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Rude Service at Canadian Tire in Burlington, ON

By KellyJ

My husband and I where shopping for lamps for our bedroom today. My husband spots one he likes and points it out to me. I mention that the lamp shade looks a little to big and he takes the lamp by the base to turn it around a bit. As he does I notice the lamp is kinda of wobbley and tell him we don’t want a lamp that is that tippy…he says yes it seems it is and then barely lifts the lamp up so he could look to see why the bottom is so wobbley and the complete left side of the shelf falls down. I grab the other two lamps and he is hold the one we where considering and we both holler help here please! then the 2 old guys on staff …right on the other side of the aisle start hollering at us! WHAT are you doing!!..bellowing at us like we are 2 punk kids tearing the store apart…(we are 50). They come around the corner and tell us we have no business touching the lamps. I said …pardon me we can’t touch something we are considering buying???? Where are the signs that say we can’t touch the lamps??? He said well they are not there but it should be understood you don’t touch them??? excuse me??? no gee we are sorry we did a crappy job of attaching the shelf brackett….

What if a child in a shopping cart reached up and touched the shelf? It would have fell on them…we have no idea what caused the shelf to tumble….but I can assure you it wasn’t because we where hanging off them….does this mean I should touch anything in CT? I could understand if I picked up the lamp and dropped it and broke it…yes I would have been at fault…but the shelf fell down from under the product we were looking at and that is no reason to verbally attack my husband and I. We were was so shaken up I couldn’t even stop to talk to a manager…we left the store and purchased nothing.

To the two old guys that hollered at us…shame on you…time to retire gentleman, stay home!


Problem Getting Optimum Points at Shoppers Drug Mart

By Jan

Points offer–not received.

Did a phone-in survey from Shoppers in December to qualify for 25,000 optimum points. Voice on the phone took information and thanked me for taking the survey, then said points will be added to my optimum card in approximately 6 weeks. It’s March and there are no points. Guess I can give up on them. Thanks for the BS Shoppers.


Charming and Friendly Employee at Bargain Bargain Hamilton, ON

By recovering1

I’ve been shopping there for everyday stuff you can get for a higher price at anyother store, especially the candles. They are comparable in quality sometimes the cheaper the better. And im fascinated by one employee named Cynthia who is very charming and friendly..thats what makes a business, employees who are so friendly and easy to talk to..thanks cynthia..I think you know who I am?? thanks, Ron


Defective Material from The Plumbing Centre in Hamilton, ON

By Jonesy

Don’t purchase from The Plumbing Centre on Barton St. E. Hamilton.

Bought over $ 6000 worth of bath materials for reno. A sink faucet didn’t work. They won’t exchange it for a new one even though on their invoices/bill it states materials will not be refunded, exchange only. That’s exactly what i wanted to do. they were unwilling to do this and gave me the manufacturers 1-800 to contact myself. they sold me a defective product that didn’t work and would not stand behind it.


A bunch of lying scum.


Called a Thief at Canadian Tire

By Kim

So my son had his eight year birthday and received a camcorder. Just so happens that he has the exact same one. I go to the Canadian Tire store fully expecting only to receive a credit however I was told very rudely that they don’t take anything back without a receipt and I could have just taken that from the shelf? So not only did I get no credit but I was called a thief. No wonder they can not compete with customer service like that. I will never buy anything at CT again which is to bad as I like to support Canadian companies but not when they treat their customers like that.


Hidden Shipping Costs from What on Earth

By Vexmir

I recently purchased a $9.99 wine bag from the US company “What on Earth”. I order from the US all the time and know enough to get the estimated shipping charges prior to purchasing anything online, and their estimated shipping to Alberta was $3.95. They sent me a confirmation email with the shipping left blank (should have been my red flag I know). Today I receive a shipped notice and the shipping charge was $25.00! Over 600% more then the “estimated” cost. They are unapologetic, and I asked why they even have the “estimate: to Canada if it’s not even close and they pretty much said “too bad” you should have sent us an email requesting the shipping charges. So if you plan on purchasing from What on Earth, double check your shipping before you too get the shaft.


