JYSK Online Ordering:No Sweet Dreams Here

By Moe Anderson

Don’t EVER buy anything online from this company! I ordered pillows totaling $30 + $10 delivery charge. They arrived wrapped up in a thin plastic (no box) and looked like someone had been using it for soccer practice. It was dirty and ripped up.
I refused delivery and sent back with the Purolator man. I get a nasty phone call from JYSK saying I am responsible for both the delivery charges there and back as they don’t see problem with the order. No offer to send back a good replacement…just rude accusations. I told her even the Purulator man said I should definitely send it back as he’s never seen such a poor job of packaging. She said “Well I’m going to have to call Purolator and report him!!” She was out for a fight with me and really pissed off.

Fine… whatever…. I vow never to shop there again…then I look at my VISA bill and they charged me delivery fees 3x! So basically I’m paying $30 delivery charges for something I never even got! Very unprofessional…very poor customer service.

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    Kate says...

    Why dont you call your credit card company and report them? you never had agreed to triple delivery charges….you dont have a receipt…Just explain the situation….
    Good luck!

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    Rita says...

    Definitely report it to your visa company, you should be able to get your money back, don’t let them get away with this type of behaviour.

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    Steph says...

    I work retail, and the mall I work at has a JYSK…so take this as a person who hears from her customers, and their employees, about their product.

    They make their employees where a full suit and sometimes a mask when opening their deliveries! CRAZY!!!

    They are terrible all around. I could go on and on, but hey what’s the point. How many times I tell ppl it does not matter if it’s a good deal, wait and get it somewhere else. If they have it, someone else does. I don’t push my product when I say this (not going to now either). I always look for the most bang for my buck, and quality is right up there with that. I expect my customers and my friends/family to do the same.

    Just avoid JYSK. That’s my opinion.

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    Gajendra says...

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    team rocket says...

    Does anybody know what delivery company jysk is working with?

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    James says...

    I won’t shop at the JYSK retail stores any longer. I shopped there once and they insisted on seeing my photo ID because I chose to pay using a credit card. They were doing this to everyone. Not only is that a breach of their merchant agreements with VISA, MC, and AMEX, but it’s also a potential hotbed for identification theft, since they can see your date of birth and address on your driver’s license.
    They lost a customer that day.

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    Billy says...

    James, many retailers ask for photo ID when paying by credit card. It’s there to ensure that YOU are the actual holder of the credit card. Do you honestly think that some cashier making minimum wage is scribbling down your information after you leave?

    I really hope that one day your credit card gets stolen, and then maxed out. Then you’ll undrrstand why retailers ask for photo ID

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    James says...

    Just in case you don’t believe me (morons generally don’t believe anything except what’s in their small minds), go here for MasterCard Canada’s rules:

    You’ll find this on page 48:
    9.11.2 Cardholder Identification
    A merchant must not refuse to complete a MasterCard card transaction solely
    because a cardholder who has complied with the conditions for presentment
    of a card at the POI refuses to provide additional identification information, except as specifically permitted or required by the Standards. A merchant may require additional identification from the cardholder if the information is required to complete the transaction, such as for shipping purposes.

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    Babalue Sanchez says...

    James, what’s it like going through life being a paranoid little bitch?


    I’m sure you keep on top of your accounts, it’s not hard to keep on top of A BIG FAT NOTHING.

    Get stuffed.

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    Devinder S. says...

    I must comment here. James is not paranoid at all, so far as I can see. Babaloo is too naive on the other hand (not to mention a bit of a blowhard who makes assumptions about everyone).

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    James says...

    Yeah, Dave, it’s very extreme to to protect personal information. What was I thinking?

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    James says...

    Oh, and by the way, my wife is pretty lucky (as am I, since she’s a marvellous woman). I handle the finances in the family and have amassed something worth bragging about, due to my probity and competence. So you sit in front of the plasma TV, in your house, with the used car in the driveway (none of which are paid off, no doubt) and have a little chuckle over that while I sit here debt-free.

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    Devinder S. says...

    No, Dave, I am not the person you mentioned. But what if I was? Would you have something you think is witty to say?

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    Dave says...

    Hi Devinder, no need to get uptight, Devinder Shory is an MP from Calgary who I refuse to vote for. My question was serious one but it’s nice to know you jump to assumptions –something you accused someone else or doing earlier.

    James, I’m not really sure what to say, it’s clear you think you’re right and from the other posts of yours that I have read it’s clear there is no point in arguing with you as you’ll only call me a name.

    I should point out a few things though, just so we are clear. I am debt-free because I don’t spend money that I don’t have, I pay my credit card bill off, in full, every month. I don’t own a plasma TV, it’s just a small 32″ regular TV, I don’t even have HD! and I don’t own a car because I care about our environment and would rather walk or take public transit.

    Also I have to point out your statement of “Go ahead and give away your info. I’ll stand back and laugh when someone makes copies of your cards and ruins your identity.” is so ignorant it’s hilarious, if you don’t know why I’m not going to tell you, maybe your wife can explain it.

