Discrimination At Bowmanville Walmart

By Dianne

Finally the new walmart opened on June 11/10 in Bowmanville. My husband and I were extremely excited after waiting so long. We planned our evening to check out the new store and make some purchases. We checked out with $131.00 in purchases. Our check out clerk’s name was Lorraine. I presented Lorraine with a Native Status card entitling me to a PST exempt. After paying for the purchases this clerk made a very derogatory remark by advising me after July 1/10 that card would have no use to me. That card happens to be who I am. It represents my heritage and where I come from. I was so upset by the remark that I left behind a blouse I purchased. I called the store not once has the manager called back to apologize. I still do not have my blouse. I called head office 2 times and was told that I need to wait at least 48 hours for an apology. Can you image having to wait 2 days for a manager to pick up the phone to apologize. I am so disappointed with the way Walmart has ignored my complaint and that a company discriminates against other cultures and heritages in such a multicultural province. I work hard for my money and I’m a tax payer.

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    Joyce says...

    First of all, I think you’re taking this waaaaaaay over board. The cashier was simply notifying you of the changes after July 1st.

    You said, “hat card happens to be who I am”. That’s fine and all but most people do not understand how someone identifies themselves entirely based on a card.

    You then said, “am so disappointed with the way Walmart has ignored my complaint and that a company discriminates against other cultures and heritages in such a multicultural province.”

    OMG, cry me a river! Even “if” the cashier had made an inappropriate comment, this does not mean the entire company feels the same way. Your post is nothing more than a cry for sympathy where it’s not warranted.

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    Babalue Sanchez says...

    “I work hard for my money and I’m a tax payer.” BUT YOU ARE USING A PST EXEMPT CARD HAHAHAHA THATS FUNNY

    Also I agree with Joyce, the OP is just a whiny little baby. It’s not as though the cashier asked you why you weren’t drunk and on welfare, if she had said that you may have had a complaint, but you really need to toughen up and move on.

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    Say What says...

    I don’t get how the cashier was being racist? How was that derogatory? And why the heck do you allow a card to define “who you are”? Give me a break.

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    Ashley says...

    I also have a Native status card. I really can’t see how the cashier was being derogatory in saying that the card will be of no use for tax exempt purposes after July 1st because the HST comes into effect. She was simply pointing out the fact, that our Native Status cards will no longer be used for PST exemption after July 1st. You are blowing a very simple comment completely overboard. That was not a racist comment, and I would not have been offended at all if she had said the same thing to me.

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    bill says...


    wth does the site publish this garbage?

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    Alex says...

    Walmart employee forced to wear yellow vest after telling boss he’s gay

    “A Las Vegas man who held a temporary job at Walmart says he was stripped of all his responsibilities and made to wear a yellow vest after telling his manager that he’s gay.

    Fernando Gallardo has filed a complaint with the Nevada Equal Rights Commission claiming that his boss at a Vegas-area Walmart confronted him about his sexuality, and then began treating him rudely and alienated him from co-workers…”

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    Cheap says...


    I think that it is good to publish other people’s experiences and opinions. It is important to keep an open mind.

    We can’t always agree on things, but we can share, learn and be tolerant of each other.

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    zg08 says...

    I don’t think the cashier made a racist comment, the OP was probably in a bad mood to begin with and has blown the comment out of proportion.

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    Alex says...

    Discounting Rights
    Wal-Mart’s Violation of US Workers’ Right to Freedom of Association

    “In this 210-page report, Human Rights Watch found that while many American companies use weak US laws to stop workers from organizing, the retail giant stands out for the sheer magnitude and aggressiveness of its anti-union apparatus. Many of its anti-union tactics are lawful in the United States, though they combine to undermine workers’ rights. Others run afoul of soft US laws. Human Rights Watch’s investigation revealed that, in most cases, Wal-Mart begins to indoctrinate workers and managers to oppose unions from the moment they are hired. Managers receive explicit instructions on keeping out unions, many of which are found in the company’s “Manager’s Toolbox,” a self-described guide to managers on “how to remain union free in the event union organizers choose your facility as their next target.”

