Defective Material from The Plumbing Centre in Hamilton, ON

By Jonesy

Don’t purchase from The Plumbing Centre on Barton St. E. Hamilton.

Bought over $ 6000 worth of bath materials for reno. A sink faucet didn’t work. They won’t exchange it for a new one even though on their invoices/bill it states materials will not be refunded, exchange only. That’s exactly what i wanted to do. they were unwilling to do this and gave me the manufacturers 1-800 to contact myself. they sold me a defective product that didn’t work and would not stand behind it.


A bunch of lying scum.


3 Responses to “Defective Material from The Plumbing Centre in Hamilton, ON”

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    AJ says...

    you should know better than to deal with anybody or anything whatsoever that bears the name ‘Barton’. Barton is the poster child for the embarrassment of my ‘home’.

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    hale metalice says...

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