Horrible Experience at Canadian Tire

By Carla

Our family went to CT to purchase a shed and found the shed we wanted. We had seen a picture of the shed on a display billboard they had in that department and proceeded to find someone to help us. We first had to hunt down the employee that was in that department first(cause everyone else we asked new nothing) 20 minutes later he showed up and we asked to see a display model of that shed, was told that they do NOT have one. We asked some questions like snow load, will it stand up to our winters etc.? He said it should “we wouldn’t sell it if it didn’t”. So we bought it and took it home to assemble the next day. When we started of course you have to find the instructions and you would think the instructions would be in box #1 but they were in box #4. We started reading the instructions and the first thing they tell you make sure all the piece’s are there, we did that.Then we read that the shed does not have a very good snow load rating and that made us feel very leary about the shed. So we put all the piece’s back in their box’s and took it back to CT. Because of the price I would imagine that, that is why they called the manager for the return. The manager looked at the shed box’s and told us that we will not be getting a full refund because we opened the box’s. We informed him that in order to to put the shed together you have to open the box’s to find the instructions! or to get more info about the product. He could have cared less!! He told us that he will take the shed and put it on the floor to sell and whatever they get for it that will be our refund.We suggested getting the manufacture involved but he refused. He said they do not give refunds or exchanges and that they only supply warranty parts only. So we agreed to try to sell it and said it’s better than nothing and left the shed with them. A month had gone by and there was NO contact made to keep us in the loop about it so we went up there to see how things were going and found the shed assembled and being used as their DISPLAY MODEDL!!! no price on it or any tags for that matter as well it had been damaged by weather and other customers! We asked for the manager that we were dealing with and was told that he was gone for the day. We demanded that they get him on the phone regardless and the employee was rude and very snarky and huffed away to call him(even though there was a phone right in front of her!)She came back and told us that she was unable to get a hold of him and that to go home he will call us! We asked why it got set up and she said that, that is what we agreed to. We NEVER agreed to give it to them to use as a display!! She shrugged us off and said she could not help us anymore. So we have no shed and are out the sum of $1456.21. I am not sure how they can sleep at night knowing that they ripped of a family. I will never set foot on CT property ever again!!

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    . says...

    I feel kind of bad for the store, actually.
    1 - you could have researched the shed online before buying it. You could have found the instructions/reviews rather than opening the boxes.
    2 - the manager will not be able to sell it for full price, why should he lose money because you (the consumer) made a purchase without fully researching it?
    3 - he probably couldn’t sell it, so decided to put it up to see if it helped make the sale for you guys.
    4 - the girl you asked to phone him probably didn’t have the phone number in front of her, and needed an office phone book (etc). You made the poor girl call her boss at home after he worked a full day, of course she wasn’t happy…

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    annn says...

    omg, what bad customer service, I would definitely call head office and my money back !!!

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    mom2three says...

    although it’s never the best way to go about things, they’ve left you little choice and you’ve been nice until now…take the problem to your local media - community paper, news (tv especially) and if that doesn’t get a fire burning under them, not sure if anything would…i would also lodge a complaint with your local better business bureau…i’m sure you’re not the first to encounter such an issue and sadly, you won’t be the last

    good luck!

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    wow - just wow says...

    I would figth - get your story out to as many people that you can, ct did some shitty stuff to me and i will never buy anything from them.

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    TJ says...

    WOW ! Can you do a chargeback on your credit card oe something ? ..you don’t have the product you paid for with you so why are they keeping your money ?

    At the most they should have charged you a restocking fee or something say around 10 % ( not that its a great option but better than nothing ) ..& given you a refund ..you would have been out of 10 % but atleast better than the current situation .

    CT’s retuen policy sucks BIG time hence I rarely buy anything from them ..if you open something they almost always give you a really hard time returning it even if its DEFECTIVE !!! …how are you going to know if its defective or not or not a good product unless you open the package & try the product out !!!

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    sookebunny says...

    wow change it back. You bank will fully understand.

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    terr994 says...

    WOW!! That is unbelievable!! I would go storming in and demand some answers and not leave until you talk to the manager….heck even bring the media with you!!!

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    Eric says...

    A local guy was accused of stealing at a CT here in Fredericton with no proof or just cause. http://charlesotherpersonality.blogspot.com/2011/08/canadian-tire-security-gives-young.html

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    Bren says...

    That is horrible! Have you tried going to the head of the company to complain?

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    Carla says...

    We have put in a complaint with the BBB, CT head Office and we got a hold of CTV Vancouver and hopefully we will get a response. CTV Vancouver Lynda Steele on your side a consumer reporter has gotten a hold of us and will be doing a story on it. So for all of those unhappy CT customers out there do NOT give up and go the media route and the BBB because it is NOT right if they refuse to give you back your money and take the product too. I will NEVER shop at CT and even if I have to pay double I will support someone else! People need to start speaking up and may be they will change their policies. This is why all the American companies are buying up all the Canadian companies cause they can’t keep their Canadian consumers happy!

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    David says...

    who at CT head office did you contact?
    Customer Relations Department?

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    Karen says...

    So sorry this has happened to you. Which store was it? Good luck!

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    Carla says...

    We contacted customer relations (Amy and Karen) and they said that they would get back to us and it has been over a week now. The store is in Prince George B.C. so whatever you do please do not shop there cause they really don’t care about their customers!!

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