsibility!

    I know I could sue CT at small claims court, but I cannot afford to spend more money on lawyers, taxes etc, and there is no guarantee that I will win, and even if I win, I will recover some money in at least one year.

    As for CT incompetent employees, I’ve never seen another auto parts store even close to CT.
    Every little response, question, part, advice, etc, from a CT employee was a total disaster (and there were many, as I use to work as mechanic in the past and I still do some small repairs in my spare time). Why I’m still buying from CT? Because some products are quite good and the price on sale is decent - but I never ask any employee for anything.
    I remember for example when I asked for 2 bolts(studs) with nuts for wheels. The guy spent about 10 minutes to find the parts and put them in a sealed bag. I went to the cashier twice, first time one stud was missing. When I went home I saw that the studs were different and I had to grind one. There are just a few things in life easier that to choose a wheel stud, still, I couldn’t get that done at CT.

  54. 0

    Kevin R says...

    Took my 2007 Ford into my local CT with a rubbing noise that I thought might have been a wheel bearing. VERY long story short, first visit they said it wasn’t the bearing, it was the brakes (replaced two years ago). New rotors and pads on the front, rear calipers ’serviced’. Drove away, rubbing noise still there. Second visit, I’m told the noise is tire noise as front and rear tires are different. Over next few days, I determine that this rubbing is definitely not tire noise, so…. Third visit. This time, they tell me it’s the rear rotors and pads (yes, the ones they’d ’serviced’). Admittedly, they covered the cost of the parts for my trouble, but charged labour. STILL had the rubbing noise! Fourth visit, and now they’re saying I have a flat spot on a rear tire. These tires were new 18 months ago and the car is driven every day. I’ve told them where to stick their $300 tires as I’ll be taking the car elsewhere now. Never going back to CT for car service.

  55. 0

    Kevin R says...

    Me again with my 2007 Fusion. I just went to collect my car (with the ‘flat spot’ rubbing noise) and asked why, if this supposed flat spot was the problem, had it not been picked up on my previous three visits. The reply from the service manager (not Jonathon-he’s pretty decent)? “That’s because it only really became prominent once the brakes were fixed.” I then asked what would cause such a flat spot. Reply “Probably a defect in the tire.” He then tried to support this by saying “You can tell that because the noise is there at 60 but disappears at 80″. He had no reply when I said that his answer was interesting as, at 100, it sounds like I’m being followed by a helicopter and that my original complaint was the rubbing noise that got progressively worse up to highest speed. DO NOT take your car to CT. They either don’t know what they’re doing or they just guess at what will fix your car. Btw, that’s the Waterdown branch.

  56. 0

    Alex says...

    CT is a huge ripoff. They wanted over $600 + tax to install an alternator in my car. I went home and found a garage that would install a new alternator for $160 within ten minutes!! Three hours of labour to install an alternator? give me a break. These guys are a huge ripoff and I will NEVER go back again. Even if my car broke down in a Canadian Tire parking lot I would get it towed somewhere else.

  57. 0

    Denis says...

    Another sad story, brought my 2006 Aveo in for an alignment in St-Jerome,Qc. The alignment was 79$ but there was extra fee of 10$ for using torches for unscrewing bolt, WOW that’s alot of torching… anyway, came back 2 hours later, they hadn’t done anything (not totally true). First they told me, before the alignment, I had to replace table bushings, ball-joints and complete rear axle and yadayada… for a total of over 1200$. Told them to forget it, and left paying 25$ for them to look at the car… (contained myself!!) , I left with the car and the alignment was way way off, tires were screeching while going straight. So I drove 60km like this to a trusted mechanic who had the alignment kit, he inspected the car and did the alignment. The car came out driving straight without any problems. I specifically asked him about the axles and bushings and he told me they were in perfect and safe condition. END of story…
    And here I thought there was no way CT could screw up an alignment.

  58. 0

    scott ireland says...

    After 20 years I returned to CT for oil changes thinking the mechanics might have improved over the years. This year (2012) they did a bad job again. After the oil/filter change, I drove home. Next morning I noticed an oil spot on the the driveway and the oil dipstick indicated the level was well above the maximum mark. I went back to the Montreal CT store and they corrected only one problem. In the past I used different garages including Toyota dealers, my conclusion is that 50% of the mechanics are unable to perform correctly an oil change.

