Sears Canada is the Worst Employer of All Time

By Patrick Montana

SEARS Canada, a Modern Day Sweat Shop

As a telephone sales representative you will have the privilege of earning $10.50/hr

Sears assign a target sale of $100.00/hr

What a justice?

A ratio of almost 10 to 1

They calculate how much time you spend in the phone talking to a client and how much time you take to update the client’s file.

They do not want you to spend too much time in the washroom, or walking around or getting a coffee.

They warn you that your lunch break extended by 2 minutes

They hire high power slave drivers, with big whips and magnificent and Gestapo tactics and ideas on how to improve the productivity of the work force as SEARS need more and more of the public’s money at the same time that they do not supply an adequate service.

Their emphasis is on selling at whatever cost, but do not fulfill any promises made to the customers

4 Responses to “Sears Canada is the Worst Employer of All Time”

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    Me says...

    Sure, it sucks. But you’re not forced to stay there.
    If you don’t want to follow their rules, you can quit.

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    Theresa says...

    And yet I bet there is some 5 year old in India making soccer balls for a $1 a day who would give their right arm to have what you have.

    If you hate it that much, leave.

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    Carlotta says...

    Imagine…. they don’t want you spending too much time in the bathroom or walking around with coffee…. wow… do you mean they actually expect you to WORK while you are at work??? How awful for you.

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    Heather says...

    Let the girl vent, until you walk in her shoe’s you do not know how she is treated. Your taking her words to an extent too far with the bathroom and coffee. The girl is saying sometimes she needs to take a moment, and they arent giving her that chance.

    Honestly if your not happy, leave.


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