Sears Canada Extended Warranty is Awful

by aRegulahGuy

We moved last year and bought 3 large appliances from Sears to upgrade the house - about $5000.  We bought extended waranties on all appliances.  We called them in to see the LG dishwasher that was making a noice.  They came in and said it needed a part. One week later they repaired it and left. The next time the dishwasher ran it flooded!  That was 8 days ago. We still have not got anyone in from Sears.  Phone calls take 45 minutes to speak to someone.  The repairman did show up once unanannounced - we were not home - it was not scheduled.  He left a note.  We called back (45 minute wait) and now they say it will be a one week wait until someone comes.  Has Sears heard of a phone to call? Do not buy an extended waranty from Sears. Take you chances and support the local repair guy who will book an appointment and be at your house within 48 hours!

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    BeeBee says...

    I’m totally agreed with you, since I had the same experience. My husband spend a month to call and talk with Sear, finally, they replyed, they didn’t have this kind of parts. Why are we paying the extended warranty and they even didn’t have parts? We are lucky, we got back the money after a lots of complaints.

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    Lamont says...

    I also agree. My brother purchased a large flatscreen TV from Sears, and got the extended warranty. Less than 1 year later, the TV broke. Repair guy came from Sears and informed him that the part required was no longer being manufactured and thus the TV could not be fixed. Acording to the extended warranty, if the TV could not be repaired, it would be replaced…..well, the TV was no longer being manufactured and COULDN”T be replaced. So, Sears said he had 2 choices: Either go without a TV……or he could pay an extra $100 and upgrade to the next size of TV. Since he already had over $600 invested in the broken TV, he opted to pay the $100 and have his TV replaced. I think that is horrible that he was made to pay more…..after all isn’t the purpose of the extended warranty to guarentee you will have your product repaired or replaced in the event that it does not work properly?

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    Erik Clogston says...

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    Stephanie C says...

    Hi aRegulahGuy,

    We, too, purchased all the appliances for our house at Sears, and the front load washing machine completely crapped out just under the 2-year mark.

    What we did (thankfully) was not purchase warranty through the store, but instead used a RBC Visa card to buy the items. The Visa came with an automatic extended warranty (double the original one), so we were able to call a separate, eager (non-Sears) repair person who came in and fixed the machine in a few days. No long waits on the phone, no dealing with Sears’ sh*tty after-sale service.

    We just had to submit the receipts and information to Visa, and we were refunded the nearly $600-repair costs within a month or two.

    I HIGHLY recommend a credit card with this feature.

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    dave says...

    Hello I really have no comment about Sears and their warranties but the original post is very poorly written.

    unannounced and noise are the proper spellings, really no excuse for any spelling errors in today’s society!

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    Morgan Eroman says...

    I can’t subscribe to your RSS feed. Can you help?

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    Paul says...

    Hey Dave (March 23, 2010 at 12.12 pm)

    How about putting a capital “U” to “unannounced” since it’s the beginning of a new sentence.

    What’s your excuse?

  9. Cool blog. Thanks! I put your feed on my RSS reader!

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    Daniell Elsbree says...

    Outstanding work once again. Thanks a lot.

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    steph says...

    Looking up different options for extand warranty on my purchase I figured sears would have the best options. Suprise I couldn’t find any info so I thought I’d call to find out info after being transferred once the phone number is no longer in service! So I call back and get transferred to another line they hung up lol and I’m trying to buy extra products!!! Don’t think I’m gonna rely on sears now guess ill go to their competitor for my tv purchase as this is probably an indication of how I’d get treated if I did have a problem. Thanks for all the input as well!!! Much appreciated :)

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    Sarah says...

    Being a Sears customer for 25 years, their service has gone downhill. We recently purchased extended warranty with our new Samsung Fridge ($2400) 9 months ago. The fridge shuts off randomly for several hours and turns back on. It took us a while to figure out this was occurring, when once, it would not cool for more than 10 hours. The fridge display says 2c, all the lights work, but the temperature inside keeps rising.

    We called Sears as an emergency repair. They agreed.
    -It took them 4 days to show up, unannounced. No phone calls.
    -They use an email based system, and apparently, the email got lost.

    -The repairman said, we are really not sure, but probably a motherboard issue. I’ll order it.

    - 39 days later, the motherboard is not in yet. I have not received a phone call on the status. No loaner was provided by the store or service department.

    - I have been without a fridge for 2 months now.

    - Samsung does not want to deal with the Fridge, since we bought it from Sears, even though it’s still under manufacturer’s warranty.

    - I would have been better off buying extended warranty from local providers than dealing with Sears.

    - 5 Managers have promised to escalate the issue and call me back.
    Not a single one has done so. In fact, not a single person calls us back.
    We have to call and spend 45 minutes on the phone explaining the issue.

    - I’ve bought a new fridge, being pregnant, I need one!!!!!!

    That’s Sears Warranty for you.

    (I think they are bringing in US products into Canada, thus the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t apply here).

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    Sears is useless says...

