Superstore Winnipeg Canada

By Dionsia

My husband and I had a very good experience with the store manager of Superstore at Bison Drive in Winnipeg. We encountered an ambiguity in interpreting the 25-item limit at the self checkout and we were publicly reprimanded by a shift manager. Consequently, we asked for a meeting with the store manager, Rod Hill. He first listened to us courteously on the phone, immediately understood our point of view, and then agreed to meet with us to discuss the matter further. During the meeting, he apologized on behalf of the store and assured us that he will take action so that we and other customers would not encounter a similar situation in the future. Interestingly, he opened our meeting by saying: “I’m here to listen”. Overall this is the kind of response one would hope to receive from the manager of any organization.

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    Matt says...

    I hope this is a troll post. You got called out and were embarrassed, understandable, but there is a limit for a reason. Know your limit, stay within it!

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