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    Tony says...

    oh come on stop it ,i hate it when people use the racist card when it has not been used,it is their store policy that you can not use your native card after that effective date,she was just advising you,furthmore you should apologize to wal-mart yourself,the cashier did her job and helped you from embarrasment if you happened to go into the store not haveing enough money thinking you would get the pst off/not pay it alot of people do calculations with taxes and what they will be paying before they go to cashier,somne dont even use plastic and only cash,so think about a little more next time before yapping racism,I am of etnic background myself ,so do not think non ethnic or non heritaged like you mentioned,i have ti sude with the cashier in this case sorry ,but that allegation is huge and can cost someone their job,respect and friends and evne family so think ,and make sure you interpreted it properly and not fill in the blanks and assume assumption is a bad thing,as far as your blouse if you paid for it go to store and talk to manger in person,itll save you time and you will get blouse back if opaid for,wal-mart is number 1 retailer in the stock markets and would not be their if they do not do all the right things,Sorry about your damn luck,stop crying the blues,we alll work hard for our money,my family and ancestors built half of the roads and highways in canada we do not get any bravados we just did what needed to be done,so it is one thing to sya you work hard and then take the gst exempt without ill feeling

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    cheylrs says...

    Its people like the op that make me thing racist thoughts when I see a native

    “Always a victim” - CRY ME A RIVER!!!!

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    Alex says...

    Walmart employee’s speak out about discrimination

    “I have worked with Wal-Mart for 13 years as a full-time employee and now they won’t give me 40 hours…”

    “… I frequently had to take ibuprofen just to get out of bed because weight belts were never available nor was another employee there to help.”

    “I had to use an electric cart to get around. The cart was moved while i was at lunch or in the restroom at least seven times. One time Management even found it in the walk-in freezer. It is clear that I am being discriminated against and hazed because of my disability.”

    “I have noticed that my store seems to schedule all the older people for late night duty…specifically the 2-11 shift. Some have successfully battled for early hours, but now we are being told that if we change our availability, we will be knocked back to part-time.”

    “I worked for Wal-Mart for 17 years and during this time, I experienced discrimination and was forced to work off the clock in order to fulfill managerial expectations.”

    Plus more.

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    Cheryls says...

    ALex you need to seek out professional help

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    RCSS Customer says...

    if this person felt discriminated against, who are we to say they are wrong? this person obviously felt the need to vent and you all basically shot them down. tisk tisk! as for the “always a victim” bit… you obviously are not aware of the true history of this country

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    Get real says...

    Alex was probably fired from Walmart and now spends his time at home cutting and pasting Walmart discrimination stories. Too much time on your hands buddy. We all know Walmart sucks but in this case I think the op is reading waaaaaay too much into what the cashier said.

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    Shannon says...


    “I work hard for my money and I’m a tax payer.” BUT YOU ARE USING A PST EXEMPT CARD HAHAHAHA THATS FUNNY

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    Alex says...

    Wal-Mart Fighting $7,000 Fine in Trampling Case

    “Wal-Mart Stores has spent a year and more than a million dollars in legal fees battling a $7,000 fine that federal safety officials assessed after shoppers trampled a Wal-Mart employee to death at a store…”

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    RPNShell says...

    Regarding HST exemption the point-of-sale exemption for Ontario First Nations won’t be in place until September.

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    MJ says...

    I have dealt with customers using the status card, and we have also been pointing out that after July 1 it is no longer valid until the new rules come into effect regarding HST.
    However, Under the rules for using the status card……I was under the impression that the status card exemption is for personal goods that are to be used in the home or business on the RESERVE….I also know for a fact that there are people that use the status card anywhere they can, for their friends and they have never even stepped foot on the reserve….
    The OP needs to settle down a bit….unless the cashier said some that actually was racist, and reminding you of a tax change is not racist, then go get your blouse and quit waiting for an apology that really isn’t necessary…..keep in mind that in retail we do deal with people who take advantage ALL the time….and I am not saying the OP is, but I doubt a card should be representing who you are, nor should you claim to be a taxpayer when arguing about your tax exemption…..

