Canadian Tire Sold Me USED Spark Plugs

By Suzuki

Recently I purchased a set of high quality spark plugs for my car.Later at home I noticed one package was taped up. As I inspected the plugs I saw dirt and grease on the threads. Canadian Tire was selling used spark plugs so I returned them to the store. Instead of an apology the person who sold me the plugs was asked by his coworker if the package was taped up when I purchased it.He said yes it was so they checked the shelf for another package and it also contained used spark plugs.I had enough and requested a full refund.Crappy Tire I do not forget.

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    Lisa says...

    I once noticed a dirty used windshield wiper hanging on their display at CT.. obviously someone bought the product and returned it and the person at the counter doing the return never looked inside the box.

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    LB says...

    This problem is not limited to CTC. I have seen chainsaw chains covered in sawdust in taped packages, printer cartridges opened in packages etc.
    A lenient return policy by most retail outlets is. Previously sealed (opened) returns accepted under a good will policy should be immediately scrapped or discounted. Retail needs to understand this type of return is an annoyance to the customers that stores want to keep vs potential windfall for some with the return refund on a used product.

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    LK says...

    I work for a Canadian Tire, and all they’re worried about is making money. Not the customers, or the employees. Just fyi, my experience with CTC is that they do this at our store too.

    It’s not the employees, its the owner/operators etc, that tell employee’s to do this. Just following their policy. Maybe you should take it up with head office.

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    nick says...

    This is really not the fault of the retailer. It is dishonest customers and slack employees not checking to see if the product was used. There is no excuse for an employee to not check an obviously opened product !!!!! We would be complaining if the retailer refused to take back something that we wanted to return. There are a lot of dishonest customers.

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    James says...

    Oh yes, Nick, most customers are agents of Lucifer, aren’t they? I certainly hope you’re not serving the public in any capacity. Canadian Tire is only in business because Canadians, by and large, seem to enjoy being crapped on.

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    Brent says...

    Why would you even buy an item, be it spark plugs or whatever, if the package has been opened and taped up?? If there are no unopened packages of the item you are looking for, then dont buy that one. Ask for an unopened one or go elsewhere. And not defending CT, but this happens everywhere…Walmart, Sears etc.

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