    Speaking of your wife she sounds like the perfect doormat for you.. of course it’s also possibly she is cheating on you and planning to divorce you and take half of your worth..and you’re so busy making sure no one steals your information that you don’t even notice..although I pray this isn’t the case though because you seem to be the type of nutjob who would go on a homicidal rampage…. and I’d be across the street laughing..

    Don’t bother replying James, I’m done with you…

    Class Dismissed.

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    James says...




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    MODERATOR says...

    Take your little flame war somewhere else.

    Only Warning.

    Lets get back on topic!

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    James says...

    I didn’t read your post, but I see you’re back. Just can’t resist being a dick, eh?

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    Dave2 says...

    It seems everyone missed the point in your immature tirade. In the copy you posted about credit card identification, did you not read where it opens stating “a sale cannot be refused because of id”? It doesn’t say it breaches MC/VISA/AMEX regulations as you said earlier. If you refuse, then refuse. If they were not in the right to ask for Id then why does AMEX put pictures on the back of cards? Don’t answer for you will just sound more lame than you already do!

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    Sally888 says...

    James, I think its a good thing if they ask for id.

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    Jenn says...

    Oh and I’m baffled by Dave2’s “logic”. He says “a sale cannot be refused because of id”, but then turns around and says this doesn’t mean it contravenes any rules. Well if it’s in the Mastercard merchant agreement and it says a merchant CANNOT refuse a sale due to ID issues, then it sure looks like a rule to me. By the way, I have an Amex card (in fact a renewal card just arrived recently) and there are no pictures on it, nor is there any way to get a picture added to it. Try again, genius.

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    Jenn says...

    I’ll copy from James’s post for you to read REALLY SLOWLY, Dave2.
    9.11.2 Cardholder Identification
    A merchant must not refuse to complete a MasterCard card transaction solely
    because a cardholder who has complied with the conditions for presentment
    of a card at the POI refuses to provide additional identification information, except as specifically permitted or required by the Standards. A merchant may require additional identification from the cardholder if the information is required to complete the transaction, such as for shipping purposes.

    Got it this time? I doubt it, since people like you remind me of the people of old who insisted the world was flat, despite any evidence to the contrary.

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    Jean says...

    I have to agree with Billy! Working in the hospitality industry, we request id for all guests, whether they are paying for their room by cash, debit or credit card. All we look for is to make sure the picture is the same person standing infront of us and the name on the id matches the name on the credit card. Sure showing your id may be a little inconvenient but ask my Father what’s more inconvenient - showing your id or dealing with the Police and filling out report after report because someone stole your credit card number and the numourous merchants that the guy went to never questionned the person (and this was a credit card number written down on paper - my Dad still had his card). Yeah sure there are a few bad apples but if you really think we are going to copy down your personal information then maybe you should pay by cash or debit only.

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    Jenn says...

    It’s funny that I’ve had credit cards for over 20 years, Jean, and never show ID for any purchases AND never had to fill out a police report! A cashier doesn’t need my photo ID. Period.

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    ProfessorCredit says...

    Jenn, your statement is completely ignorant as is the above poster bitching that they had the audacity to ask for ID with a credit card.

    Most credit card fraud takes place because they retailer DOESN’T ask for ID and will swipe any piece of plastic they are handed.

    Jenn, you dont care about someone not asking for ID because you are using your OWN cards. What asking for ID does is protect YOUR card if someone else is using a fabricated card with your number on it. THIS IS FOR YOUR PROTECTION!

    Cashier DOES need to validate your identity before taking the card and this is typically done by comparing signatures and name on the card. Not the most foolproof method, however this is pretty much all they do. They DO have the right to refuse service if you don’t show ID. They have the right to refuse you service for any reason they want. A store is private property. Its a courtesy that they open their doors to you in the first place. Refusing to show ID is instantly a red flag for credit card fraud. I would refuse anyone in my store who resisted so ignorantly.

    This is utter paranoia to assume that someone is going to take your birthdate and address as well as your credit card number for the intent of fraud. I guarantee a quick glance to verify the name on the card matches the ID, and the ID is the person in front of them is all they observe. You try retaining all the information required to commit identity theft from a brief glance.

    They are not trying to hurt. They are trying to help. I bet you would be more than thankful if you got a call from the police or your Credit Card institution saying your number was compromised but they didnt get away with it as it was caught by a retailer.

    If this kind of courtesy costs them a customer, I would say they don’t need that kind of customer. Go stick your head in the sand somewhere else.

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    T.Q.Ireland says...