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    Alex says...

    Wal-Mart’s Culture of Control

    “Last June, 16,000 cheering shareholders participated in Wal-Mart’s annual shareholder’s meeting. The event, which took place in the Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville, Arkansas, was one part business, one part pep rally and one part Billy Graham revival. The darkness of the stadium was punctured only by spotlights, video projections and several thousand blinking buttons that the company gave out to its employees. Rock-and-roll success anthems blared alongside spontaneous outbursts of cheering and chanting from the countless Wal-Mart “associates,” who flew into the area from the company’s operations in other countries.”

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    bill says...

    what the hell? the cashier simply told you that the card would no longer work after July 1st, how is that discrimination? she was giving you a heads up! you my friend, are too sensitive and you have no right to be upset. This is in no way discrimination at all! How can you even figure that it was? come on give me a break!

    congratulations for making yourself look like a complete moron!

    BTW, its after July 1st,. so your card has no use anymore.
    I guess Im discriminating against you now arent I?


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    Lori says...

    Would you take a chill pill, the cashier was just doing her job by informing you of the changes. “I am a tax payer” yet you use a tax exempt card, sure it only exempted one tax but it’s still a tax you were not paying.

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    Alex says...

    Former Avon Wal-Mart employees claim discrimination
    Wrkers who are primarily Muslim and from West Africa saying managers denied them scheduled prayer breaks

    “Ten former Wal-Mart workers who are primarily Muslim and from West Africa have filed discrimination complaints against three stores in Western Colorado, saying managers treated them differently from other workers and denied them scheduled prayer breaks.”

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    radeyah says...

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    cashier says...

    I am a cashier that works at a grocery store in a town near a reserve so we did a lot of pst exemptions before July 1st. On July 1st I was working and well I had a lot of status card holders yell at me, swear at me and say some pretty awful things to me,(some were quite understanding though) and since i am just the cashier and not the government i clearly didn’t make the decision to bring in the HST and not do pst exemtions Not one of the status card holders apologized to me for calling me names, swearing at me or being rude. And believe me we had a paper taped to all of the tills weeks before July 1st to help remind people of the change. So I believe the cashier was just trying to remind or give a heads up to avoid being verbally abused in the future…

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    get real says...

    Current cashier discriminated against, states she was just doing her job.


    “I am a cashier that works at a grocery store in a town near a reserve so we did a lot of pst exemptions before July 1st. On July 1st I was working and well I had a lot of status card holders yell at me, swear at me and say some pretty awful things to me,(some were quite understanding though) and since i am just the cashier and not the government i clearly didn’t make the decision to bring in the HST and not do pst exemtions Not one of the status card holders apologized to me for calling me names, swearing at me or being rude. And believe me we had a paper taped to all of the tills weeks before July 1st to help remind people of the change. So I believe the cashier was just trying to remind or give a heads up to avoid being verbally abused in the future…

    wow Alex, we can all have fun with this!

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    James says...

    As far as I know, the Indian Status Card PST exemption is only to apply to Indians who live on reservations. By the sound of it, you do not.

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    Alex says...

    Walmart Associates

    ” No one is supposed to belong to any steady department.
    Our stores have had numerous managers step down and quit. Assistant Managers are leaving and stepping down and no one is being replaced with full time workers.
    If you request a transfer to another store be careful or you could be reclassified as part time.”

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    Alex says...

    Walmart’s CEO: An Hour’s Work For A Year’s Pay

    “Ed Smith, a Chicago Alderman, took a look at the salary for Walmart CEO Michael Duke. Duke earns $35 million dollars a year. By contrast, a Walmart employee starting out in a Chicago Walmart will earn $8.75 an hour, with a gross salary of $13,650.00 a year. According to ABC News, Alderman Smith decided to crunch these numbers. Calculating Michael Duke’s work week at 40 hours, Smith calculated the hourly wage of CEO Michael Duke. It came out to $16,826.92. In one hour, he earned more than one of his workers does in a year.”

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    islandlakes says...

