Sears Canada Wedding Gift Registry: GIft Box a Joke

by Betty

Went on line to check a gift registry for a wedding.  Bought gift.  They asked did I want it in a gift box.  Well ya… if Im going to send it directly to the bride.

In the end I decided to deliver the gift myself.

The so called gift box was just any old carboard box they found . With sears lables of info all over it.

When asking them to explain themselves.  All sears products are delivered in plastic bags. We found you a box for 5 bucks.  I could do that for nothing. I still have to spend money now to wrap it. False advertising I said.

4 Responses to “Sears Canada Wedding Gift Registry: GIft Box a Joke”

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    Derek says...

    Their gift registry systems online also sucks. For the couple and for shoppers. You cannot even see pictures of or the products or the product web page.

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    Adrenalyne says...

    Don’t even get me going on Sears lol, but ya 5 bucks for some old cardboard box they advertise as a gift box…definitely misleading!

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    Marie says...

    I definitely say that Sears is not the ideal gift registry for brides. Unless you’re aware of prices of items you’ll get totally taken. If you order an item online, you pay full price. I checked an item with Sears and they claimed it was now on sale. However, they charged my credit card full price and now I’ll have to go to a Sears store for the adjustment. Good thing I’m check out prices cause I’d have paid almost double. So buyer beware.

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