Awful Service at Dormez-Vous!‏

By Tanya

I bought 4 mattresses at Dormez-Vous, 3 of which were defective and it took 5 months… (of which my husband and I were sleeping in a kind of hole in the mattress, feeling the springs) to just open a file to exchange them and send them pictures of the mattresses,only to have customer service tell me that all my pictures in my file were taken for nothing because they could’nt understand what the pictures were of (I took exactly what photos they told me to!) how stupid. So they said now I’d have to wait another 2 months to have an inspector come to see them. Another month sleeping on those mattresses! My husband and I both developed back pain and started going to a massage therapist- when I asked the customer service manager to compensate us for the lengthy return time by giving us a better mattresses name than the ones that we currently had, they refused. then we went to dormez vous after the inspector reported that all 3 of our mattresses were defective and we payed those bastards more money to upgrade our mattresses considering we didn’t want a repeat situation with our mattresses happening all over again and besides, we now needed good mattresses for back pain!! when the delivery guy came with our new mattresses that we already paid for- the delivery man said he couldn’t take our mattresses and give us our new one now because he saw a mark on our mattresses (my husband and I couldn’t even see what he saw!and besides we got our mattresses professionally cleaned for 200$ each before they came!) I never write reviews but if you are reading this…NEVER BUY FROM DORMEZ VOUS OR THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND IF YOU NEED ANYTHING AFTER THAT, EVEN IF YOU HAVE A WARRANTY- THEY WILL DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO MAKE SURE THEY DON’T GIVE YOU ANYTHING THEY OWE YOU!!!


Yoga Journal False Advertising‏

By Gord

Chapters Calgary Dalhouise, Yoga Journal BIG ad on the front “Free DVD Sampler” . Bought the mag, took it home, tried to order the DVD, Nope! Must a US resident. Mag had “Canada” on the UPC. I tried to order with a US address, Nope! Tried 4 different Email’s nobody wants anything to do with the problem. Pass the buck all the way to “e-mail delivery status: Ignored”

Little research shows me that mini mag was issued in 2008 US wide. Guess they figured they could flog the extras to the northern peons.

False Adverstising Claim about to be filed I think.



By Unknown

I am so disappointed in sears warranty and customers service. I could not imagine that can happen in a country like CANADA!!!

My story is very simple and straight. I bought a high end Mattress (Sealy Posturepedic ) just thinking that sleep is the most important thing in our lives to get yourself ready for the next day and I paid through my mouth and nose to buy that Mattress and salesman (Liar A BIG Liar) told me that this mattress has 10 or 20 years warranty if it sags or bulge or anything goes wrong with the mattress. After buying that mattress— in 4 months it has started bulging and sagging from the sides. I GOT BACKACHE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE…I called sears customers service (MOST ILL MANNERED SERIVCE REPS…THEY JUST DONT ABUSE YOU OTHERWISE SAY EVERYTHING JUST TO FORCE YOU TO END UP THE CALL)…anyways according to their report mattress doesn’t have 2 inch depression so they can’t do anything——–CAN YOU BEAT THAT…I M HAVING BACK PAIN BECOZ OF THE MATTRSS and any blind person can tell you that mattress is sagging and bulging and has dents on both sides of the mattress…i mean that’s a limit…then they simply refuse to change or repair the mattress NO MATTER HOW BAD BACKACHE I HAVE!!! my wife has stopped sleeping on that bed and sleep on 2 inch mattress on floor bcoz of the pain…that’s sooo outrageous…I belong to India (A third world developing country) but sorry to say EVEN THAT DOESNT HAPPEN THERE…THERE IS NO HONESTY IN SEARS PEOPLE THEY ARE SIMPLY ROBBER AND LIARS …NEVER PURSHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM…


Bad Service at London Drugs Surrey

By Sue

London Drugs is the place I like to go use my coupons for the double stacking and normally very friendly. I went up to customer service as usual to use my coupons. I was getting glade products and had a question on which glad items were on sale. She explained and I needed to get a different glade product so I was walking back to get it and she said to her co-worker oh a ” Coupon Lady” is here very loud. I was in shock and didn’t like her comment. I went back with the item, my coupon was buy 2 get 2 free. She said we can’t give you two for free with internet coupons anymore we can only give you 3 dollars off of one.

She explained how someone had gone into London Drugs with fake coupons so they are checking every coupon to detail. Which I don’t blame them. Someone made up a coupon for a free IPOD and other items. For every coupon I had she had to call the manager over to read it word for word. I wanted my two free glade products but they wouldn’t do it, so I left the store.

I was not happy with her comment and how I was treated as if I had fake coupons.

Then the few days prior I had gone there and went to customer service as always to price match and the person in front of me was doing the same thing so I stood to the other side of customer service and she said. You can’t stand there people buying cigarettes line up there so stand behind this lady, so I am standing there and she was becoming very frustrated with the women in front of me then she sent me to the make-up counter so it would be faster and get me out of the line up at customer service. I just find the staff to be very rude to people using coupons.

I would like to say thank you to the older gentlemen who works at customer service and treat all of us coupon people with respect and he said to me one day “Your a customer just like every one else” so don’t get upset if it takes longer with your coupons, we like having you in our store.