    Bought a fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave. They’ve all required servicing. As you can read above, their service is absolutely crap. Two weeks for any appointment. Longer if you need a part. Huge service time windows and then they cancel on you (the day of) and schedule on a day you can’t be at home for. If you work regular hours this service is completely infeasible. Sears might just be the worst appliance store I have ever dealt with. Oh, the cherry on the top is that after we complained about the situation, they decided to send us a “complementary” $5 charcoal filter (has yet to show up a week after they said it would come) for spending over $5,000 with them and it all breaking. But wait, there’s more, then they called back and asked if we want to buy $400 worth of extended warranties. Haha. Unbelievable.

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    Dennis says...

    I bought 3 Electrolux appliances for $9k - 2 years later, I’m still fighting over replacing the fridge - 6 visits, 2 parts replacements - front panel still not working (I completely gave up on the ice maker long time ago - “my water is wrong type”). They want to send another engineer… W.T.F. Sears?

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    Don't buy from sears says...

    I bought a washer/dryer from sears in calgary (south center mall) 3yrs ago and since the day they were delivered Sears has been terrible.

    Initially, when they were delivered the guys brought them in and staked them. I thought it was a littl weird the delivery guy was showing me The features of the washing machine upon delivery. He was sort of leaning on the machine with his hand. Well, it was his way of covering the scratch he made on it while it was being installed and tricking me into signing for the delivery. I was livid and then I just asked for some touch up paint which they couln’t provide. The offered me a $200 credit but I didn’t want the mark to be noticeable. I made then take it back and replace it.

    Well the dryer started to throw an error code every time I used it. I bought the extended warranty so I called them this April. To begin with I thought I was in luck when they said the would come the next day but no it was a cruel moment. They cancelled the appointment and rescheduled for 5days later. They told me e guy would call the day prior to give me a window. Well he didn’t and after waiting for 5hrs I call them and they tell me it was cancelled because the have ordered the part. WTF they hadn’t even seen the machine. They tell me they have ordered a new heating element but the machine actually dries the clothes it just is taking twice the time. The tell me it is going to be a week until they get the part. So, if they were just going to order a part and not see the machine coukdn’t they do that on call #1? Also why not call me and waste my time waiting for the appointment. So guy shows up with part but doesn’t install it because heat is working says it needs thermostats 3 days later he shows up with Thermos but they don’t fix it and he says he needs to install the part that I waited for but didn’t install on visit #1. So he then calls me that he now has to reorder the part! WTF. then he tells me they returned the part so I have to wait again. So week later he installs it and guess what it doesn’t fix the problem. So, I call sears back and tell them machine is still not fixed. They send out a new repair guy who cones to see machine he says it needs part that guy #1 just installed. I seem to have confidence in this guy because he seems competent. Also sears has part but now I have to wait a week before he can service it because he needs second guy because it is stacked and they are understaffed etc. so day before service call Sears calls me to tell me the don’t have the part. WTF the guy said it was in stock!! I tell them this and some how guy from first visit is ordering parts or something. I then learn I have two service calls going. They tell me the second guy will be showing up with the part. I call day of appointment to find out when it is going to be but they tell me anytime between noon and 7. My god it is my 4th vist from them can they give me a break. They show up with same part from appt 2 and yep you guessed it. It doesn’t fix the machine he thinks it is motherboard and he orders part tells me he is quitting as a repairman last day is at the end of month (may) but he will put rush on the part. Well a week later I hear nothing from sears I call then to find out they are still waiting on the part. They tell me it was ordered and will be in June 7 ( guess I’ll have a new repair guy since #2 gut is quitting). June 7 rolls around do I receive call nope I got to call them again. I call them and I ask the guy on the other line 2 questions. Do you have the parts? What time is repair guys coming. He then tells me parts aren’t inand to wait two days and they will rescheduled. Now fast forward to yesterday, I call sears because you guessed it no call from hem about repair attempt 5. They tell me oh we need to send this to a supervisor and we will call you back. Nope the didn’t I call them today, the say they might offer me a buy out whatever that is. Someone does call and they offer me 1080 for the machine I paid 1599 for (now you can get new for 1200). So they aren’t even covering the cost of the machine. the new machine won’t even match the washer since they no longer make it in turquoise. So I guess I will pay the difference and buy a mismatch machine. After weekly calls, and many hours being on hold, service men not showing up on appointment days, no one calling me to tell me appointments cancelled I can say I will never buy not only another appliance but nothing from sears ever again. I will also never buy a warranty because I was totally stuck with sears.

    The silver lining,I’ll get the replacement machine from sears with the buyout and then we are moving to a brand new house we are building I was going to take the machines when we moved but now we are going to inv,use then on our house sale. Guess what Sears I need to buy two brand new machines and I’m not getting them from you. And none of the other appliances bought for the house were bought at sears. You’ve lost big time.

    Silver lining #2 I get to tell you not to ever buy from sears and on pain of death if you do, do not ever buy the service plan.

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    Don't buy from sears says...

    Oh where will I be getting my new machines? Probably the local store called The laundry store) I plan to buy Miele that have a 18-20 yr life expectancy.

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    tiko says...

    Does any body know how the replacing an appliance works with sears extended warranty?
    Do i face any costs like gst or delivery charges again .
    Any info appreciated..

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