Terminated from RCSS Without Reason

By Unfairly company and bullshit

Wow so I just recently hired in there a month ago, then everything goes smoothly…A few minor mistakes that is not a big deal. My supervisor called me yesterday basically saying she’s letting me from the job. I asked her for what reason then she just said that its not in the standard something like that…with so many excuses shit like this….I asked her if she could be more specific then all she can say is not gonna work-out…I feel that the decision that have been made by supervisor and one of the store manager is likely unfair to me…I feel disappointed to what I realized cause they didn’t even discuss with me first or give me just diciplinary action if I have done something wrong because I know I never steal or made criminal action that could have been cause termination..one of the manager in there and I talked to him about it and he said that they can’t tell what is it the cause why I am terminate from the company…I mean really? I don’t have right to know why I am terminate? you just simply kick me for not giving me simply reason, all they give to me is a bunch of bullcrap, IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES without any just importance! .I am very aware of the rules, I am very aware of my job, I am very aware of law….I haven’t sleep since last night because I was thinking about what did I do wrong then I came in this morning and went to C.S hoping that I could find some answers about this, so the one of the manager was came to me and I was gonna shake hands to him and say good morning. he seems more unfriendly this time because he never want to shake hands with me he said “we already talk about this” so he walked away with me in the way out and he just said that “you may go now, the decision has been done”. I mean really…what a great manners from one of the manager in RCSS.


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    Me says...

    Maybe you swore too much at work?

    I don’t know how it is in the rest of Canada, but in QC, the employer can terminate a new employee within the first three months of being hired without having a valid reason.
    Maybe it had nothing to do with you? Maybe they just realized they had too many employees and couldn’t give them all the hours everyone wanted now that school is finishing and all the students want to work full time.

    Good luck finding a new job.

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    Ron Simmons says...

    Maybe go back to school and learn proper grammar?

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    Stahr says...

    In Ontario, the first 3 months of employment are a probationary period. You can be dismissed for any reason by your employer. Also, you may quit without notice. This should be stated in any employee handbooks you may have received.

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    AJ says...

    As mentioned, there is a 3 month probationary period where you can be let go without explanation.

    Also, your poorly written and cuss filled rant might provide just a hint about your demeanor.

    But being let go is awful, no matter who you are. We are living in a poor economy where technology is further separating the gap between the upper and lower classes. It’s sickening and scary for a lot of people.

    I heard McDonald’s is hiring a few thousand employees, so there is still hope. Just make sure you watch your language.

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    dawn says...

    It does not mater with a Lob laws company they do this at all the stores they run . in the 3 month probation they do not have to give you a reason . so from one coast to the other this goes on . It is bad enough to have to shop at Extra Foods working is another thing count your blessings that you got out when you did .

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    Big Bob says...

    After reading your post, I agree with Loblaws.

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    linda says...

    they don’t have to give you a reason if it is within the 3 month trial period..sorry for you, its tough out there looking for work…good luck

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    sally says...

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    LDGurl says...

    Although you unfortunately have no “right” to know why they terminated you durring a probation period there are steps you can take to find out information…. Thanks to the freedom of information act you are entitled to ask and receive a copy of your personnel file from Human Resources. If it is something you have done that has caused you to be terminated then it should be in there. If there isn’t anything in your file than you can safely assume that it wasn’t your fault.

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    DeeL says...

    Actually in the first 3 months, you DON’T have the right to know why you’ve been terminated. I’m sorry you’ve lost your job, but I’m also siding with Loblaws on this one.

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    SBarnes says...

    A decent manger would tell you why you were being let go, however, they are not obligated while you are in the first three months. I believe if you really thought about it you could figure out the reason.

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    Doodmom67 says...

    The manager may not have been willing to tell you why you were let go, but the comments here should provide you with a pretty good idea. If you used language like that on the job, along with pathetically poor grammar with the customers, I would have let you go too. Yes, it’s a tough world out there, but when people are vying for a limited number of positions, employers can be choosy. You’re going to have to clean up your language, and perhaps consider a grammar course, in order to be able to compete. Good luck.

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    Mssavvycanadian says...

    Oh my GOD!! This is crazy! my boyfriend was just put under suspension yesterday at RCSS for NO REASON! :0 2 days ago he was in the back since he works produce and he pulled a box off the rack and a container of juice falls so he looks at it and put it back. Later his manager takes him upstairs and accuses him of drinking it! then yesterday when we were shopping there he used his 10% employee discount for our groceries and this ***** manager lady comes over and starts fuming up about misuse of discount and talks to the first juice-acusing manager and they had him put under suspension for things he didnt even do ( the lady said that he said he lends out his 10% off card all the time! when he obviously doesnt!)
    SORRY FOR THE LONG POST BUT URGGGGGG damn you superstore, I thought we were cool

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    dawn says...

    That is what they do at a lot of the stores not just yours have the union deal with for him and tell him never to sign some thing with out his union rep . my son worked at extra foods and they do the same thing . but with the amount of out of work kids out there they do not care .

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    daisy says...

    sorry dawn, but although there are alot of out of work kids, there are also alot of kids out for a free ride. they need to understand that work is work and not a social gathering where they can take advantage, talk to their friends, slack off, text while working, take long breaks etc etc. thank goodness for the probation period. someone has to weed out the bad ones.

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    Ashley says...

    Your employer doesn’t have to provide you with a reason for letting you go within the first three months. However, if losing a job at RCSS is causing you to lose sleep you have bigger problems! Cheer up now and go fill out a WalMart application.

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    dan says...

    This individual may have been born in another country and is a little off on her proper grammar. No one should be insulting someone.. You all don’t know him/her. And read the post again, I don’t see any swearing in there?? so what are you all talking about?

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    dan says...

    I wouldn’t assume this person swears like a trucker for saying “shit” once in a rant.

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    Mindy says...

    Loblaws is NOT strict enough with their firing policies. I was physically assualted by an employee in a loblaws store and trhey refused to do anything about it. An employee had a cart full of chicken and was unloading it into the cooler bin and customers were standing around looking through it and chooing their packages, when I approached the bin the employee literally took the cart he had and shoved it into me, I’m not a heavy person, he actually knocked me over with the force at which he shoved the cart into me…he was really angry at someone or something, and I just happened to be in his way when he wanted to move so rather than say excuse me, he just took the cart and shived it into me, I had a bruise on my right side. I contacted the store spoke to the manager, told them I would sue their asses off and charge him with assualt if they don’t fire him, tI told them to take a look at the video camera’s in the store and they’d have a lear view of what happened, there were also witnesses around who’s names and Phone #’s I got, Loblaws didn’t care, they sent a bunch of flowers to my home and said, sorry, that was it. I didn’t want their damn flowers I wanted the bastard fired for his illegal, reckless, and psychotic behaviour. He still works there.

  20. I can not suggest you enough for your efforts and skills for what you’ve published here. There must be no one to be able to get to the point faster than you.

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    HFgf says...

    I work there too and when I was hired she SPECIFICALLY said we can terminate you if we feel it’s not working out. Now I’ve been there 6 months and I’m not originally from this province and I’ve had no problems. Sorry to say but you must have done something wrong or had too many customers complain about you.

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