Property Damage During Sears Appliance Delivery

By Extremely Disappointed

Absolutely unbeleivable! I went with Sears to buy stove, fridge and dishwasher, because “I thought” Sears had a good reputation! Nothing could be further from the truth!!

I spent over $4000 on these appliances and have been treated like garbage when dealing with the property damage done to my house during delivery. No one wants to take responsibility, I have been “mistakenly” disconnected, the person I need to talk to is always either “just left for the day” or “in a meeting”. Sears must have 24 hour a day meetings for all their supervisors and managers. The delivery guys were rude and arrogant as well.

I will absolutely, positively NEVER buy anything else from Sears, and I will GLADLY share my experience with as many people as I can.


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    Me says...

    You didn’t mention what damage was done to your property.
    Whatever it was, I hope you took lots of pictures.
    Maybe you should file a claim with your insurance company and have them deal with Sears.

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    dawn says...

    I have always used sears and will do so . we never have things delivered we do it that way if some thing happens it is are fault sears its self did not do the damage it was the person who delivered it go back to the store to file your complaint they are the ones you should be calling .

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    LOL says...

    I think you should email to Lise Goulet, Corporate Vice President CS, her email is:

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    dawn says...

    Are store in the town I live in has a privet company to do deliveries sears has nothing to do with it you need to go back to the store you bought the stuff from they are the ones you should be pissed at and the person they have doing the deliveries for them .

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    Rochelle says...

    If you are trying to have Sears pay for the damage and are getting no where with them, I would suggest sending your letter to Ellen Roseman, she writes for the Toronto Star and she deals with these types of problems, when the consumer has had no luck. Her email address is

    Good Luck!

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    cashcounter says...

    You should see what happens if you use their CARPET CLEANING DIVISION!!! ONE WORD “BEWARE”

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    Stephanie says...

    Sears Canada’s contracted appliance delivery (B&N) damaged my fllor during delivery, too and then denied that they did so. I contacted Ellen Roseman (Toronto Star) who attempted to intervene, but Sears Canada found out the cost of repairing the damage, they suddenly “declined the claim” and declared that it must have been my floor that was faulty. I have made sure to show the damage to everyone who visits my home and also show the letters from the delivery company denying the claim — because the cause of the damage is quite obvious and the letters are transparent. Most everyone who sees the damage and the letters laughs or shakes their head and they shop elsewhere for appliances and furniture.

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