    If you people knew the shameful history of this country, you would not be so quick to call this person a “whiner”. It is disgusting that she is not given the benefit of the doubt. I am suspecting that the tone of voice of the cashier was also not kind.

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    James says...

    Give it up, islandlakes. If you’re another one of those white, bleeding-heart liberals then why don’t you move out if this country is so “shameful”? If you’re Indian, get a grip and make something out of your life and quit whining and blaming the British for something that happened centuries ago.

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    Alex says...

    Walmart Gets Its Chicago Store, and Immediately Reneges on Its Wage Deal

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    Becky says...

    I can’t say who’s right or wrong in this situation however I would like to point out that it is quite rude of Dianne to pinpoint which location she went to and name the cashier that helped her. I’m sure Dianne wouldn’t like to see something negative about herself on the internet without having a chance to explain the other side of the story.

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    Alex says...

    Big Box Stores Don’t Produce Big Tax Gains

    “So-called big box stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot produce few tax revenues relative to their size…”

    “… big box stores produce slightly more tax revenue per acre than a single-family home — not much considering how hard cities and counties try to lure big box retailers with tax incentives and other grants.”

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    meeeee says...

    i went into walmart and they asked to check my bags before i entered

    OMG there being racist!!!!!!

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    Alee142010 says...

    Guys come on… Obviously there was more than just the cashier saying “the the card won’t be able to be used after july 1st.” I belive it would have been more the way that the cashier said this… I am not from native desent but when a person is discriminating against me, its usually body language and tone of voice rather than what is said.
    Dianne is not being a “Drama Queen”.
    I am annoyed with how some of you on this thread are acting, this is not displaying the SC attitude.

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    Johnny the Matt says...

    OK… So a few things I guess.
    1. Depending on delivery, this could have been the issue.
    2. That is the problem with humans and the emotions that we all so enjoy. Dianne may very well have felt the way she did and it is not up to us to determine that it was right or wrong. We all read the stories of people getting ripped off from here and there and we let that affect our decisions, perhaps. That was one persons feelings about a transaction.. Again, who are we.
    3. Wal-Mart does not care about its employees or most of there customers and for sure they could not care less about their competition. We all go there because we know the deals and are not willing to pay more for better service/products/community.
    4. Dianne, That card is not who you are nor does it represent your heritage. It is an ID card devised by INAC and has come about from the Indian Act. Congratulations, you have met THEIR standards to call yourself an Indian…
    5. For all other haters out there. Just because Dianne shops in Bowmanville; this does not mean that she lives there. If she claims to be a taxpayer, this could mean that she lives on Rez and works off. Buys product for use and consumption at home. We do not know the whole story.
    6. Finally, yes most of you are right, she will have to get a little tougher. Especially when trying to inform you all about her negative experience. This was probably a lot worse then the clerk by far!

    Please note, Keep your receipts as the ON Government will reimburse the PST portion of the HST you paid between July 1 and September 1…. If you are status that is….

  38. dis·crim·i·nate   
    1.to make a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing on the basis of the group, class, or category to which the person or thing belongs rather than according to actual merit; show partiality: The new law discriminates against foreigners. He discriminates in favor of his relatives.
    2.to note or observe a difference; distinguish accurately: to discriminate between things.
    –verb (used with object)
    3.to make or constitute a distinction in or between; differentiate: a mark that discriminates the original from the copy.
    4.to note or distinguish as different: He can discriminate minute variations in tone.
    5.marked by discrimination; making or evidencing nice distinctions: discriminate people; discriminate judgments.
    Use discriminate in a Sentence
    See images of discriminate
    Search discriminate on the Web

    Yes the walmart associate did discrimnate against you, but in a positive manner.

    1.to make a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing on the basis of the group, class, or category to which the person or thing belongs rather than according to actual merit; show partiality.

    This associate was offering you information about your identity card in which you misconstrued the information. Yes your PST exemption card is no longer valid according to your previouslly accustomed standards. Is it true that your Status card is “useless after July 1″? Must you now collect and be re-imbursed for your 8% tax difference?

    Keep waiting for some one to call back and kiss your ass, just what most ppl like to do, kiss someone’s ass for no reason.