    @Dave, James, Jenn, and any other idiot who flooded this post with ridiculous comments in what is a very petty argument:
    As a new JYSK customer, I came on here to find REVIEWS on the quality of their service and products. I have not yet made my purchases, because JYSK is a store I have never heard of, and thought it wise to look into their customer ratings.
    However, I sign on here, and find nothing more than a bunch of “grown ups” who claim to be debt-free, and well off…(which is laughable, considering that any hard working, “well off” man or woman would hardly take the time to involve themselves in an argument so stupid with someone they don’t even know…) arguing and name calling?
    If it is my mistake, and you all are as well off as you claim to be, well then its clear to me why society is the way it is. Our wealthy population spends more time being ignorant and sticking their noses where they don’t belong, and pointing fingers at everyone but yourself and less time doing your part in the community. And you wonder why us “lower-class” people think you’re all idiots?
    I’m not claiming to be rich, I’m far from it. I’m working class, making just above minimum wage…can’t even AFFORD a credit card, (so I pay for my purchases in CASH, that way I have no hassles, not to mention I am never in debt, and people tend to treat me a lot nicer than they appear to treat you “rich” folk) and I have morals. I don’t lie, cheat or steal, like you “rich” folk seem to do and get away with every day. Model citizens you are.
    Anyway, its a shame I couldn’t find out what I initially came on here to find out. Is JYSK a good store? There aren’t enough comments on here pertaining to my question for me to find out.

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    Howard says...

    Man you fools have too much time on your hands. Give the card do not give the card do whatever you want you are wasting more time on here.

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    shannon says...

    you know as former person that has worked in retail, when it comes to asking a customer for id, the only reson someone should be asking for id is when your card is not signed. it does state on the back of all credit cards that if your card is not signed on the back, it is not valid to use. and a company can refuse to take your card for that reason.

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    cashier says...

    All of you are looking waayyyy to far into this lol. its policy to ask to see id for purchases over $50 only because we dont have pin with our credit. We have better thongs to do then scribble down your name n info. say your card got stolen. And not even that were just doing our job, were not going to get fired over not asking to see id and that one time it was a stolen card. some of you are really over thinking things. Like my biggest pet peeve about my job is people like you blaming the cashiers for following our polacies. Were just doing our job. And yah it consists of taking all of ur rediciulos bullsh*t like we cqn achually make big canges cause we run the company lol u guys should remember that the next time u get mad about something wrong with a store and take it out on a cashier. Im achually just some pregnate teen trying to do her job on top of all the stresses of life. Like
    yah our store isnt perfect but i cant do anything to change 99% of the things u complain and b*tch about. Sorry i didnt mean to rant but u “adults” should really grow up and see the bigger picture.

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    Jake Edwards says...

    Better things to do, eh cashier? Yeah, because all cashiers are good, honest people who are above reproach, aren’t they? They’d never think of stealing identities in order to make a few extra bucks, would they? I knew one sleazeball who worked in customer service and made $50 for any personal info, plus credit card number that he could provide.
    Grow up and get your head out the sand. We’re not living in Walnut Grove, MN.

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    kin says...

    I bought a BRAVA CAFE CHAIR at JYSK by on-line order. I found broken metal connection of seat support due to false welded., which is obviously manufactureing quality defect. I call JYSK service hotline and be informed it can’t be exchanged because my 55 days after delivery date exceed 45-day-policy, no matter any reason even completely manufacturing quality defect problem.

    I complaint about this unresponsible attitude to the reasonable request by comsumer, but there are NOT any feeback form JYSK until now.

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    kin says...

    I appreciate how JYSK deal with my complaint, they feedback just a min after received my written complaint and promise to refund to me for the chair which is obviously manufacturing defect even my 55 purchasing day a little exceed their 45-day-policy. thanks.
    My experience is that written complaint at FEEDBACK on JYSK website is better than either claim by phone or by email, try it if you have complaint.

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    Jill says...

    I ordered a sofa online over 4 weeks ago. I received a phone call the next day, letting me know it was out of stock, but it would be in within 1-2 weeks. I didn’t hear back from them for a couple weeks so I gave them a call, and was told that it still wasn’t in, that the wrong colour had come in but mine was still not in stock. He checked the inventory of their shipping warehouse and seemed confused, because their stock was showing 50+ units of the sofa I had ordered. He said he’d speak with their shipping warehouse, and that I’d be called back the following Friday with an update. Friday came and went with no phone call, so I called on Monday. The manager that I had been dealing with wasn’t in, and this rep. didn’t really know what was going on, but he checked the inventory and told me there were zero units, when the original manager told me there was 50+. He suggested I call back the next day. I called back and spoke with the original manager that I had been dealing with. He said I didn’t get a call back on Friday because he was too busy and had too many other customers to call back. Nice. After some pushing, he agreed to contact the shipping warehouse to get my order on the next day’s truck (Friday). He called me back and confirmed that he was able to get it on the truck for Friday, and that I just needed to wait for the driver to call me and set up a delivery time. I called this afternoon because I had not heard from anyone, and was told that my order did not come in with the truck on Friday, even though I had a confirmation from the warehouse manager. Their invoice showed that it would be coming in this week, but they did not know when, but they would call me back later today and let me know if it would be on the truck tomorrow. At this point, it’s been over 4 weeks. I haven’t been offered a substitue product, or any type of compensation. I moved and have only a chair in my living space- no where for guests to sit and visit. It would have been nice to have a notification before my order was complete that the product was out of stock, so I could choose a different product. I am extremely dissatisfied, especially since the warehouse is only a city away from me (I’m in Toronto, the warehouse is in Brampton). I have emailed and called customer service and no one has called me back. Just a terrible company to deal with.

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