  59. 0

    Robe de mariee says...

    What an amazing review it is! Can I get some more of you thoughts on the topic?

  60. 0

    HV says...

    I agree with original writer and most of you who have had bad experience with Canadian Tire. My power steering oil leaked and being CT the nearest repair shop i took my car to them. They took took the car in immediately and came back to me after 1.5 hrs with an estimate which as $484, i asked what all they think needs repair or replacement, OMG belt, engine wash, diagnosis, pressure switch and power steering flush. I said i just need switch and power steering flush. After lot of selling they agreed to what i want them to do. They said car will be ready in 3 hours, no call from them till 5 hrs, i called and i was told the part that came is wrong so they have reorder the part, now it will come next day, next day again same story, now its 5th day my car is at there workshop and its not in even condition to bring it back as they have removed oil and switch. I am stuck, BEWARE of this store……. and save yourself from hassle.

  61. 0

    Jen says...

    I’m tired so I’m barely scratching the surface here, but the most recent of my experience with CT absurdity..

    Rear passenger tire goes flat and I’m using the donut. Off to CT thinking they should at least be able to get tires right. $75 each new tire and $16/tire to install and balance. Sounds reasonable, but was still outside my budget at the time. Call around to the scrap yards and end up with 2 pretty good used tires for $30 each. CT charged the same amount to install and balance whether you bought the tires there or not. $100 later I’ve got 2 used tires installed and a free inspection pointing out my brake light was out. Estimated cost for them to repair: $23.39+tax. Take the estimate to the shelf and cost of bulb: $4.99 for a pack of 2. The bulb case is attached to the inside of the trunk by 2 screws. The bulb itself pops in and out. Installed in my driveway in under 5 minutes (including time to go inside and get the screwdriver lol).

    Skip ahead a couple months to today and I go to the same scrap yard for front tires. Again, off to CT for them to be installed. Walked to McDonalds to get dinner for while I wait in the service waiting area. Halfway through my burger one of them comes in saying they can’t get the car to start. I go out and check, turns out he couldn’t figure out how to get past the steering wheel being locked (needs to be turned to the right a bit while turning the key). I ended up driving it into the bay and onto the lift myself (and backing it out after too).

    Next they claimed my coolant was dirty and I needed the radiator flushed. $111.51+tax. I haven’t checked for comparisons yet to know if that’s reasonable, but I it doesn’t matter since there’s no way they’re doing the flush. Listed on the estimate: 2 bottles motomaster concentrated antifreeze. I drive a Saturn SC1, the car takes 1 bottle Dexcool and 1 bottle of distilled water. Full concentrated antifreeze would be an insulator and make the car overheat. Not to mention the 2 types of antifreeze don’t mix well if there were any bits of old fluid leftover.

    Just to top it all off, they inflated all 4 tires to 35 psi. The specs are printed right on the side of the door 32 for the front and 28 for the back. Really?! They couldn’t even inflate tires correctly? It’s a scary thought that people would trust them to get something as important as brakes done right.

  62. 0

    CT neighbour says...

    I have stopped doing ANY auto business with Canadian Tire because I can’t figure out where the line is between any experienced mechanics doing the work and the clueless kids. Both Canadian Tire stores in Thunder Bay ON, have messed up oil changes on my vehicles. On one occasion I returned to the desk BEFORE I even moved my car because there was a rag visibly tangled up in the tie rods. I opened the hood and reached down to remove it, and found my air filter housing wasn’t re-attached and the PCV hose wasn’t either.
    Service manager’s reaction? “What do you want ME to do about it?”
    No wonder there’s a website called

  63. 0

    susan says...

    Please dont go to Canadian Tire. They told me i needed a new driver’s side tie rod when i got some tires. I said no thanks because i usually have the car serviced at the dealer. Next time i was at the dealer they told me nothing was wrong with the tie rod. Now, my son has a car and he took it to Canadian tire for a safety inspection (long story short he would not have taken it there if he had option but circumstances of transferring car and his work). The car is in great condition; just required the safety to be plated. The same canadian tire told him he needed a new driver’s side tie rod! I am so upset because i know this is a lie! 300! I feel sick. We just took the car from TN to Ottawa Canada and there was no noises and the person who gave us the car just had it checked out.
    I have proof about the tie rod recommendation on an invoise and my dealer saying these are ok on an invoice. I have other bad experiences at Canadian Tire
    Someone blogged that we should not penalize all canadian tires for the acts of some. What Crap. This is a business and the culture of a business and management at the top should know what their subsidiaries are up to.
    Someone else told me Canadian Tire works on commission so their employees tell clients they need more work done than they actually do. Them maybe use a different bonus mechanism!!!
    I will never go to a Canadian Tire again.