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    Alex says...

    Wal-Mart puts local shops at risk

    “Because it is foreign-owned, the profits leave Canada. Wal-Mart makes a mockery of being asked to buy local.”

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    Alex says...

    The human cost of cheap clothing

    The garment industry as a whole uses developing countries to manufacture its products but, according to the British charity Action Aid, cheap fashion comes at a human price.

    It says the UK retail company Asda - part of the US giant Walmart - is not paying a decent wage to the workers in south Asia who manufacture its George clothing range.

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    Alex says...

    BPA Concern At Wal-Mart, Whole Foods And Others

    Environmental group finds alarming amounts of endocrine disruptor bisphenol-A on sales receipts.

    “Receipts from CVS, Wal-Mart ( WMT - news - people ), Safeway ( SWY - news - people ) and the U.S. Postal Service also contained alarming amounts of BPA.”

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    James says...

    No one cares Alex, just go away already.

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    marge says...

    I don’t see Walmart being racist to this person. Clearly, this person is pulling the racism card to draw sympathy. Sorry, I don’t buy this story.
    If you feel there is a problem with Walmart just stop shopping there.

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    Alex says...

    Family sues Walmart over intruder in store lot

    “Cedar City • A Florida couple who shot and killed an intruder in their motor home while it was parked in the lot of the Cedar City Walmart are suing the retailer, claiming store officials knew the man was loitering in the lot.

    Carl and Tracy Coltellino were settled in their motor home the night of July 26, 2006, when their nightmare began.”

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    unreal says...

    Wow. Don’t even know what to say. I think we should have a do over war for canada. Canadians against the indians. Who ever wins the war keeps the land. If the indians loose they can stfu and start living like the rest of us. No more exemptions of any kind. And if we loose we get tax exempt and they can take ours jobs over.

    And also its not very native to shop at walmart, you should be out catching dinner.

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    Johnny the Matt says...

    It is the complete asinine individuals such as unreal that makes these types of discussions a mute point.
    You claim that “we should have a do over war for canada. Canadians against the indians.” This leads people to believe that A) you believe that there was a war in the first place and B) that the “indians” won.
    Treaties were made between two separate but equally important groups.
    whether it was 5 years ago or 500 years ago these treaties were made and it is up to all parties which remain under the umbrella of the benefits to hold up their end of the deal.
    I hope that this is in simple enough terms for you unreal.

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    Alex says...

    US billionaires club together – to give away half their fortunes to good causes

    There are notable absentees.
    “Four of America’s 10 wealthiest people are members of the Walton dynasty which founded the world’s biggest retailer, Walmart, but none of the discount shopping heirs has signed up to the pledge.”

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    Johnny the Matt says...

    Awesome rant… confusing.. but awesome.

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    amb says...

    Umm.. Frankthetank… the exact same message was posted by someone named Katie under the Future Shop in Richmond review… Either you are the same person as Katie posting under a diff name, or you just copied and pasted the same post b/c you’re too lazy/ dumb to right your own.. nice.. just so you know, this shouldn’t even be posted here…jeez.

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    amb says...

    Whoops.. spelled right wrong… wanted to fix that before the spelling police got on my case;)

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    amb says...

    I wish there was a way to edit posts. I meant to put brackets around “right”, lol.
    Sorry for spamming this review!

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    bambam says...

    you meant “write”

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    Heather says...

    Bowmanville: Whitest & Most conservative town in the GTA.

    I grew up there. It wasnt until my 10th grade class was there someone who wasn’t caucasian. That being only 7 years ago, not much has changed.. surely a few more families have moved, but a small amount of racism is to be expected.

    Not that I think it is good.

    Nor do I think you were discriminated against.

    For a tiny town that didn’t even WANT a Wal-Mart out of fear that it would run the locally owned businesses of the tiny town out of business, I’m sure there are some already disgruntled employees.

    The cashier was only informing you that your card would be no good for the tax exemption. How are you a tax payer, anyway? You cry you want exemption and then call yourself a tax payer.

    Decide what you are and stop using your status as a tax break.

