By sam

I use to be a Rogers customer for my tv, internet and home phone. They had terrible costumer service and we got fed up and switched to bell. So that was that.

So, at the beginning of this year I decided to sign up with Fido. That was a mistake!! I was talking to a Fido rep on the phone and they convinced me to switch to cityfido, telling me that wherever you go, that city will be your city fido zone. I live in Toronto and was visiting Winnipeg so I called my friends in Winnipeg acting like it shouldn’t be charging me long distance but meanwhile it was and the rep had it wrong. So whatever then, I will get long distance added to my plan. I get the confirmation it worked and I know have that plan added. Few weeks later my phone is shut off because I’ve hit my “credit limit.”So I called in and they proceeded to tell me it was from long distance charges (all calls were withing canada) and they told me in the notes it said I declined the long distance plan, even though I have a text from them saying it was confirmed. So they “fix” it. Guess what, again it did not work. I got fed up and asked to speak to the manager around there. I was told I would get a call in 3 hours. No call. So I call them the next day and ask what is going on. They responded with that I would be getting a call between 24-48 hours. Now, this is how many calls I had to deal with. 2 weeks later STILL no call. They are horrible!!

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