  64. 0

    Anthony says...

    @ Ami I noticed your arguement but although you may seem smart your missing the discussion. It’s about the service of CT being below regular standards and not the kids working there. Everyone who is blaming the kids needs to look at the real issue. Alot of people are finding bad service from many CTs all over Canada and why? Even if the kids did something wrong, its about CT never taking responsibility when it happens. So CT is to blame, they choose a system that doesn’t properly guide the regular mechanics to the apprentices. Honestly I would never go to CT with this many compaints, I mean is it even worth testing whether they are good or bad? Is it worth the few extra bucks saved if they give you a coupon? Its not about complaining to better business bureau, these systematics are not perfect, the better business bureau would have to do an investigation, then they would have to find proof of negligence in the CT system and not just individual stores. Proof that the System as a whole is fishy. Investigating complaints isn’t enough, its just enough to investigate the issue but how do you think they would prove that CT is negligent towards mechanic issues? Very hard and thats why CT still survives, they know when they happen to get investigated they will take certain actions to make sure they do not fail like anyone else when they feel threatened.

  65. I relished the post. It was a wonderful read. Filled with a ton of well written info I will be back. Hopefully to see more great info added. thanks allot. Build Your Pectorals

  66. 0

    Fran says...

    We agree … we had many bad experiences with Canadian tire in Winnipeg, dishonest and always overcharge clients.

  67. 0

    Brian McNairn says...

    Bad Service at Canadian Tire? Hmmm. I took my 2009 Ford Ranger to CT. for an oil change, not to difficult, remove oil plug, drain oil, remove the old oil filter, replace oil plug, fill new filter with Quakerstate Synthetic Oil, install new filled oil filter, fill with the purchased oil to proper level, not difficult agreed? The Cornwall On. CT managed to screw it up! Picked up my truck, was driving to work in Ottawa, oil light comes on! Immediately pull over, stopped engine, and checked under the hood, mmm everything OK there. Checked underneath vehicle, oil covering everything, grabbed my CT tool kit and managed to worm my way under the the truck. What do I find? The oil plug so badly cross threaded that less than half a turn removed it! I managed to, actually it was quite easy, to reinstall the plug and put enough oil in it to get me to Ottawa with oil light off, luckily I always keep a couple of litres in the truck and had some left over from the oil change. Went to the Clyde St. CT, for them to top up the oil level and to replace my 2L of Quaker State Synthetic. Ended up arguing with the manager, no joy there! So I started stopping people before they dropped off their vehicles, finally, the manager came out and agreed to a new oil change, extra 2L of my oil, and pressure washed the underside of my truck.
    Moral of story? Stay away from CT if you want repairs done correctly and don’t have the time to argue and create a nasty scene.

  68. 0

    TYTU says...

    I was just at Canadian tire today to get some new windshield wipers for my Honda Fit 2009 and it was my first time changing those wipers so I asked for advice because I couldn’t get the old ones out and most of them told me there is supposed to be a little button BEHIND the wipers that you need to PUSH in so the blades can push out! I went to check just to make sure but i know for sure there werent any “button” that they were talking about so I took pictures of my old blade and went back to show them but they insist there is a button. I totally walked out ignored what they said and figure it out on my own and lucky me I finally got it open. There was no such pin but instead all i had to do was PULL the front notch and it popped right out. I spend 30 mins out in the snow storm finding that notch that they were talking about for no reason!

  69. 0

    raymond says...

    sounds like most of you people have no idea how a canadian tire garage or any garage works the reason canadian tire shops have so many complaints is because they have so many shops not to mention most of the customers they get are broke or to cheap to maintain there car so when it does go in for service it needs a pile of work and they want everything done cheap as possible i have worked for canadian tire shop before i have had people come in buy the cheapest parts they can find and get us to instal them then get mad when the parts fail. most of todays customers are idiots powered by google who think they know everything and cant be told different

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