    And seriously, the closest reserve to Bowmanville is in Port Perry, you had to know the demographics of Bowmanville, and knowing them, why wouldn’t you just drive to the Wal-Mart in Oshawa if discrimination is such a big topic for you. You weren’t even discriminated against.

    You’d be real ticked off then to see the signs that were outside some of the grocery stores in Hamilton - “CHANGES TO THE INDIAN EXEMPTIONS” - how does that strike ya?

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    Janet says...

    You’ve got to be kidding!! So what you are saying is that you define yourself by a tax savings card?? Your card does not define your heritage…if it does you are an embarrassment to your heritage!! Get a life!

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    CJ says...

    The Native status cards are for all natives living on or off reserve. They are not required to live on reserve to get the pst exemption nor are they required to be taking the items back to the reservation.
    I too think this was blown way out of control. I am an native person, I use my exemption card all the time. I understood the ruling that came out on July 1st and I also understood that any purchases made between July 1st and Aug 31st would be credited back to me. I think this women must have read into something that wasn’t there. It is people like her who give the rest of us a bad name. I am looking forward to sept 1st when it will again be accepted at point of sale. Also, just to clear things up, we might be exempt from the PST portion of the tax, however, we still pay our income taxes and property taxes…so i understand the comment “I’m a tax payer” however like I said this was taken way too far.

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    Theresa says...

    The card is not who “you” are. It is a mere card that saves you money. I think that you should be defined by your character not some government program aimed at atoning for the sins of previous governments. I don’t think that the cashier did anything offensive.

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    Nwad says...

    I think it is the manner in which the clerk said it that made it sound offensive otherwise this woman would not have been offended. Haven’t you all ever been in that position at least once? Well I have and sometimes it is the tone in which someone says something that makes you feel offended so get off the woman’s back all of you and let her be. To me she is more interested in getting back her blouse that she paid for and left there.

    As for the apology part, that is a bit much because it was the cashier that was offensive in her opinion and not Wal Mart so no representative of Wal Mart should have to apologize as it’s her word against the cashier’s.

    Just remember people, the natives are the true Canadians and not one of us who are not native could lay claim to being a true Canadian.

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    Jo says...

    PST exemptions are only available for goods purchased for use on the reserve. If you live in Bowmanville you have never been entitled to a pst exemption regardless of your band card.

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    Lulu says...

    Holy Hanna….all this over what?? A couple bucks?? Yeah, you pay your taxes, as you should! You should also be thankful that every other instance you flashed your card you were given the exemption. You have this tax exemption, you get free health care, you get educated free…you now need to get real!!!

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    KS says...

    Of all the complaints I have read, this one is dumb. The OP sounds whiny. She sounds like one of those types that is just looking for trouble.
    I really don’t see how the cashier did anything wrong here.

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    madmomma says...

    Well duh, the words she said aren’t racist….it’s the tone she used.
    Sounds like she was jealous because a person was entitled to tax exemption.

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    madmomma says...

    Unreal should get a real education on Canadian History and First Nations History. In the past Canadian History was not based on the truth, and that’s what you have to unlearn.

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    another cashier says...

    Half Native here - and I have actually refused to get the card because I don’t feel I deserve a discount based on heritage - Proud to be native but I don’t think getting cash off on purchases has anything to do with being a true Native

  64. A cool post there mate ! Thank you for the post !

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    Dianne says...

    Thanks for replying to my letter, also “another cashier” you are NOT half native and even if you are if I choose to get the card then it is my choice. Lorriene made me fight with my husband an now we are sepearated all because he sided with her and said that she was not discriminating against me. The cashier lied and said it was a new bylaw.

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    Porkaroo says...

    Um… did I just read the above post right.
    THAT is your update on the situation?

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    Big Bob says...

    I feel bad for laughing but I’m laughing really hard right now. Dianne congratulations to your husband for realizing the mistake he had made.

    PS- I hope things work out for you.

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    Joe Blow says...

    Uummm…Wow. I think Dianne has a lot more going on than we realize. I think her husband may have just realized this as well. Dianne I hope you eventually come to your senses and realize you made a mountain out of an anthill. Take care.

