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Kenmore Oven Problems

By T

I want to add to the list of poor customer service from Sears.

Three years ago I needed new appliances for a new house. I had previously purchased appliances from Sears, so I had no problem going to them. I purchased a fridge and stove, that both arrived when they were supposed to. Shortly after a gas man was paid to hook up my stove we turned on the oven, there was a puff of smoke, then nothing. I spent three weeks calling Sears every day before I got a serviceman to come to the house. They only reason I got a service man was because I finally got in touch with the original salesman.

The serviceman informed us that our stove was not new, that it had been re-furbished for a problem with the control panel, and now this was the problem. A burned out control panel.

It took another 3 weeks to get a new stove. Sears gave me a $100 gift card to make up for 6 weeks of no oven. On a side note: a year later I went to use the card and found it had expired. I will admit that they did replace the card when I called to complain.

It has now been three years, and guess what happened last month? My control panel on my new stove burned out. It cost me $500 to repair it, as it was no longer under warranty. I had it serviced independently, then contacted Sears and Kenmore to see if there was some sort of problem with this particular oven. I got zero response from Sears.