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    Patricia says...


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    Sandie says...

    I fail to regonize where the cashier was being racist. She was simply doing her job of informing you of the pending changes that you were obviously not aware of.
    With regards to the comment of you working hard for your money I don’t think that you will find much sypmathy from people with that comment. You may be working but you pay less tax if any compared to the rest of us, education is free where as most of the post secondary students out there are working to pay what student loans doesn’t cover and in the end are left with huge debt.
    Also on a side note if you are letting a “card” define who you are then I think that you have much deeper issues than the fact of the comment that the cashier made towards you.

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    A says...

    This is just ridiculous!! First of all, how can you say “another cashier” is NOT half native? Do you personally know her ancestral background?…I don’t think so!

    Kudos to your husband for leaving. If you make a mountain out of a molehill with such a small thing as this, I can’t imagine how you react with REAL issues.

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    cc says...

    omg…I never laughed so hard….Dianne really,,,is this some SNL skit????I have tears streaming down. You poor thing, you have to pay a few more cents on your walmart snack items. boooo hooooo! Glad hubby came to his senses, maybe he is dating Lorraine! Buahahahahahahaha! Get a grip!

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    RB says...


  74. I am very happy that I seen this specific page. This is just the advice I was browsing for.

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    Kathy says...


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    Kathy says...

    Bowmanville Walmart Supervisor Employees are a click on power trips

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    Ron Simmons says...

    All Walmarts are a joke. I’m surprised anyone shops there.

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    Jennifer says...

    Well….lets give Dianne the benefit of the doubt here…..Maybe it wasn’t what the cashier said but rather how she said it. The tone of a person’s voice, their body language and facial expressions are very telling. While the comment itself was not derogatory the implication behind it may well have been. If you feel the cashier was being rude or disrespectful than you certainly have a right to complain and bring it to her supervisor’s attention. Dianne, maybe you could have asked the cashier to clarify her comment? You might have found out that it was a totally innocent comment or maybe it wasn’t. Either way it would have been a good idea to get clarification. I just think that as human beings we need to communicate better and try to understand the meaning behind what people are saying rather than make assumptions.

  79. 0

    wow says...

    LOL!! Omg! Just came across this and I am stunned! What a joke, obviously if your husband sided with her, then it could not have been that bad. You probably just had a pms trip, because she reminded you that you would have to pay full taxes for a bit like every other canadian! Or maybe you wanted more freebies and tried to get the manager to give you a rebate. It is sad, people say that they are being discriminated and just want equality, but yet they contradict themselves by getting invovled in a group that only allows their heritage. I feel horrible for the poor cashier, I believe what you have done here is, defamation of character. Shame on you!

  80. 0

    Clara Bourne says...

    Mall RatJuly 11th, 2007 at 2:18 am

  81. 0

    A says...

    I googled Bowmanville Walmart in hopes to find holiday hours and this was the first webpage that showed up in my search. Really? I got sucked into it though, holy smokes.

    Dianne, I empathize with how you’re feeling. I’m sorry you felt discriminated against. It must have been in the tone or something because based on what the cashier said, I feel she was just informing you of the change. Having worked as a cashier elsewhere before, customers can be very rude when changes happen…she was probably just trying to give you a heads up.

    Also, if this really was Dianne that posted the second time, I don’t think you can blame Lorraine for the break up of your marriage. That’s just plain childish. You and your husbands actions are to blame for that…leave the cashier out of it.

  82. 0

    Paulene says...

    The cashier was informing the person about the STATUS card being rejected after July 1st. Her tone may have appeared racist, but she may have been tired or just having a bad day. It was harsh to blame ALL OF WALMART for the incident. I am sure that timing is what took the store so long to call you back, not a rule made by the store chain on apology policy. I have contacted stores before and their standard message says that it could take up to 48 hours to receive a reply and I truly believe that is what you heard.

    Alex….I can see that you are on a mission here, I am sorry that you have been injured in some way by WALMART! I am more worried about you, more than the original poster on this page.

    Too many people cry discrimination these days for NO GOOD REASON, some for truly good reason, but many more just to get attention. I think that you should have thought out your letter before writing it as it makes you appear to be whining about something that is not warranted. Also, some of your statements make you sound ignorant as well! “I AM A TAXPAYER!” Yet you are using a PST exemption card?

    If you really were discriminated against, that is sad, but writing about it without any disregard for what you were writing or without using the 24 hour cool down period, makes your argument for discrimination appear frivolous and just an excuse as a minority to whine.

  83. 0

    Paulene says...

    You did not accuse Walmart for the break-up of your marriage? Now I can see that you really do have issues!

  84. 0

    Dawn says...

    WOW this is crazy. It is the cashiers job to inform you of future changes. As a person of status my self who has chosen not to get the card for various reasons thinks it is off base to think that a card defines a Native because that is simply bull. Those who live on the reserve are the ones that should be using the card and are entitled to it and all the so called perks that come with it! unfortunately everyone of status(mind you that status nowadays doesn’t define percentage of indian blood anymore you can be .0000001% and get a card as long as you have ancestor info) thinks they are entitled to a card and not to pay taxes , get education paid etc. Plain wrong! •Status Indians are not required to pay Ontario Retail Sales Tax (RST) on most goods or services that will be consumed or used on a reserve. Most people now do not live on the reserve and think they are entitled just because they are part native..but they are just taking advantage of a system that was put in place for actual natives on the reserve. I am just saying, I remember the reserve as a child visiting family but I do not live there, the conditions were awful, I do not have a card because that is not what this system was meant for. My great great great great etc etc grandfather fought the battle , he deserved it not myself. I am a Canadian , have a great job, great education and live in a wonderful area off a reserve, but am still a Native. It is time to stop making claims to an act that was created in 1876. (hence Great Great Great etc grandfather)It is 2012, I hope they abolish the act and create a modern act or bill that will stop the fraud of the true meaning of this status card. Only time will tell. If you do not live on a reserve Dianne then you shouldnot be saying a thing or taking advantage of the card!

  85. 0

    Mike says...

    In regards to Dianes complaint !!!!

    All of the people that made coments about Diane were not there to here the tone
    of the cashear. To say she is over reacting is wrong. The manager never called back to exspane or apologize so that says alot. If I was a manager I would have called her and first said that They were sorry for how she felt in regards to the coment . The cashiers were probably told
    to inform the card holders of the changes and that she was probably very yong and may have said it with the wrong tone .She did not tell Diane that they were TOLD to say this so give Dian a break. Alot of the coments are very harsh and you don’t even know this lady. And to Diane you realy can’t say that wallmart is a company discriminates against other cultures and heritages. They may have delt with your situation wrong. I hope you get your blouse back and get it all cleard up with wallmart. Don’t forget it was a band new store and Lorrane was new to dealing with the public .My son works there and has been working hard so that he would be a manager som day. I assure you he would have delt with your complant ASAP. I am sure if you were called right away this complaint would have never hsppend. Good luck and take care.

    PS. to all others she diserves the tax exempt from the tax. You all know that you would want the tax break if you were native so don’t be upset with her for getting what she diserves.

  86. 0

    Emily says...

    I work there, and Lorraine happens to be one of the nicest ladies I have ever met. You are being unreasonable and putting up a fuss for no reason. Leave Lorraine alone she was doing her job, if I had you as customer at my till I’d tell you the same thing its only being helpful.

  87. 0

    I says...

    OMG! dont get me started. people like you dianne make other natives look BAD. i suggest you read your last comment before posting another one save yourself from the embrassment. your poor husband was trying to help you now look what YOU did.

    once a moron, always a moron!!

  88. 0

    Another Cashier says...

    This makes me laugh. I work as a cashier at this Walmart, and just happen to know the former cashier you are talking about Dianne…. How do you know this cashier doesn’t have a native status card just like you, and they were informing you of the change? It’s people like you that make our job THAT much harder. How about you climb behind a register and see what a PILE OF ROSES it is, maybe then you wouldn’t be so quick to cry wolf.

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